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30 Apr 2022 17:18:04
Everton are screwed. I am sad to see this.

{Ed0666's Note - I am because of Ed’s 025 he doesn’t deserve this he’s a good egg.

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30 Apr 2022 18:39:47
It's truly sad will miss the derby's if it happens which is looking more and more likely and as someone posted earlier last month wouldn't it be a double whammy for Citee to win the league by a point and Everton get relegated by a point after the blatant hand ball that wasn't given earlier in the season.

30 Apr 2022 19:13:29
Ed025 doesn't deserve it. But Pickford, Holgate, Richarlison, Gordon and Lampard sure do.

I wanted them to stay up pre-derby but after their blatant cheating I'd say good riddance and hopefully they come back up with a better attitude to the sport.

Sick of them knee capping our players to be honest. Don't let the trap door hit you on the way out lads!

30 Apr 2022 17:22:48
Ive spoken to my solicitor and he’s said that it’s easy enough for us to adopt Ed0025 as a red.

We can take custody under the “he’s been through enough pain” ruling.

{Ed025's Note - that’s never going to happen I’m afraid JK. But I wish the reds all the best even though I’m probably in the minority of our supporters mate..

30 Apr 2022 17:29:54
I want them to stay up BUT only for Ed025👍.

{Ed025's Note - thanks Barry..

30 Apr 2022 18:34:26
why? do you really think they would be sad if we were relegated don't think so. ed0025 knows this could happen the stupidity of his club has put them where they are no one else.

{Ed025's Note - your spot on albey . It’s not nice where we find ourselves but we deserve nothing better the way we have performed mate..

30 Apr 2022 20:05:03
Sacking Benitez May have been your undoing
He’s not everyone’s tea, especially Everton’s
But I believe at least he would have guided you to safety
Lampard seems absolutely lost and his so called charisma isn’t doing anything either to spur the players
But ultimately, years of mismanagement and money wasted has done the club in. Perhaps the drop was needed to clear all the deadwood
How fast things changed! It was only a few weeks ago that they won against Burnley.

30 Apr 2022 20:17:01
They actually lost against Burnley. They beat United though.

30 Apr 2022 22:35:56
25 has so much respect on the LFC page and I will feel for you pal if Everton are relegated.

{Ed025's Note - its what we deserve drogie, the club is rotten to the core mate and maybe just maybe a stint in the second tier could be the making of us, hopefully the rats will desert the sinking ship and we can rebuild with players who actually want to play for the club, i would appoint sean dyche and go from there myself on the playing side, but our problems stem mainly from the top brass and they need to be culled before anyone..

30 Apr 2022 22:38:28
On the plus side the fans are on for a nice trip out to Rotherham next season.

01 May 2022 07:10:57
I do feel for you Ed but like MK said there are a lot of characters at that club I’d be happy to see go down. Including now your overprivileged manager and Joe Hart mK2 in goals. Then there’s Holgate, Richarlison and their new ballerina Gordon. I’d hope these rats bugger off and you can wipe the slate clean. I’ve always been fond of Everton until last season and I think it’s because of characters like that. Hopefully we can go back to a friendly derby on your return.

{Ed025's Note - im not happy with a lot of our squad bledd but gordon is young and needs better advice and leadership mate, its also a 2 way street and not all liverpool players are angels..

01 May 2022 14:07:14
Brilliant scenes outside of Goodison before today’s match, let’s see if the players can live up to the support.

01 May 2022 12:49:01
Gordon has a very bad role model in Richarlison, in my opinion Bledd85. I'm sure if he didn't, he wouldn't have develped into the type to roll around of the floor like a Neymar tribute act.

I will be gutted for you personslly though Ed025. I've always respected your honest replies. You never sugar coat anything but equally, you never go to far. Tough act to balance that is! I have just lost respect for your team. Although i think most Everton fans have lost respect for them too!

{Ed025's Note - do you know what MK i never thought it would be so easy to fall out of love with football or in fact your own team, i have followed everton for over 60 years and have got to the stage where i honestly dont care anymore, i used to make excuses for them and defend them through thick and thin but they have worn me down.
I have to say that liverpool doing so well has not helped mate but i suppose thats just natural jealousy..

01 May 2022 15:00:43
I still think Lampard was a poor appointment. No real experience in the game and getting into one of the hardest things a manager has to deal with, which is not the place to throw someone in with no knowledge of how to deal with the situation. I think the thing that summed it all up was Richarlison preferring to spend about 10+ minutes of the game in total rolling around feigning injury than trying to help his team mates. Honestly Ed025, you guys need shot of a waster like him. Can you see your boy Duncan Disorderly rolling around like that? Would he ****. He’d be up on his feet looking to get stuck in. Personally I hope you stay up but too many bad decisions have been made.

{Ed025's Note - its embarrassing VVVV, i wouldn,t mind but he is a talented player mate but i cringe when he starts all that nonsense..

01 May 2022 15:51:52
Oh 100% Ed I was pretty surprised at how disliked Mane was among some of my mates. Perhaps I was too hasty anyway as you’re about 4 mins away from a win against Chelsea!



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