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04 May 2022 19:30:42
Hi Ed01 and all on here. What do you all think will be Jota’s long term preferred/ most effective position? He scores goals when played through the middle but doesn’t seem as effective when out wide with him not making many assists. Problem then is he doesn’t really have the link up play to play the typical Bobby role, IMO anyway. Mane does however and seems more effective to me through the middle than out wide these days with his pace slowly diminishing. Causes a bit of an issue with his eventual position I think. Do you think we will change tactics or rotate to suit the opposition like we do with Konate and Matip? Interested to hear thoughts on this one.

{Ed001's Note - the bench or another club for me. I just don't think he is a very good player, his touch is horrible, he doesn't press well, he can't pass, he just doesn't fit our team.}

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05 May 2022 03:29:16
I’d agree with Ed001 on this. What’s concerning with Jota is that his weaknesses are quite obvious yet show no real improvement. In any case, Jota’s ability to score goals will make him an important player for someone, but we are absolutely a better side with him not in it.
A Diaz-Mané-Salah forward line is borderline illegal. What are your thoughts on Mané as a CF, Ed? I honestly feel like he is an elite first touch away from being the world’s best striker.

{Ed001's Note - I like Mane a lot there. He was exceptional on the right, better on the left and now is still doing it in the middle. We are lucky to have him.}

05 May 2022 04:19:07
You take Jota's goals out and your left with absolutely nothing. He brings nothing to the team.

05 May 2022 05:47:39
Right Barry,
You take out Jota’s goals and we finish midtable this time 😌😌.

05 May 2022 06:34:21
Your right TT I never thought of that 🙄.

05 May 2022 06:43:23
I find this Jota bashing unbelievable. He's scored so many important goals and has been brilliant at times. Massively disrespectful imo. He may need to improve in certain areas and everyone has their opinion which I respect to a degree but I just don't get it this time.

05 May 2022 06:54:22
Did Pep, our Pep not the other one, not say that Jota was a "pressing machine" when he signed?

05 May 2022 07:05:03
Marty, no one has said anything disrespectful about Jota. Everyone recognizes his ability in front of goal, he is capable of scoring frequently. But if we can give him (deserved) credit for his goalscoring, surely it’s not disrespectful to point out his weaknesses as a player.

05 May 2022 07:14:46
Origi doesn’t offer much except an important goal once in a blue moon.

Jota doesn’t offer much except 20 plus important goals a season.

1 player needs selling and the other a new contract.

05 May 2022 07:39:48
I’ve been saying this for the few months. Jota will help Liverpool win 1-0 with an important goal but we would have won 3-0 if he wasn’t playing. I love the guy for what he has done this season but I would cash in and reinforce / reinvest money into midfield.

05 May 2022 07:52:12
Makes me laugh on here, jota may not b even the most exciting player player but he does what he’s paid to do and score goals. Our front options are incredible. Just to put things into a little bit of perspective, jota has scored 24 goals for Liverpool while he’s been here and people would be happy to move him on. Origi has scored 22 and people are gutted he’s going!

05 May 2022 07:59:46
Jota and Salah kept us winning when Mane and Bobby were getting the call to get sold before January, his link up can be poor and he does break moves down, just as Bobby was doing for the last season and a bit, we are playing the maximum amount of games and have closer than anyone to ever win it all, he has been a good signing and helped us to this achievement, he isn;t on Mane Salah or Diaz level but who is?

05 May 2022 08:04:47
We’ve currently got 7 forwards

3 of those have 14 months left on their contracts.

1 has 2 months left on their contract.

1 has played 89 mins of league football this season

1 has 27 goals and assists but we want to sell.

We could win up to the quadruple and end up losing 5 forwards in the summer then.

Big season for Mino next year 🤣.

05 May 2022 08:49:40
Ed001 am not a big Jota fan and been saying the same thing all season even before Diaz I wanted Bobby back up front. I hope we don’t do an Origi with Jota and keep him to long, Origi as much as I love him and all ways will after the champions league win he should have gone then when his value was at its highest. Jota needs to go this summer am sure we would get very good money this season because loads of people seem blinded by the goals and don’t see the rest of the game his played.

05 May 2022 08:54:15
Interesting reading.
Would you have anyone in mind to replace Jota with Ed?
If Origi, and possibly Minamino leaves, and with several other forwards’ contracts up in the air too, then possibly this leaves Jota in a relatively strong position?
Next Summer might be a different matter but I think Jota is ok for now, at least.
We’ve been so lucky with injuries this year, I wouldn’t be so quick to turn our noses up at him.
He certainly did great for us during the Afcon absences too.
I agree that the brilliance of Diaz has shone a light on Jota though.

{Ed001's Note - Nunez probably.}

05 May 2022 08:59:36
I find it absolutely incredible that people would want to sell Jota. He doesn't have to be great in the build up play if he scores 20+ goals a season from about 80 chances. He's the best finisher at the club.

For years people have been banging on about our lack of a plan B. Now we quite literally have a player who bags headers for fun without just being a lump, and everyone wants him shot because he doesn't quite fit plan A in every facet of his game.

I can't. I just can't. I'm with Marty in that i will respect differences of opinion, but sometimes opinions come across as deliberate attempts to go against the grain and stand out. I quite like our 20 goal a season 4th choice striker, personally. So thank god none of you are in charge of decisions at Liverpool 😂.

{Ed001's Note - it is not that he is not great, it is that he is ducking awful in the build up play. He is a liability as attack after attack breaks down when he fluffs a 5 yard simple pass.}

05 May 2022 09:11:38
IMO, I don't think anyone is bashing Jota. They are just calling out the flaws in his game which is not , really. As a striker in our system, you have to be able to do MORE and expand your role, end of. Why? The others have/ are currently doing it. If you cannot do that then, sure we will take the goals BUT what if you don't score or are going thru a sticky patch in front of goal? You're going to have to be able to contribute something, anything and Jota is simply NOT improving here, as Ed01 has said and I agree.

Now does that mean he should be sold? No, IMO. It simply means he needs to shape up and fix up quick cos Mane, Bobbie and Salah have all expanded their repertoire and esp. Mane has been reborn and is now Balon D'Or worthy. So what will be Jota's excuse if he can't do the same thing as in, improve his all round game and the goals dry up?

05 May 2022 09:21:47
I must admit, Jota is one of them for me. Is he a good player? it's really debatable because he knows where the goal is and that's his job. Put everything else into the mix, is he a good player? no he is not and he frustrates me at times but I don't want rid of him anytime soon, not when he scores like he is doing, he must stay. I have no idea about stats and not really interested in them but at the same time I think of if it weren't for Jota this season would we be in the positions we're currently in? we wouldn't. He's one of them players who gets the goals and helped us compete at the highest level, he gets my support.

05 May 2022 09:44:38
I find it kinda funny, that not long ago a lot of people were screaming for an out-and-out striker who could score goals. In terms of that Jota's goals speak for themselves. I honestly don't get it. On that merit alone, I wouldn't want to get rid. I get that there are parts of his game he could and should improve to be a constant starter. But at the very least, he could be an amazing super sub - I remember seeing him on the bench, sitting with the feeling that if he came on, he'd score.

I get that Origi is a cult hero, and I love him too, but isn't that exactly what we wanted him to be? A super sub capable of getting 15+ goals a season off the bench. I'd say Jota is a more capable player than Origi (and I'll probably be slaughtered for it) . And now people want him gone? Again, I don't get it.

05 May 2022 09:56:52
I don't see why we would change anything with our front five (assuming Origi leaves) right now and for next season. For the first time in ages we have more than just three who can play at the top level in the biggest matches. They all offer something different and, whilst the original three are now at or near to 30 years old, Diaz and Jota are young and offer some continuity for the longer term.

Now, about Jota. Sure, he isn't Salah or Mane or Firmino or Diaz. But:

Signed for £45m
21 goals in all comps this season. 15 in the league
4th highest scorer in the league.
Three points worse off without his goals this season
Scores in big matches at important times against big opposition
League goals against City, Utd, Arsenal, Spurs
Scored the winner, a poachers goal, in the tight FA Cup quarter final against Forest.
Scored in the tight Carabao Cup quarter final against Leicester
Scored both goals in the tight two-legged Carabao Cup semi-final against Arsenal.

So I know it doesn't work quite like this but unless you can say for certain that someone else would have been in exactly the same place as Jota and been able to take those chances, you could stretch it to say that three of the four trophies we're going for could already be gone without Jota's goals.

I can't fathom for one moment why any Liverpool supporter would advocate selling Jota, or suggest that he is anything other than a very important part of what has become a very good squad and a brilliant selection of attacking options. Doesn't mean he's our best striker or going to do the same things that Salah or Diaz do, but I would argue if you need a poacher to get you a goal in a tight match, he's ahead of the others in that respect.

And on Mane. He is flying right now. It's been so great to see him rejuvenated but six months ago, a lot (I would say most), including me I have to say, appeared to think he had run his course with Liverpool and he was appearing on the "out" list for a lot of people.

05 May 2022 10:38:26
Oli red calming everyone that criticizing your own player is acceptable after all 😀😀. Oh my god who saw that coming.

05 May 2022 10:49:52
Just ask the lads not to pass him the ball until he’s in shooting range then because I’m fed up watching all the fancy flicks mane and salah and bobby always try instead of just passing the ball to each other and the move breaks down but it doesn’t get a mention. Jota has his faults as everyone agrees with but let’s not make mountains out of molehills. And him scoring and the other forwards scoring dispels the MYTH that bobby the 5 goals a year striker is the reason salah and mane score so many because well we’ve had a year of evidence now that proves that’s not the case mane has scored more and salah is still top of the pops and jota has scored his 20+. We are class it won’t be this good again for another 30 years. Who cares about x or y being right or wrong, jurgen knows and that’s all we need.

05 May 2022 10:51:55
As a striker in our system you have to do more.

I think as any player in our system Klopp decides what you need to do and what you bring to the party and he seems more than happy with what Jota does.

Just look at the minutes Origi, Mino and Ox etc get compared to Jota. Klopp doesn’t give out minutes like it’s a charity.

Personally I’d love to see all 5 forward stay and compete but Mane, Bobby and Salah seem currently the most as risk to leave because they’ve either yet to be offered a new contract or haven’t signed one.

05 May 2022 10:59:51
One thing I'll add to this debate about Jota is that out of all the goals he's scored this season only is that they have all, with the exception of the 4th at Goodison in the Derby, been 1st goals of games, 2nd goals in games or equalising goals. For some that'd be priceless to have. Doesn't it just show how good we actually are now that we can nit pick over these aspects of a players game. For years we'd have just accepted it as part of his game.

05 May 2022 11:01:17
Jota scores 1 important goal when we would've scored 3 without him. I reckon that's the best comment on here. I'd sooner sell Jota and keep Origi if the skies stayed blue.

05 May 2022 11:18:57
Harry, you're doing too much trying to trigger people on here. Take a day off and go to the Etihad the real team you support plays. I heard your fellow fans are there right now observing a long moment of silence after Pep your manager, bottled his UPTEENTH CL knockout game.

05 May 2022 11:42:47
I don't see any Jota bashing either. This started off as a comparison of skills amongst our front line, and that's basically it. We all agree that the Jota scores loads of goals. The numbers don't lie. And most of us have noticed that he's not really good at everything else. Like he's the opposite of Firmino. Bobby doesn't score much, but boy does he make the midfield and the front boys tick. Firmino makes the wheels in our machine keep turning. And Mané is now doing the same thing from that CF position. Jota is 5th starter for me after Salah, Mané, Diaz and Firmino. I will never say to sell him, because I do value his goals. But if we're going to have a hierarchy in our front line then that's how I see it.

{Ed0666's Note - I have no problem saying we should sell Jota immediately with the money he brings in we could get a player who also scores goals and can pass accurately, press, have a decent first touch and some footballing IQ

05 May 2022 11:48:37
JK, I am not debating about what Klopp's choices, his needs/ wants etc. are nor with whom. Im talking about the parts of Jota's game that is hinders us at times in the way we play, as Ed01 and many others have alluded to so let's stick with the topic at hand.

My point remains that he needs to improve on his all round game just like the OG front three did and are still doing. Surely, Klopp has a lot to do with that., no? Now for ex., I watched the Newcastle game and even tho Jota missed a one v one with the goalie, I thought his overall play was very good with the way he held the ball up, ran the channels, occupied CB's way bigger than him and kept us on the front foot. Oh and that thru ball to Keita for the goal was sublime. That's what Im talking about, bro.

So even if he did not score (goalscoring is what you're stuck on, IMO) and missed a one on one, his all round play was of great use to us overall. As a striker for me, you CANNOT be a bystander just cos you aren't scoring goals. You got to be able to do other things than scoring goals. That is what I want from him cos he has no issues scoring goals when the chances come for the most part, clearly.

05 May 2022 11:58:58
How can anyone say Jota isn’t good enough? It’s baffling to me!
When Sadio and Mo went to AFCON we were supposed to drop off because we can’t score without them. Who stepped up? Jota stepped up.
He is different to the other strikers yes but is that not a good thing? We don’t want 6 players who all do the same thing do we? For years we’ve said we need a fox in the box that can come in a nick us a goal. Jota is that player!
Honestly I’m lost for words with some so called fans it beggars belief.

{Ed0666's Note - I have no problem saying he’s not good enough

05 May 2022 12:03:42
Quite simply, we’ve looked a much better team since the Diaz-Mane-Salah forward line became a thing, more like what you could call ‘vintage Liverpool’.

Diaz and Mane have shown the way for what the standards are in both of the positions they are now playing, neither are as direct a goal threat as Jota and yet we now seem to be battering teams whenever they are on the pitch. Contrastingly, when Jota is on the pitch we don’t ever seem to have control of a game.

I always felt that a lot of this season we appeared to be more functional as opposed to free flowing and while Jota being out of the team is certainly not the only reason for our upturn in form, there is a noticeable and observable difference at the top end of the pitch because of it. We retain the ball much better, we press the opponent much better, we link up and create much better.

I will admit Jota’s runs can be devastating and are sometimes very good at creating space for others, but it’s not enough. He can’t press, he can’t pass, he can scarcely even control the ball properly sometimes. The worst bit of it is that he isn’t even looking in the right direction when it comes to linking up with other players, like he isn’t even aware of what he should be doing, the body language of the other forwards upon receiving the ball is completely different. When is on the pitch I don’t feel like our other forwards can be bothered to press, simply because they know they won’t get the backing from him and it isn’t going to work. We stand off a lot more and let teams back into the game as a result.

It would be one thing if we’d just signed him, but he’s been here 2 years now and doesn’t seem to be getting any better. When he takes to the pitch now i’m actually worried we’re going to lose control of the game. For people saying ‘how can you complain that’s what strikers are meant to do’, strikers that just stand in the box and wait are a thing of the past. You can’t get away with it in the modern day, with the developments in tactics and fitness.

Look at how United have suffered for bringing back Ronaldo, the man scores goals but they look as though they play with 10 men at times. See also ‘Lukaku and Chelsea’. Contrastingly, all of the worlds best centre forwards are more than just goalscorers. Lewandowski, Kane, Benzema, all are excellent link players and combine really well with the players around them, on top of being lethal goalscorers. I actually have a hunch that City will find they have a problem when they bring in Haaland, who will no doubt get them some goals but they may find they lose control, fluidity and defensive acumen when he is in the side.

I don’t really know where we go from here with Jota, i doubt the club will have the balls to sell him and Klopp often seems to keep players around that I don’t rate, I hope he will get better as he is an effective forward but I think the side is evolving without him as it stands. It’s a worrying predicament for sure.

05 May 2022 12:32:56
Unbelievable from some 'supporters' on here. The lad has done brilliantly and everyone wants him gone! You can't win here it seems. I think Jota is decent and his goals prove that but let's get rid hey. He can improve the other parts of his game I'm sure and without him we would be to far away from city to have a chance to win the league.

05 May 2022 13:06:40
Oli all opinions mate and my point also sticks.

Klopp picks the side and he’s seemed happy to pick Jota a couple of times this season. Whether that continues next season then only time will tell I suppose.

I 100% agree with everyone that Jota’s passing needs improvement and he’s actually got 2 assists in his last 3 league games so maybe there’s improvement there that we’re not seeing.

If you look at their pass percentage success rate Mane 78%, Salah 80%, Bobby 79% and Jota 75% their not all actually that far off each other. It’s amazing how 4% passing changes from being terrible to makes the whole team tick.

Tue night we broke through and Mane gave the ball to Salah and we were 5 against 2. Salah chose to cut back in towards the 2 defenders and try and take the chance himself when clearly the better option was to pass for a more or less guaranteed goal. If that had been Jota then there would be uproar but as it’s Mo it’s not been mentioned once.

I just think if we’re going to judge the players it should be on and even keel.

{Ed0666's Note - isn’t Gravenberch going to Munchen?

05 May 2022 13:15:40
Ed do you think it is likely Jota will be sold this summer? There are a couple of other forwards who will be leaving and I don't see Klopp wanting to cause too much disruption when the team is playing well at the moment.

{Ed001's Note - no I don't see him moving on this summer.}

05 May 2022 14:08:26
I think a lot of it is in the eye of the beholder but for comparison, and for those who suggest that Jota doesn't give us anything other than 20+ goals a season.

Mane this season in all comps: 20 goals and 3 assists in 29 appearances, 79% pass completion

Jota this season in all comps: 21 goals and 6 assists in 24 appearances. 76% pass completion.

So Jota has played less but scored more goals and has twice as many assists as Mane. Pass completion roughly similar. I know that doesn't give the full view of how they feature in link up play, where the key passes are made and how much players press or track back, but it's interesting context for the discussion I think.

05 May 2022 14:12:10
Whilst I do agree that Jota has not developed his game in terms of being a reliable connector and protector of the ball, I would say it's harsh to assume he cannot improve there. It's an incredibly difficult position to play in our system. Jota seems like an intelligent guy and you cannot question his effort. You could also argue he's been a bit unlucky being described first as Mane's successor, then Bobby's successor and more recently has been shunted around the front 3 positions since Diaz's arrival. Mane playing at no9, Bobby's injury issues and Diaz coming in were clearly not planned in pre-season - so have to feel for him a little as he is the one that gets moved around.

Bottom line is that right now, he's not as good as Sadio and Bobby in the no9 and not as good as Diaz on the left. Hopefully he can work on his game during pre-season and improve. No better place for it than Liverpool.

Finally, you cannot argue with his goal tally this season. Some big goals too.

05 May 2022 15:45:43
We do realise Bobbys only started 9 league games and 2 CL games this season.

That’s some influence to get to 1 point off top and into a CL final.

05 May 2022 16:29:41
Beckers Pecker, calm down and bin the faux outrage, man. Nobody has said Jota is a bad player or is not good enuff. All we are saying is that his link-up and all round play needs to improve as IMO, it is getting worse. That's all.

05 May 2022 14:50:29
Ed0666, would you have a problem saying that you would sell Jota? 😂😂😂.

{Ed0666's Note - mate just look at diaz’ work rate and compare it with Jota’s. Diaz has pushed that bar Jota needs to up his game.

05 May 2022 22:49:44
Wow some very interesting reading from all on here and the Ed’s. This is why I love this site even when there are some toxic people about at times. I would hope there is enough potential for improvement in Jota’s all around game so he can work on his shortcomings. Given we were all surprised with how well he settled and started scoring regularly I would be loath to replace him with someone unproven in the premier league, especially given I have for a while longed for a proper striker in the team. Now we have that natural finisher I wouldn’t want him to leave. That’s said I think the front 3 or Diaz, Mane and Salah are pretty undroppable right now.

{Ed0666's Note - good point Westwood. We have to give Jota the benefit of the doubt and give him the chance to play himself back into form like we did mane



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