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27 Apr 2022 09:55:39
Another bit of fun. I realise a good amount of y'all are UK, but wondered which premier league/ Liverpool pundits y'all have across the globe.

Here in Denmark Jan Mølby is covering most of the premier league, together with Jesper Grønkjær (if anybody remembers him from his Chelsea stint) and Martin Jørgensen (if anybody remembers him at all haha) . Mølby, what a legend. Calls it all exactly as it is, love him as a pundit and commentator.

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27 Apr 2022 10:20:24
OP, I do remember Martin Jorgensen from his Serie A days. Here in Belgium (on the French side of things in Brussels), we have Serge Radermacher, Jean Francois Remy and a couple of others whose names escape me. They are okay BUT a bit too City/ Chelsea/ Utd-centric cos Belgian players like KDB and Lukaku plays/ played there. However, they LOVE Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp and our players.

27 Apr 2022 10:46:20
Spoke to Jan Molby stood at the bar in the Oxford Utd players lounge in 1987, I think.
I remember asking him if there were any truth in the rumours linking him with Real Madrid, at the time. A top bloke.

27 Apr 2022 12:01:11
Watch most games on foreign channels and see some ex players. molby, true legend and tells it like it is as above stated. shaka hislop old newcastle keeper. Steve nicol and Steve mcmahon. Great seeing the old guys.

27 Apr 2022 12:05:30
Here in the States we have Rebecca Lowe fronting the show, with Robbie Mustoe, Robbie Earle and Tim Howard. Have to say they are pretty good and an enjoyable watch. Even Tim Howard with his bias has improved!

27 Apr 2022 12:13:01
Molby one of the finest passer of the ball. Up there with Alonso. Top player.

27 Apr 2022 12:30:27
Unfortunately here in Wales we are stuck with a litany of useless pundits from actual match commentary to analysis on a range of channels from bbc, itv, sky and Bt. It also gets really bad on score coverage such as soccer Saturday on sky especially since the old gang were sacked on mass. I may be old, but I can barely understand Lee Hendrie, Sue smith, Clinton Morrison. Done nothing in the game to warrant analysis positions.

I almost listed about ten pundits who I mute or fast forward. Rarely watch Match of the Day anymore without fast forwarding the pundits. I thought I would reverse it to pundits who add something, the Liverpool TV crew are great, Steve Hunter is a great commentator, and I love the match build up. Although that’s prob biased. I Like Roy Keane, Souness, Carragher and even Gary Neville can be decent. I like James Richardson on Bt, and the euro journalists James horncastle, Rafa honegstein. Ally McCoist deserves a mention as does Peter Drury. Always liked Clive tyldsley before he got the boot.

Have to say, in the main it’s really poor at the minute.

27 Apr 2022 13:00:00
Molby was actually quite rude when i met him at a meet and greet. He didn't even look up. Just signed a photo, took my money and dismissed any attempt at conversation.

Not as bad as Neil Ruddock was coming across though mind you! He had a face like thunder 😂 I didn't even bother approaching him despite his queue was tiny. Makes you wonder why celebrities do these things if they don't want to be there.

Contrastingly, John Barnes was incredibly nice and very humble. Chatted for a few minutes, stood up for photos taken by his assistant, shook my hand, made eye contact when talking and said all the general pleasantries.

Moments like that stand out in the memory for supporters. Barnes became my hero, meanwhile Molby and Ruddock just left a sour taste that makes me think they don't even understand what being a part of Liverpool actually means. Maybe/ hopefully i just caught them on a bad day.

Anyway back on point, my favourite commentators in the UK are Ali Mccoist and of course the now retired John Motson. Both different class on the mic.

27 Apr 2022 13:10:57
On the down side. I can't stand Jim beglin as a commentator. His voice just irritates me and he's useless.

27 Apr 2022 13:31:09
I love Razor met him a few times and he was a top bloke, party animal mind you and let's leave it at that. John Motson I bumped into him in Amsterdam 2000 when I was living there - the J word is the best description I can use. Here in Australia Craig Johnstone and Harry Kewell don't live here so there is non to report on.

27 Apr 2022 13:32:42
Mk, Ruddock has just moved in next to my mate in Ashford, banged up motor and not really the area you'd expect him to be renting in as an ex pro. Weirdly the day after he moved in my mates windshield was smashed, but I won't suggest any link.

27 Apr 2022 13:42:52
Clongodds I think Razor has had money problems as well as an alcohol problems so I am not surprised about his current situation. Sad.

27 Apr 2022 13:43:07
Ronnie Whelan and Ray Houghton both do co-commentator and analysis for RTE in Ireland, both for Ireland internationals and Champions League games including Liverpool, these days. They're okay I guess. Whelan in particular comes across very bitter some of the time though.

Kevin Doyle and Kenny Cunningham (with his incredible eyebrows) are other regulars. They have Dietmar Hamann, who usually runs rings around the rest of them, on sometimes too.

They used to have Souness back in the 'glory years' of Dunphy, Giles and Brady doing commentary before he went to Sky Sports. It was always funny watching barely be able to hide his distaste for Dunphy.

Clong - I think Ruddock is bankrupt, so that description doesn't surprise me.

27 Apr 2022 13:59:04
Can't listen to Kenny Cunningham lad's.

27 Apr 2022 14:11:31
Thanks for the heads up about Ruddock chaps, I should have had a thought about that but got excited I may have had something to contribute for once. Let's hope he gets everything in order.

27 Apr 2022 14:15:19
Carra, Micah Richards, and Thierry Henry are the champions league half time hosts and they are dreadfully bad. The two Robbie’s and Rebecca Lowe are pretty good for premier league though.

27 Apr 2022 14:25:02
Don't sweat it Clongodds you've don't nothing wrong.

27 Apr 2022 14:25:55
I don't hear what he says, Barry.

I just mesmirised by the eyebrows. Just look at them go.

27 Apr 2022 14:26:52
Sky coverage ranges from sheer boredom to utter stupidity, with Carragher and Neville being the two exceptions. Tyler on commentary ruins any chance of enjoying the game, he sounds like he’s about to croak at any minute.

BT coverage i actually really like, even though they have dum dums like Rio, Hargreaves and Scholes on I can’t say I ever have an issue with it, commentary team are always good as well. Even though McManaman isn’t great I always get enjoyment out of seeing him on the TV because I am biased.

However, if i’m streaming football I always try and get one showing Supersports from South Africa, as they always have the great Peter Drury and Jim Beglin on commentary, although they always seem to have Owen in the studio which is a fate worse than death.

American coverage is bloody horrible and every single person they get on is either completely unqualified or an absolute numpty, but usually both. Over no insight whatsoever and only serve to wind me up.

The best pundits we probably have are Neville, Carragher, Micah Richards, maybe some of the women they occasionally have on who actually try and bring something fresh to the table (but whose names I cannot remember I am sorry), Crouchie because he’s a good laugh, occasionally Souness but not often, I quite like listening to Henry talk about the art of goalscoring. Probably a few more but I’m struggling off the top of my head. I haven’t minded having Joe Cole on BT sometimes I guess?

Worst pundits are any of the dross they still bring onto Sky with their ‘water is wet’ levels of analysis, eg Merson and Redknapp, who are more reactionary and stupid than your average twitter user. Likewise, any of the ex-United players apart from Neville who continually chat so much rubbish that they’ve actually managed to influence United into making horrible decisions for years. Then you’ve got people who only ever get wheeled out specifically to wind people up, like Savage, Danny Mills, Gabby Agbonlahor, Dean Saunders and Chris Sutton, although they’re largely relegated to talk radio so I guess they’re doing their job properly?

Finally, in an entirely separate category of his own, is Jermaine Jenas. I dislike him not particularly because he’s done anything wrong, but because of his mum-appealing demeanour and because he seems to be everywhere. It actually defies logic. Jenas is omnipresent and cannot be escaped. Not only does he cover every single footballing media outlet all at once, but he’s on the One Show every night, he’s reading your kids bedtime stories on Jackanory, he’s probably on at least one of the soaps, and I swear i’ve seen him reading the evening news. He is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, and the last face I see before I go to bed at night. I cannot escape him. Please save me.

27 Apr 2022 15:42:36
Guaranga! i know others have mentioned him but i just can’t believed i forgot about him, Ally McCoist. For some reason since he stopped managing Rangers he has been relegated to Amazon games only and I have no idea why. Everyone should be paying him a Kings Ransom to do punditry, commentary, everything. He describes the beautiful game in a way that most of us feel but cannot articulate with words or his boundless enthusiasm. He is the pundit we all deserve and the fact that he’s barely on TV these days is a travesty. Him and Motson are the OG’s of the art form and while Motson is retired, McCoist is a relatively young guy and should really still be working in the job he was born to do. Love the guy to bits and his enthusiasm for the game is what it’s all about.

27 Apr 2022 17:26:37
Live in Orange County, CA and second Myrtle's comments on Rebecca Lowe and the two Robbies. Tim Howard is doing better than last year but he's still well short. I miss Kyle Martino he was a top analyst, very knowledgeable. I know he was going through a divorce but not sure why he left. The CL crowd to include Micah Richards is dreadfully bad. Richards just acts the clown instead of actually making some intelligent remarks about the football. I think he covers for his lack of tactical acumen w his constant attempts at humour. Steve Nicol was an incredible player for us but again woefully lacking as a pundit. Love Arlo and his team are tolerable most of the time. Some days I mute it!

27 Apr 2022 17:44:15
Here in India, we always get the full retransmission of the game, commentary and half-time and full time shows in the original, of whatever channel is showing it. I see a lot of Owen and and Ferdinand and their useless, obvious comments. Love it when Graeme Souness and Roy Keane are in on the analysis at the same time. One or the other will always see something differently than everybody else. I always hope that they'll jump on each other during the show, but sadly that never happens, LOL. 😂.

27 Apr 2022 22:38:48
Met Alan Kennedy recently. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. He was very critical of Trent's defending and Robbo's lack of goals. I think maybe he's still holding on a bit too tight.

28 Apr 2022 02:11:34
Myrtle Beach red. I like most of those guys minus Tim Howard. You can tell, as a former Blie, he has nothing but disdain for the reds. Even when he compliments them you can see the pain in his facial expressions. I much preferred Kyle Martino.

28 Apr 2022 02:42:33
When Espn had Champs League I loved Derek Ray and Tommy Smith calling matches. Arlo White on NBC is boss.

28 Apr 2022 15:01:30
420FL, those two were brilliant. Known them since the 9à's when I used to watch Mexican and South American footie on ESPN.



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