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11 May 2022 19:17:57
Anyone else got a good feeling about the city game tonight?

Can see it now. They lose and they're so cocky they'll blow west ham away to think they'll take it on goal difference.

Then Gerrard inspires villa to a draw on the last game handing the trophy to us.

Since we started closing the gap I've been joking with my mates saying Gerrard wins it for us. It's written in the stars ;)

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11 May 2022 19:38:02
I try not to think about City at this point to be honest. If they drop points, great it's back on, but as things are, I'll pay their game no attention until checking the result after it's over.

I suppose one small thing in our favour is Man U's incompetence has opened the door for West Ham to possibly sneak 6th and a Europa place, and a draw won't really be enough for them, so at least they'll have encouragement to really go after City when they play them.

11 May 2022 20:04:10
I'm actually going to watch the game tonight, as the only other man city game I've seen this season (including against us! ) Is the real Madrid 2nd leg, so here's hoping I'm a jinx!

11 May 2022 20:40:37
KDB is some player. No striker, no problem.

11 May 2022 20:47:37
Except they now have the best striker in the world for KDB to feed. If he stay a for its a guaranteed 25 goals.

11 May 2022 20:50:41
Roll over and get your belly tickled time again, nobody can give a game!

11 May 2022 20:53:16
No good feeling at all. City will wipe out all their opponents they’re likely to run up another cricket score tonight. Wolves have for their flip flops on.

11 May 2022 20:54:10
He's half decent, Kimuraking! One player I'd take off them in a heart beat.

11 May 2022 21:07:55
The amount of decisions city are getting it's absolutely crazy 😧.

11 May 2022 21:18:03
A bit like us last night, kopforever.

11 May 2022 21:18:40
They are that good, it’s boring.

11 May 2022 21:20:12
I won't lie Rome1977, he's one of my favorite players to watch outside of Liverpool. I know its hurting our chances but as a lover of football its a joy to watch a display like that.

11 May 2022 21:24:30
Villa were denied two penalties? Where as villa's 1st goal shouldn't have stood lol.

11 May 2022 21:25:01
Mental how City have never won a game by being the better side.

11 May 2022 21:29:22
I agree with you Kimuraking. Sometimes you just have to take off your red tinted glasses and appreciate quality, as much as it hurts.

11 May 2022 21:42:38
Its a master class tonight that's for sure. No centre backs, no recognised striker and a performance like that. As you say Rome, Red tinted glasses off and enjoy the football on show.

11 May 2022 21:50:25
Ha ha ha ha@JK. They are either always lucky or teams roll over for them 😂😂😂😂😂😂.

11 May 2022 21:57:45
Yet still no CL - world beaters? Not even European beaters yet.

11 May 2022 21:59:55
City’s hangovers are like our players over the hills 🤣.

11 May 2022 22:03:44
Difference between them and us. they kill off teams when they have to as we struggle. 5-1 up now.

11 May 2022 20:23:41
6 mins in and its over on the Wolves game all ready. We have to accept the league is gone . They will shlack Wolves, West ham and Villa for 4 or 5 each game. We need to concentrate on the cup finals we have.

11 May 2022 22:12:56
City are strong in situations we are not. We do not have the same level of technical and creative brilliance that they do to open up a deep lying team with such ease. That opens up the game for them to then exploit gaps whereas we rely on teams coming to have a go at us more often than not for that lead to materialise. I don't begrudge City in the slightest. For as good as we have been they are outstandingly consistent although I do have to laugh at the irony that one of best LFC teams I may ever see is around at the same time as this City bunch!

11 May 2022 23:37:12
City has only this to pursue for the rest of the season. That one thing to focus on. Unfortunately, I don't see them dropping any points.

That said, I'm wrong about these things all the time, so hopefully that means we win the league, haha.



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