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02 May 2022 12:13:05
What a few days we have in store. Although I am fully confident of a win in Spain tomorrow, it of course will not be easy and there will be a few apprehensive moments I am sure, but at the end of 90 minuets I fully expect Liverpool to be one of the two finalists.

That then leads to the second semi final. That game has the makings of an all time classic. And tbh I hope City get through. Better the devil you know than the one you don't. There is literally nothing that City or more accurately Pep can do to surprise us any more. We know his best 11 when he has a fully fit team. Short of playing some wierd 3-2-1-3 formation to through is off we know them inside out. If anything Pep will over think it, realise after half hour its not going to plan and spend the rest of the game trying to get back from 3-0 down.

Madrid on the other hand. They have been so adaptive in thier Champions league run and even at 3-0 down look like they are going to win games. Its mad how they have come back so many times, a team that doesn't know when to quit and you are not sure how they are going to play is not one you want in a final. Either way the final will be an amazing football occasion. Where Liverpool pick up number 7!

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02 May 2022 12:37:00
Real is a one man team (Benzema) . Utterly aging and prone for mistakes. We couldn’t get anywhere to city the last two times we played them. Why do you think we have a better chance against them?
Losing the league and the CL against city will dump the morale of the club.

02 May 2022 13:23:40
We were up 3-0 the last time we played city Harry, it wasn't that long ago, surely you remember it?

02 May 2022 13:45:20
On the bright side Harry you can go back to supporting your real team if that happens and proclaim then to be the best ever again.

02 May 2022 13:52:26
We know City inside out and they know us inside out.

I honestly think if us and City played 100 games it would be extremely close on who wins the most and there would be plenty of draws.

I honestly believe that is and City are the two best club sides in world football and at quite a distance.

If we get them in the final for me it could go either way. I think 8 times out of 10 we play and beat Madrid so I’d personally much rather that final.

But we can’t choose who we play so first we have to get there and then if and when we do we will need to bring our A game because last results and current form goes right out the window.

Just look at City and Chelsea last season.

02 May 2022 14:16:25
Seano, you are a riot.

02 May 2022 16:27:14
City haven’t beaten us all season 😭.

02 May 2022 17:01:37
Reckon we get 3 out of 4 including Big Ears … pretty good and will earn the team a well deserved bus ride at the end of season.

02 May 2022 18:23:26
City haven’t beaten us this season, we struggled early on in the away game but played our way back into it. Personally I think the key to beating them is to take DeBruyne out as early as possible.

02 May 2022 23:58:45
Personally I think City are a better team than RM and that City would probably not lose 9 times out of 10 that they played them. The thing is RM are one of those teams, like us, who are motivated that little bit more when they are playing for the European Cup. I have a feeling, not based on anything logical that they might just sneak the tie at home on Wednesday.

That said if we qualify for the final, I don’t care who we play to be honest. If we are good enough (and I think we are) we will win.

03 May 2022 01:58:35
There's a definite Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde syndrome here somewhere. Further down the page he's talking about how "we walk the league" if Thiago had played in more games. And here we are back to "we can't get anywhere near to City". Utter waste of time reading this stuff.

03 May 2022 06:19:17
When we beat Man City it was a weakened team and they still nearly staged a 2nd half come back without a recognised striker, their best midfielder, their first choice RB or goalkeeper and one of the the best centre backs in the league (Dias) . So whilst we beat them this season they would be a different proposition in the CL final. Don’t mean to put a dampener on it just being honest. On the other hand the chance we seems to regularly give away would be punished by an in form Benzema but RM is (IMO) the inferior team to City. I hd said before I would prefer to play City but now I am not too sure.

03 May 2022 09:24:22
There’s a lot of pre-match nerves and over analysing of every little thing at the moment isn’t there? It’s great stuff and shows we are right in the mix at the pointy end of the season - wouldn’t change it for the world 👍👍.

03 May 2022 09:55:30
ArAy1969, Harry is a walking, talking, typing contradiction. The same guy who said we couldn't get anywhere near City both times we played them (false, IMO) while at the same time, forgetting that City couldn't get anywhere near us the 3rd time we played them off the park at Wembley in a Cup semi final YET he says we don't have a better chance vs City in a Cup final in this case the UCL final? Yeah, this is what we are being afflicted with on a daily basis.



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