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09 May 2022 12:25:07
So what do people feel about Salah's form coming into the most important part of the season? If he's saving all his goals for FA Cup Final and CL Final then happy days but it does worry me. Its just good that others have hit some form to plug the gap. Id hate to lose to City on goal difference. Especially when they played most of the season without a striker per say.
Impossible to rest the guy because he always has it in his locker to produce that moment of magic in any game.

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09 May 2022 13:05:02
I think he's been off the boil for a while tbh. It sounds unfair to say that but he sets his own levels and has fallen below them recently - in my humble opinion that is.

Would I leave him out? Absolutely not! The best way to get your form back is to keep playing and working hard.

People were writing Mane off a while ago and look at him now.

They can't be amazing all the time, the are going to have a bit of a lull from time to time. The Salah we know will be back soon enough.

Hopefully smash a few in at the weekend.

09 May 2022 13:16:02
On current form it's very concerning. Diaz has suddenly become the main man. WE HAVE UNFINISHED BUSINESS. lucky your not dropped salah mate.

09 May 2022 13:43:12
Could be a number of reasons, I'm no expert, just his touch and that deadly finish is just a little off.

It's highlighted more by interviews, contracts and his future being up in the air.

Personally think he's gona go psg in the summer and I'm ok with that if that's what he wants, gutted but if he's after that long term contract and pay I understand.

Hopefully he gets a rest and it clicks before the end of the season.

09 May 2022 13:54:12
He's clearly burnt out which is exactly why they shouldn't have Afcon midway through the season. The international schedule needs a culling (including reducing the Euros back to 16 teams, scrapping the Nations League) but the powers that be only ever expand it for more money.

09 May 2022 14:34:33
Salah is still running the hard yards and getting into the positions it seems his decision making and actual finishing has been off.

Is that down to mental fatigue or is he trying too hard to put himself in the shop window and its put him off his natural game.

Salah hardly ever spoke in the media but this season it seems like he's been far more vocal.

09 May 2022 15:14:29
I think the way I would sum it up is that he is playing at a normal good level, rather than at the ridiculously high level that we're accustomed to. i. e. he's not playing poorly and doesn't look out of place as a struggling player in our team of brilliant players, but he's not at the levels that he was for the first half of the season and that he has been at for most of his time with us. That said, he has these temporary blips in form every now and then and tends to then explode back into life. Whether there is time for him to come out of it in what remains of this season, I don't know.

Thing is, he still works very hard, still plays a key part in our build up, is still assisting and, because of his reputation, still tends to suck in two opposition players when he gets the ball at his feet. So I don't think we're talking about dropping him, but I think we can acknowledge he is not quite at his stratospheric best at the moment.

Maybe wish he hadn't been quite so bullish and open about the Real revenge mission, maybe that puts a bit more pressure and spotlight on him.

09 May 2022 15:47:50
Salah thrives under the spotlight. No problem there. It's also a good idea to start making sure the referees put a spotlight on how Real approach the CL final, given their 'dark arts' last time. This is where their 'experience' lies; Real tend to want to win at all costs. Just want to be sure that they don't cross the line this time, and it's a fair fight.

09 May 2022 16:46:43
He actually said he was in good form the other night after the villareal game. I seriously would of tries him through middle for a few games to get his scoring touch back. Working for mane.

09 May 2022 17:44:59
Mo hasn’t been himself since December!
The other lads finding the net has softened the blow!
Just hope he returns soon!

10 May 2022 09:11:07
Mo has been playing like this for months. And I would say as well hat even in games he has scored he has had these large patches of games where he isn’t involved or is endlessly dribbling / passing into the defenders. I swear he is the worst good dribbler in the team lol.

I just want to see him involved, engaged with his team mates etc. we need him for sure.

10 May 2022 10:07:15
For me, Salah is still doing the work and playing at a really decent level overall. He just seems to be stuck in his own head in crucial moments hence, his decision making, touch and finishing is off. Vs Spurs, there were 3 clear occasions where he cut in, beat his man and Diaz was wide open for a pass where he could shoot BUT Salah get going and fluffed his lines. Before in the early part of the season, those where assists potentially. Now, they are fluffed lines due to poor decision making. He needs to get out of his own head and just lay collectively and the goals will come, IMO.

11 May 2022 10:39:40
Oil - to be fair Mo pretty much said after Villarael 2nd leg that he has reached his target of assists for the season now he needs the goals lol.



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