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29 Apr 2022 08:44:39
I've never been one to wish ill on other teams but I really hope West Ham don't progress to the final.
It is due to be played 3 days after their match at home to City, and if they go through to the final they'll make wholesale changes. Whereas if they play their first team and go for it, that's a difficult double away trip for City who travel to Wolves a few days before.
Might not make a difference but I can't help but look ahead.
I'm so glad that Jurgen is red 😍.

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29 Apr 2022 08:51:55
OP, I think regardless of whether WH make the final or not, Moyes will not just let the players lay down for City. Moyes doesn't roll that way and WH did not get to where they are now by rolling over and allow the bigger teams to just tickle them. Also remember, City are hurting right now so they have that issue as well. We shall see.

{Ed001's Note - are you sure you know who Moyes is? That is exactly the way he is.}

29 Apr 2022 09:11:11
Yeh Oli, Moyes is going to go full strength against City 3 days before a Cup final! Not a Jaysus hope.

29 Apr 2022 09:13:14
Anyone would roll over for their opposition if they have UEL Final in 3 days. I would rather go for the UEL champion, auto qualified for UCL next season, European trophy. Why would people not roll over for that especially when there's nothing to be gain from that City game for them. And I'm with OP, I'm secretly wishing WHU lost their semis so that they wouldn't play a weakened side vs City due to the upcoming UEL Final 🤭.

29 Apr 2022 09:34:30
Moyes is one of footballs nearly men.

29 Apr 2022 09:48:40
But you could flip it on its head and say all those players picked for the city game will have a point to prove. As they will want to show why they should be picked for one of the biggest games of their lives 3 days later.

{Ed001's Note - and yet they will all know they have been picked because they are not in the manager's thinking for the big game unless he has no choice but to pick them.}

29 Apr 2022 09:52:24
Ed01, of course I could be wrong. I stand corrected.

{Ed001's Note - he has put out basically a reserve team before most of the European ties this season.}

29 Apr 2022 10:07:42
If I was west ham manager and was in europa final absolutely no doubt I'd rest whole team for city game. not often west ham get 2 a final nevermind a European 1. We definitely need wh knocked out at semi final stage for them to take points of city.

29 Apr 2022 10:33:26
Didn’t Moyes Utd team lay down for the full 12 months he was there.

29 Apr 2022 10:49:46
He did it last weekend. Left out Rice and 4 others ahead of last night’s game.

I don’t want WHU going through because some of their fans (allegedly) assaulted two German commentators. A more valid reason for not wanting them in Europe.

We should have beaten Man City. It was in our own hands. They will not drop any more points this season. Remaining teams are too scared of them.

29 Apr 2022 11:15:04
IFun question, if you had £1 million, would you put it on City to win all their remaining PL fixtures? I wouldn’t.

29 Apr 2022 11:22:34
So you don't want WH to go through because an individual assaulted someone? Pot kettle and all that.

29 Apr 2022 12:48:05
St Etienne have you not seen City this season? Yes they are a great side but they have already lost 3 times and drawn 5. That makes it a quarter of their games they have dropped points in.
It’s more likely they will drop points than they won’t but it’s the same for us so we can’t blink first.
I just think we have the momentum right now and they don’t have a top striker to nick a goal in tight games.
Personally I think we are slight favourites.

29 Apr 2022 12:51:07
I’ll also be hoping that Villa get sucked back into the relegation battle just in time for their final game of the season at the Etihad, looking at their fixtures it’s highly possible.

29 Apr 2022 13:25:47
It won’t matter anyway because Leeds end their season tomorrow night 👀😂.

29 Apr 2022 15:47:05
I'll go with you on that one FC8.

29 Apr 2022 16:35:26
Same here, Barry and LFC08. And to put some shine on Becker's point regarding City dropping points, they have won 7 of their last 11 PL games meaning in about a third of their games over that span, they have dropped points. Us? 10 wins and 1 draw at City.

Not saying Leeds will do them (Come Leeds! ) BUT just saying they are more likely to drop points than we will based on the trend currently.

29 Apr 2022 17:03:57
Over the last 11 games City have dropped more points than us.

However over 33 league games this season we have dropped more points than City.

For me City have the slight advantage as they have 1 more point than us but there is a chance that they will drop points in any of their next 5 league games. But the truth is there’s the exact same chance that we might also drop points in the next 5 also plus just as much chance that neither team might drop anymore points.

All we can do is keep our eyes in our boat and win our games. We have zero influence on what City do now.

29 Apr 2022 16:17:52
Personally I wouldn’t mind Villa being relegated. Pre-season they looked to be heading in the right direction but have been poor despite Stevie G making a bit of a splash when he joined and the show pint Coutinho who had about 3 or 4 good touches in his first couple of games.

29 Apr 2022 18:52:49
In response to your point JK23, i think OliRed has picked up on something I have been saying all season; the level of this City team is one whereby they drop points consistently every 5 games or so.

Liverpool dropped lots of silly points early on in the season, but the second half we have been pretty much flawless and i never felt our early season results were a true reflection of our ability, we had a lot of tactical issues to sort out mainly stemming from midfield problems and the hangover of the injuries that key players had sustained last season.

I think based on the trends we have seen thus far we can have confidence in believing that City will drop points in the next five games, by hook or by crook.

If we keep plugging away i believe City will crumble, but we HAVE to do our job against Newcastle tomorrow and it will not be easy.

29 Apr 2022 19:52:50
West Ham can catch United and finish ahead of them, you’d think that might motivate Golum.

29 Apr 2022 20:41:17
Aw I’m not denying that mate and I really really hope that City do drop more points and we win the league and quadruple. I’m just saying there’s other scenarios apart from us winning the lot. Worst case we could come away from this season with just the League cup and there’s lots of others in between.

I’ve got everything crossed for the lot but if we only get 1 more then it’s still been a great season for me.

30 Apr 2022 10:44:42
It’s 46 years since West Ham we’re in. a European final. Moyes isn’t my ‘cup of tea’ but you can’t blame the fella for prioritising Europe. In his position I would and it’s something virtually everybody would do.

Like I say, I don’t like Moyes and there’s heaps of stuff to criticise him about but just not on this one.



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