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11 May 2022 01:03:51
I’m staggered by the anti-Mo movement.

A lot of people who were hysterically blaming the club for not paying him the largest wage in world football and pandering to his every (imagined) whim are now adamant that he should be dropped and sold.

The clamour is now for Sadio’s contract demands to be met as soon as possible - which is ironic as he was the one to sit on the chair nearest the exit door 4 months ago.

Let’s hope the players don’t read this stuff - it’s hardly likely to make any f them want to stay.

{Ed0666's Note - Salah is broken…the amount of football he’s played this season has caught up with him..everything is off with him at the moment. I would bet an outlandish amount of money if you gave him 2 weeks off he’d be back to his best in no time. We just have to manage all the players for the last few games. Some will come to the fore in spite of the horrendous physical demands at this time of the season and some will not. To say Salah has become crap within a few games and should be sold is ridiculous.

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11 May 2022 03:51:33
Salah is our best player and it's as simple as that, he's not himself at the mo :) but that happens with every player from time to time. The contact situation is boring, if he leaves then so be it, he's one player and we will continue as we always have done, if he stays then great. Either way I won't lose any sleep over it, top player or not. He's done a lot for us so should he leave I'd wish him the absolute best in his career. People are automatically resigned to the fact that he's already gone so are using his recent performances to justify getting rid. Personally I think he's waiting until the season is over before he makes his mind up, he seems very happy at the club but after a long season with many games it's took it's toll. All I hope is that he's back to himself by the 28th!

11 May 2022 04:10:54
Salah’s eyes look tired, maybe Ramadan hasn’t helped the situation?
I’ve got no doubts that he’ll get motivated by the two cup finals though, then as you say Ed, a good spell of R&R is due.
He’s still playing with a smile though, always a good sign.

11 May 2022 04:11:23
The club sides need to band together to get the international schedule cut back. There's too many games. Also the English football system needs to allow the top sides out of the League Cup. The small-minded lower league clubs need to realise it's not the 20th century anymore. Adapt or die. They get enough subsidies and football isn't a charity. Sorry for the harsh words but we have this scenario year-in year-out with the top players. Fans want to see the best players play at their best. This is what the market demands.

11 May 2022 05:26:24
There isn't an anti Mo movement lol, he just needs a rest and imo should be on the bench for Saturday. He'll probably score now lol but he's been poor for weeks now and I think it'd like being a man down up front. I love Mo but needs to find some form or I can see our season unravelling.

11 May 2022 05:31:20
First of all its not mental to be negative on salah.
If he needed rest he should be first to admit that Wnd ask to be dropped. We had enough cover in luiz and jota. His contract hangs in balance, he won't put pen to paper. City have got haland. I see no better time for salah to sign the contract and turn the focus back to liverpool. But he won't sign cuz he needs more money!

I mean honestly Does salah even start for anyone in the CL final on current form? absolutely not, but he has made it about himself because he wants revenge. Tell you what because of this so called revenge we could end up loose to this bang average real madrid side.

Love the lad but mane over salah every damn day of the week.

11 May 2022 05:38:14
fake news. there is no anti-Mo movement. He also isn't our best player.

His dribbling and passing this has been like it has been this calendar year for ages, yes even in games he scores goals. He is a wonderful player, a massive threat. But for the last few months, that threat has been in name only. Right now he is in the team on rep and the threat that defenders focus on him so much that it opens space for others.

Who knows why, frankly I don't care. We don't afford excuses to loads of other players in the squad and I don't see why Mo should be any different, no matter how many goals he has scored. Right now he is ineffective. I hope something shakes back into gear for him as we need him for the run in for sure.

11 May 2022 05:50:13
Only my opinion but I think the beauty of our team and modern day professionals is there is no longer such a thing as your best player more down the line of Salah is arguably one of our most important players.

Because he’s def not our best keeper, left back, right, back, centre back or Midfielder but with him in our side he makes the lads who play there much better. But on the other hand those players in them positions also make him much better.

Ideal situation for me is we tie Salah and Mane both up to new contracts but the longer it drags on the more it looks like one or worst case both might even leave in the summer.

11 May 2022 07:37:10
Love Salah to bits but yes he clearly needs a rest. Our most important player in VVD. Defence standards drop massively when he is not in the team but our attack without Salah is still better than most teams in Europe.

11 May 2022 08:04:56
Defence standards weren't great last night and Virgil was in the team.

11 May 2022 09:58:49
Spot on JK.

11 May 2022 13:07:55
Agreed jk mate. longervit goes on now.1 of them will go for sure.



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