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05 May 2022 14:26:10
Im not shocked by Man City last night, there is a few differences why we find ourselves in the position we do where as City are now out.

Man City don't have a real captain, where as LFC have at least 3-4 but Henderson is a country mile more a captain than anyone at City.

Man City rely to much on Pep telling them how to play, they don't use initiative on how to play when things go wrong. LFC players get a game plan but are allowed to use their initiative to actually play when things are not going well. They problem solve as a team.

LFC play as a team, we don't sit and blame each other for a poor pass or a missed shot, we win together we lose together where as City players last night where sittting throwing arms up in the air and berating each other at a missed pass etc last night.

Poor recruitment, how anyone could think Grealish would replace the players City have lost recently is deluded, in fact il sign for city for 100 mill as im as good as Silva or Aguero.

For me the only reason City remain a point above us this season is that teams won't attack them. They basically role over and let them tickle their bellies. But if we miss out on the league this season if we add a midfielder and keep salah the league is ours next season. Halland doesn't change that for city!

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05 May 2022 14:57:13
This City side is not as good as previous years (no Kompany, Silva, Aguero) and have a few extra points on the board thanks to the series of awful refereeing decisions over the Christmas period at Arsenal, Everton and vs Wolves at home.

Presumably there will a massive transfer window coming up for them in midfield and forward positions. Now that they have the biggest commercial income in world football (ahem ahem) I am sure they will spend a serious chunk this summer.

However, the shadow of Klopp and his Red Army looming over City just grew a little bigger last night. Keep going!

05 May 2022 14:54:42
Andy we get it you don’t like city 😂😂.

05 May 2022 15:17:46
I can't agree, Andyjh04.
They should have been in the CL Final with us except they didn't bury their chances. They dominated RM over two legs but the occasion and lapses of concentration allowed Madrid back in the game. They should have scored 7 or 8 in the first leg and held on to their lead in the second leg. Madrid had two shots on target in 90 minutes last night and buried them both.
Pep should have closed the game out with defensive tactics once they were 2 goals ahead (similar to Klopp in the first leg vs Villareal) and their forwards should have justified their wages by sticking it in the net. City had the final on a silver platter but got flustered in the last two minutes. They can only blame themselves.

05 May 2022 15:27:34
Ed001's told us for years that Pep's weakness is that he drills his players to basically be robots. And it was once again demonstrated last night.

I think it is a little simplistic to say that they're only ahead cos teams are afraid of them, though. The way Pep has them playing is very effective most of the time, and the quality of their players is among the best in the world. Most PL teams would be well beaten if they tried to play attacking football against them, as they just haven't got the outright quality to hurt them. Whereas Madrid did. We're the only team to get near them in the last few years in the league, and we are a very good team with arguably the best manager in Europe. You don't get that just from other teams being intimidated by you. We shouldn't understate how good we've needed to be to live with them.

Where they come undone is when they play another side with quality approaching theirs, on a big occasion who want it more.

{Ed001's Note - you forgot about Pep's other major weakness - he overthinks things and tinkers too much trying to be clever.}

05 May 2022 15:32:43
OP and Pelican, I fully agree with what you guys have said. IMO, City think cos they deserve CL, everyone is just going to roll over and just give it to them. The minerals it takes to do what RM and LFC have done in Europe (esp. in the CL) over the decades, is stuff you cannot coach and you cannot buy.

This is a team that despite all it's money spent (2.3bn I have read somewhere) that could not beat LFC in near 20 years at Anfield and only won a game where there were NO fans on the pitch during the CV crisis. That is what it took for them to get their first win at Anfield. Let that sink in.

To think that said team who couldn't beat an LFC team at times on it's knees, will be able to handle the immense pressure going against teams like RM and LFC in a pressure cooker moment in a CL semi final just cos they aid all that money is why they keep failing. They have NO pedigree, heritage, guts, no leaders in their team nor at their club. Just arrogance, neediness and petulant crybaby behavior of which their manager is the worst of the lot on that last point. But it's okay. They'll be back next season, spend another 150m and it's all going to be good again, lol.

05 May 2022 15:39:52
City have won the league 3 of the last 4 seasons (which could still be 4 in the last 5) and have won numerous domestic trophies (these were Mickey Mouse cups to us up until this season 😜) so I don’t think it’s down to a captain as in this day and age every club has leaders all over the pitch.

Pep seems to have brain failures when it comes to the CL and his formations, starting line ups and substitutions have caught City out on more than one occasion.

City have failed to win the CL with leaders like Kompany and Silva there in the past.

Prime example is we say how important a captain is over the players well why didn’t we beat Real all those years ago in the final and people will point to our best player Salah going off but we still had our brilliant captain on the pitch.

05 May 2022 15:58:49
Man city are a different team when KDB is not on the pitch. It shows over and over again. He is the difference maker, leader, makes everything tick.

05 May 2022 16:06:06
Sorry pressed send too early.

Andy I agree on all your other points though mate.

Also the biggest difference between us and City is they are currently challenging for 1 trophy and we are challenging for 4.

There’s every chance that we will finish this season having had a better season than City (smaller chance the shoe might be on the other foot also) .

05 May 2022 16:15:07
JK, Jupp Heynkes got sacked by RM in the 97/ 98 season after WINNING the CL and this was before the Galacticos era. Why? cos as defending La Liga champs, they were dreadful and far off the pace with Barcelona who won it with ease. You think Pep would have survived coaching a club like that having failed so much back then? Trust me, he wouldn't have. At City, he is allowed to screw up this much and continue to get backed cos well, it's City. They need him more than he needs them so he will NEVER get questioned hence, they continue to reward endless failures at the biggest stage. His titles in the PL? Great achievement, as expected.

05 May 2022 16:22:05
Oli I don’t really understand your point mate. That’s not me being critical of you I just don’t get where 1 manager from 25 years ago comes into it.

05 May 2022 16:44:09
You have a fair point there Oli. So what do they do? Sack Pep and bring back the great Manchini or Pelligreni lol 😂😂. Look at Bayern and Barca. Serial bottlers.

05 May 2022 16:44:17
JK23, it was in response to your point of Pep winning leagues and domestic Cups, something inferior coaches like Pellegrini and Mancini were doing before he arrived. That is not what he was signed up to do. Don't take my word for it. Both Txiki Beguiristan and Fran Serrano said so when he got hired. So he is being over-praised for doing what was expected of him, and under-criticized for FAILING at what he was brought in to do for a decade now hence, my comparison. As I said, his titles and Cups are expected.

In essence, what Im saying is that many parts of Pep's record esp. in the CL are under-reported/ scrutinized by media and not considered when talking about his overall body of work. Hence, I simply compared an era where coaches got binned for actually winning the very thing this guy is failing miserably at right now. Not saying he should be sacked. Just saying he should be scrutinized a lot more for his relentless failures cos the pundits couldn't keep Klopp's lost finals out of their mouths for literally years before he broke his duck with LFC.

05 May 2022 16:49:52
I think it’s natural for there to be this big debate about why City can’t win the Champions League or why Guardiola hasn’t won it at either Bayern or City, but I’m not convinced that there’s anything more to this than it being a difficult competition to win. Cup football isn’t easy to win because, once you get to the knock out stages, you only need to have one night where you don’t get it quite right, one match where something goes against you, or one freak 90 second spell like last night and you can be out on your ear. City are geared to winning league competitions, being the best over a sustained period. They actually seem to lose more individual matches than we do, and lose against more surprising opponents, but they then put together these very long runs of wins. They don't draw many. In the league, you can do that and come out on top but in an elite cup competition, one defeat is curtains.

I know you can argue that some teams (e. g. Real and Liverpool) seem to thrive in the European Cup and it’s hard to explain that whilst also arguing that City don’t have a problem with the competition, but look at other clubs. Utd under Ferguson only won the European Cup twice in over two decades of trying. If City win it next season or the season after, they would still have a better win rate under Guardiola than Utd under Ferguson. Barcelona – it’s now seven seasons since they last won it. Arsenal never won it despite being in the competition year after year under Wenger and having, in peak Wenger years, a brilliant team full of world class players. It took Chelsea something like nine years to win it after Abramovich arrived. Bayern have only managed two in the last 20 years.

It’s just a difficult competition to win. I think City will win it sooner or later, maybe even next year (hopefully not in 2024 at Wembley) . In the meantime I will enjoy the fact that their filthy money hasn’t yet been able to buy the one thing they want more than anything else, but I think they will do it sooner or later.

05 May 2022 17:02:23
Oli get you now 👌🏻

Will be interesting to see or hear what the owners opinion of it is. If it’s just the CL they are after then he’s failed so maybe they might pull the trigger.

05 May 2022 17:19:27
Thanks gents and your right I hate city for all
They are. Love seeing LFC lead by klopp achieving what money can’t just buy.

05 May 2022 17:20:38
RR, I fully agree with you, bro. The CL trophy is the greatest club football comp. on the planet hence, it is the most difficult to win due to the very nature of Cup football itself. Tbf, Pep's galaxy brain farts don't help either. That said, I am only calling out the hypocrisy of people esp in the media who hide Pep's decade long failures in this comp. who don't want to talk about it by never holding him to acct. whereas a guy like Klopp would have been forced out of LFC cos the scrutiny would have been over the top, IMO.

I mean even now, I see a lot of the media saying City dominated both games vs Madrid and blaming this or that reason instead of where the issues actually lie. Did they really dominate both games, tho? Cos if you conceded 3 goals at home in a CL semi final tie in both legs then IMO, you did not dominate the game and you deserve to lose. If you play that open vs a very effective team in both boxes (esp. in the oppo. box) then, you get what you deserve.

Also, Tim Sherwood was blaming the players for not taking control enuff. Sorry, that's a cop out. If Pep cannot get his guys prepared enuff to see out a game like that then, that's HIS fault. As for whether Pep will win it sooner than later with City, I don't know. Cos IMO, the longer it takes for them, the harder it's going to be, IMO. Just my opinion.

05 May 2022 17:37:51
RR great post. My sentiments exactly.

05 May 2022 22:10:36
City lost because they thought they had it won. Pep’s substitutions and a mental ‘clocking off’.

From the perspective of Pep’s management capabilities I believe that Ed01 is spot on with his view that Pep overthinks things. Most of the time it doesn’t matter because City have the players to beat 90+% of teams 90+% of the time so the subtle stuff that Pep is aiming for is mostly irrelevant. If his tinkering does fail in generally matters when it is vey important - like the lat quarter of an hour in the 2nd leg of a CL semi-final for instance.

From the perspective of the owners’ desire to win the CL, I think I read an article not long after they took over City that said the CL was the key to new markets that (for political reasons) they wouldn’t necessarily have access to. I don’t know if that’s true or not but if the desire of the owners is to open up markets then that might be another dot point when the owners catch up with Pep to discuss what’s next.

05 May 2022 23:23:49
I think part of the reason is that Pep is too intense. Attitude is contagious and when your leader is nervous and jumpy as Pep is in close matches, it adversely affects players. He needs to chill. There was a stark difference in the approach to extra time with the two managers last night. One was calm, the other looked like he was about to stroke out.

05 May 2022 23:34:12
City have a team that’s very capable of winning the CL no question. What they don’t have is a stadium full of fans prepared to drag them over the line when things get tough. A stadium full of fans that put so much fear in to the opposition that even the world’s best players choke in their presence.
Does Benzema do a panenka in from of the Kop in that situation? Not a chance.
The Etihad is full of plastic fans that turn up expecting the team to win instead of helping them to win. Most of them have only supported City properly since the new owners arrived so their passion doesn’t run as deep as that of a Liverpool or Madrid.
One thing that the Premier League has encouraged is entitled idiots that berate their own team when it doesn’t go their way and the Etihad is full of them.

06 May 2022 13:10:50
Since Oli mentioned Tim Sherwood, did any of you see the Kelly and Wrighty show where Sherwood, in trying to explain City's inability to take control of the game, went on to wax lyrical about dropping soap and trying to pick it up again? Then that other numpty female pundit latched onto it and went further, talking poetically about luxury shower soap in the bottle being better than the regular bar of soap, in what lead to a WTF laughable moment for me because I had no idea what she was even talking about. she made Tim's statement seem genius! This was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard on a football show. Football punditry is a joke. LMAO. I should have known better and turned it off when I saw Tim Sherwood was on the panel *facepalm*.



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