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12 May 2022 10:09:37
Loving all the "its not over yet" and "we're Liverpool, we go to the end" and wouldn't expect anything less from Liverpool supporters but, realistically, what do we need?

Personally I think it has to be a West Ham win. I can't see anything other than City beating Villa at home on the last day of the season, so I don't think there is a route to glory for us based on City drawing their last two matches. If West Ham beat City and then City beat Villa, the best we can do is finish level on points, assuming we can win both of our remaining league matches. So then it's on GD and City have opened quite a gap there. They are now seven better than us. If West Ham can somehow pull off a win, let's assume it won't be by a big margin, probably no more than one goal but two at a push, so let's say best case scenario is that going into the Southampton match, we will be three points behind City and minus 5 on GD. Win by three or four at Southampton and then going into the last day of the season we would need to win by a margin that is two goals greater than the margin of City's expected victory over Villa.

Pretty unlikely but not impossible and West Ham will, you'd assume, definitely be going all out to win to try to get sixth place. City are just in such hot form. If they avoid defeat at West Ham, I think it's over - I just don't see Villa stopping City winning on the final day.

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12 May 2022 10:30:48
Yeah if City defeat West Ham it really is over as the goal difference will be too high. Even if West Ham do beat them then we will have to defeat both Southampton and Wolves by a margin of 5 goals or so. City will no doubt be aware of this and will try to do the same on the final day against Villa, who do have a capitulation in them. It’s incredibly unlikely and to say it’s out of our hands is an understatement. Fortunately all we have to worry about is the FA cup final and then see where we sit afterwards, no point going for it if the final two games are dead rubbers. If West Ham can somehow pull it off then if Southampton fancy another 9-0 it would be greatly appreciated!

12 May 2022 10:50:48
If west ham manage a shock victory then we have to go full strength with our side against Southampton and wolves and still pray for villa to take points.

If west ham lose at least we know its done then and we can start rotating players for the final in Europe.

12 May 2022 10:58:16
I feel we need to dole out Southampton's almost statutory 9-0 scrubbing to have any chance, and even then I don't see it being enough overall. I'm not too sad about it, it's been a helluva season and to take it to the last game is as exciting as it comes. I also think coming 2nd in such a fashion will do nothing but motivate our squad, I feel we do better reacting to that kind of disappointment better than we do with last season's performance. Plus we are going to hump Real Madrid to win an almighty treble!

12 May 2022 11:35:13
does reality come into the equation? whether City drop points to WHU or Villa, either way City dropping points doesn't feel like reality. So however it happens is all good with me!

12 May 2022 12:19:29
Looking at the way they have matched and then surpassed our GD, it's feeling like 2013-14 all over again! I remember having to beat Palace by 7 goals!

However, the difference is that we know that if we don't win it this season then:

a) We're going to be there or thereabouts next season, and the one after etc.

b) We could console ourselves with 2 more trophies!

12 May 2022 12:32:56
2-0 West Ham win and us beating Southampton 6-0 isn't completely unthinkable, teams are rolling over for City now, imaging when Haalands there.

12 May 2022 12:41:30
So this is is what's going to happen:

1) WHU beat City 1-0.
2) We beat Southampton 5-1

The GD difference is back down to 2.

3) We beat Wolves 4-1
4) City are leading 3-1 against Villa till the 92nd minute. When Villa get a throw in near the managers dugout. Ings is the closest to him, and Gerrard does a Cannonier and send its quickly to Ings, who throws it to Coutinho who sprints into his favoured left half-space and smacks one into the top left hand corner of the keeper (something we have seen numerous times before) . The game ends at 3-2, and we win the the title by virtue of 1 more goal scored.


12 May 2022 15:28:19
Mark Noble and Kurt Zouma to stop city then 😂😂😂😂. Another 5-0 incoming at the London stadium.

12 May 2022 17:33:14
While we win no 7 and City's wait goes on.

12 May 2022 19:25:33
Far worse players have stopped City from winning Harry. Football is not played on paper.

If you don’t think we can still win the title then fine. My faith is dwindling as much as anybody’s. However, when you come onto these pages to gloat about how right you are going to be in the future when Liverpool don’t win the title, you just look like a massive loser. Why do you need to spoil everybody else’s fun to make yourself look clever? I can assure you after your posts over many years on these pages nobody thinks you’re Aristotle.

If you are spending more time and getting more joy out of predicted the worst case scenario instead of the best, then maybe supporting Liverpool isn’t for you. That isn’t how we do things and no amount of negativity is going to convince anybody to think on your level.

Perhaps you know that already, which is why you decided to switch to Man City three years ago when it looked certain we were going to finish the season empty handed. You were gloating about us going out to Barcelona while we were busy doing the impossible.

If universal negativity is what you enjoy, go and support Everton. If negativity directed towards Liverpool specifically is what you enjoy, go back to supporting City. I just have no idea why you bother trying to bring everyone down to such a cynical and negative plateau for something that is, in the end, meant to be a fun pastime.

I sincerely hope for your own happiness that Kovacic is fit for the Final, it’ll give you something to cheer about while we lift the trophy.

12 May 2022 22:08:10
Hope Coutinho gets an entirely unexpected opportunity to get his statue and takes it.

13 May 2022 06:31:41
League is gone guys. Your just torturing yourselves. No shame in it, City have been superb. Still the potential for a great year for us also though even without the league so I’m not disappointed.



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