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07 May 2022 18:50:16
Oh my days! If you want a good laugh put the United game on, this is fabulous!

{Ed014's Note - watching it mate, comedy gold!😂😂😂

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07 May 2022 18:54:56
Oh my God, 4-0.

To Brighton. And it's not over yet either.

They're just the gift that keeps on giving.

{Ed014's Note - 23 minutes left to get a few more!

07 May 2022 18:57:06
Just turned it on. This is the season that keeps on giving.

07 May 2022 18:57:29
Incredible, was so close to being 5-0. Not even Ten Hag will be able to salvage anything from this bunch.

07 May 2022 18:58:02
The best bit Ed014 is the expressions on the United players faces every time Brighton score, its like " how did that happen then" 🤣🤣🤣.

{Ed014's Note - it’s priceless and now they’re bringing on the fridge to help out! 😂😂

07 May 2022 19:01:59
I think Brighton should declare. I mean, it’s going to be a cricket score isn’t it?

{Ed014's Note - Brighton have taken their foot off the gas

07 May 2022 19:02:23
I'm fairly sure Brighton could bring that guy that got the belated player of the year award from the 96/ 97 season at H/ T on to play against him and still score more goals.

{Ed014's Note - 😂

07 May 2022 19:04:29
Varane is wishing he’d stayed at Madrid.

{Ed014's Note - don’t even rate him, caught wanting for two of their goals today and nearly let Welbeck in for another.

07 May 2022 19:11:52
I think if I was him I’d have seen out my days at Madrid enjoying the sunshine and picking up winners medals from the bench. Far better than the cold and wet of Manchester and getting pumped 4-0 by Brighton.

{Ed014's Note - he’s probably on the phone to his agent as soon as he’s back in the changing room!

07 May 2022 19:12:53
Still going to have the media and that pleb Neville blowing smoke up ETH's ar*e and saying how they're "very close to challenging". As we know from many years being way off the pace season after season is that its the hope that kills you.

07 May 2022 19:12:58
I normally consider selling and replacing an entire squad to be a form of Football Manager nonsense (to the point where even modern Football Manager itself stops it from working due to Squad Dynamics) .

But in Utd's case, I'd make an exception. Ten Haag needs to sell every senior player at that club. If he ends up having to replace some of them with Championship players and emergency loans on deadline day, so be it. There is nothing and no one salvageable from that dressing room. If he leaves some of the 'better' ones there, Penandes, De Gea, Rashford, Ronaldo etc. their malaise will get into the new signings.

6 or 8 signings as Rangnick says? No. 20 signings. Clear the lot out, it's the only way.

And the good news as a Liverpool fan is that won't possibly happen.

{Ed014's Note - you’re not wrong mate, I wouldn’t touch one of their squad, utter shite the lot of them.

07 May 2022 19:34:30
The highest salary structure in the League and this is the best they can serve up? It's already confirmed they will have the lowest points total, ever, in the Premier league era.

{Ed014's Note - they look like relegation fodder! So so bad

07 May 2022 19:42:19
Last time this happened they got beat by spurs by 6. Couple of hours later Villa put 7 past us.

I wish we kept our eyes In our lane 🙈.

07 May 2022 21:00:54
Exactly JK23.

07 May 2022 21:40:43
Told you not to gloat.

07 May 2022 22:17:29
When is it Time to rest/ drop Salah. He has been so poor in recent weeks.

07 May 2022 22:36:38
And your result this evening. Smug arrogant bunch. Still, treble is on! You might just end up with the carabao Cup though. Still would be a remarkable season though with all your asthma sufferers.

{Ed014's Note - now now, don’t be bitter fella, you guys were the worst for giving it large so you can’t expect not to have to suck it up.

07 May 2022 22:46:34
I think most united fans realise this is not the managers fault, the players are a complete disgrace to the club and the clubs fans. Losing is fine but losing while strolling around and rolling over is not. The premier league needs a good united side to, although I'm not a united fan we certainly don't want a two horse race every year.

07 May 2022 22:50:10
Well let's remember this is the day we lost the league. Just not able to keep it up.

The thing is my opinion we were never going to do the quad - can we do the treble?

I doubt it very much.

07 May 2022 22:56:38
Funniest thing about United was bringing Maguire on when they went 4 - 0 down. I reckon Rolf had taken the odds for. 6 - 0.

07 May 2022 23:41:26
Supasub. Three words. "No Champions League". Bravo. Be happy with the insignificant competition (in your illustrious ex-manager's words) . 😂

P. S. Brighton pays only 15% of what ManU pays, in salary structure. 😂.

07 May 2022 23:48:33
Sorry but I think we are still on the quadruple. I still think city will lose to West Ham at the london stadium. But I do feel that salah needs to be dropped, he’s been awful last few weeks. Move mane to the right, jota through the left and Diaz on the left.

08 May 2022 00:33:35
To be fair, there seems to be a number of people saying we should drop Salah, after the match has been played. Would have been a lot better if their feelings had been made known before the match. Just saying.

08 May 2022 01:01:50
For obvious reasons WDW. You'd look bloody stupid if you said that he should be dropped before a game where he scores a hat-trick, or even a goal or two. So much easier to say "I told you so" after the fact. 😉.

08 May 2022 01:47:11
So they are not saying drop him for the next game then ArAy?

08 May 2022 09:36:05
ArAy1969 and WDW, haven’t you heard? The hindsight geniuses are out in force. You wait cos if Klopp does drop Mo and we drop points or lose the next game, they will be here again saying spouting off why Salah was dropped.



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