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02 May 2022 04:55:56
In the 9 games LFC dropped points in, Thiago didn’t start 8 of them.

genuinely believe if he’d been fit for even a handful of them, we walk the league.

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02 May 2022 06:15:13
The evidence of his impact on the team is absolutely overwhelming. To add, the only game he started in which we dropped points was Man City (A) - statistically the hardest game of the season besides Liverpool (A) .
Thiago’s technical quality is irrepressible and takes this team to a Liverpool even Man City can’t live with. I do not wish to dismiss other midfielders in our squad, they all have a part to play, but I’m convinced the opposition simply cannot muster the will to chase Thiago around for 90 minutes with very little prospect of achieving anything productive.

02 May 2022 07:15:41
Harry, that may be your best ever post👌.

02 May 2022 07:42:30
TT, you should have added “when fit and on form”, the same as anyone else.
And that’s been part of the issue with him hasn’t it?
Thiago has his weaker points but what I have learned over the past almost two seasons watching him at Liverpool is that his strong points far outweigh those weaker.
I was not convinced that he was right for Liverpool but, when he’s on song, he most definitely is and is a joy to watch.
I do wince when I see him go into 50/ 50s now, we need to keep him fit.
Interestingly, Liverpool’s share of possession at Man City was 45% I think, and that share has remained the same or less on the whole in the past few League encounters.

02 May 2022 10:03:51
While he's playing like an absolute king at the moment, I think he's improved as the season has progressed, and wasn't as influential in the first half of the season. Don't want to detract from him in any way, as he's a filthy delight of a player, but others kept us going in the earlier parts of the season and that shouldn't be forgotten either.

02 May 2022 10:23:36
Don't you wish we'd bought him in 2016.

02 May 2022 10:25:54
You win as a team and you lose as a team.

Each and every player has had their magnificent moments it’s just some have had more than others.

But we wouldn’t be in the position we are currently in if it wasn’t for the team ethos and the glue (Klopp) that holds that ethos together.

02 May 2022 10:35:17
The Juicer, please share Thiago's weak points and why you think he was not right for LFC when he signed and who you would have signed in his place? Really, serious question.

02 May 2022 10:58:35
There is absolutely no weakness in Thiago given he is 30. He is not and would never run like a donkey on the pitch. The guy is a technical footballer.

02 May 2022 11:15:57
Well his obvious weakness was that he couldn't keep fit.

02 May 2022 11:26:25
Exactly. Nobody ever doubted his footballing merits. The issue was always his ability to remain fit and game ready.

02 May 2022 11:35:25
Yes, durability I suppose, recovery pace when he loses possession is not the best. Man City turned him and Fabinho in the recent league game and caused us big problems.
He’s not as mobile as some, though not a donkey, lol.
Agree with the points others make above, Thiago shines when others allow him to.
We’re not a one man team, the sum of the parts and all that, though any injury to various key players can affect the whole.
I really like the fact that he’s always bought into the team though, he’s always celebrating goals and giving encouragement to others.
When I saw him distraught before the League Cup Final, it struck me deeply and made me want to support him more than I had been.
So I’ve finally seen the light you can say.

02 May 2022 11:59:52
Thiago played more premier league games than Hendo last season and I think the only midfielder to play more than him was Fab.

If we’re going to beat players with a stick for being injured then let’s at least be consistent with it and not show double standards.

02 May 2022 12:06:21
Thiago is different to Kante (who was the best in recovery of the football) but he couldn’t pass to save his life. A 23 year old Jordan Henderson is who you play besides Thiago 😀😀.
Thiago is a playmaker. And arguably the best in the world today.

{Ed001's Note - Kante couldn't pass? I give up, if this is what passes for analysis these days. Kante is a very good passer of the ball.}

02 May 2022 12:27:19
Can I disagree with you Ed01 😀😀. If he could pass like Molby Chelsea wouldn’t ever buy Jorginho.

{Ed001's Note - oh give it a rest. You really are just embarrassing yourself now. No one is comparing him to Molby but you. And Jorginho can't pass like Molby either, so what is the point in that idiotic comparison?}

02 May 2022 12:33:08
True JK but the OP has posted about our success rate when Thiago is fit. Imagine where Liverpool might be in the League if he played more than 50% of the games. I don't think Henderson or any of our other midfielders hold such stats.

02 May 2022 12:46:06
That he simply cannot pass Ed01. If you think he is the one who dictates the game from the middle for Chelsea then let’s agree to disagree.

{Ed001's Note - being able to pass the ball is nothing to do with dictating the play. Why do you not understand basic concepts of football? You are so full of ridiculous hyperbole it makes every point you try and make utter nonsense and you just ruin any good thing you say with stupidity like this. Kante is a very good passer of the ball, if you fail to see that then I can't help you.}

02 May 2022 13:15:39
Kante's passing accuracy is a few percent less than Jorginho. want to shovel Harry? 🤣🤣.

02 May 2022 13:19:41
Irish that’s very true mate. His big injury came last season from a nasty tackle as well. Without that tackle his injury record here wouldn’t be all that bad as he’s only had a few minor injuries this season.

Just on the subject of missing players Vvd was a huge loss last season and we lost Gomez literally 1-2 weeks after him. Up until the start of Jan we were top of the league at a canter with just Matip and Fab back there. Once we lost Matip (half time v WBA I think) was when we fell off that cliff.

02 May 2022 14:23:47
The Juicer, I appreciate your analysis of Thiago and respect your opinions on why you don't think we should have signed him or or with the flaws you see in him. All I would say to that is that IMO, he was the exact player we needed, one who can dictate play and be an absolute threat on the ball with his passing ability and his ability to unlock defences with his incisive passes that can split open a defence.

Also, his ability to manipulate the opposition with his eyes is stuff NFL QB's do to the opposing defence to trick them into going left whereas the ball is going right where the open receiver is. Furthermore, his ball recovery, pressing, chasing and tackling are great assets to have in our system and at nearly 31, the guy has improved massively to even what we all saw of him at Bayern, IMO. His flaws? Sure, he is not the fittest nor the most durable BUT if he is playing more games than say Hendo (like JK23 said) who is supposed to more durable then can one really complain? Peace and Love, bro.

02 May 2022 14:48:10
One thing I’d like to add to Thiago is we don’t expect him to give the ball away and when he does it gets highlighted more.

But the balls he does sometimes give away are more adventurous than what some of our other midfielders maybe don’t try as often. And when they do come off they don’t just put us on the front foot but the right foot as Thiago (like KDB) has the ability to thread a ball onto a players stride which can make a world of difference.

Only Vvd and Jones have a higher pass percentage in the league than Thiago but Jones only averages around 35 passes a game where as Thiago is 65 plus and even been in the triple figures of late.

02 May 2022 17:34:32
Irrelevant @Irish as most of his passes are sideways and more sideways. Kante is and always will be the best ball recoverer in the league. That’s about it. If you insist he is a pass master like scholes and kroos then Good might big man.

03 May 2022 02:09:00
JK, if you remember, Henderson has gone through the standard "season long slating" for whatever seems to be the flavor of the moment. At the time it was passing backwards and sideways with his partner in crime Wijnaldum. Since it is not fashionable to remain too long on slating one player, when there are 10 others to pick from, it has moved on. I guess it's Thiago now, even though he has been putting in spectacular performances.

I'm not directing this at anyone in particular; I have been consistently criticizing Keita for more than 2 years. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Opinons on here are like a pendulum. Taking wild swings from extreme like to extreme dislike. Hard to keep up.



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