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12 May 2022 12:39:45
I'm hoping we have a little tweak to our midfield next year, we have always gone with 2/ 3 workers but i think this needs to go to 1 defensive worker and we need another creative worker like Thiago, City have De Bruyne and Silva who have a very creative mind, we go with only Thiago and not enough with Jones, hoping Elliot starts strong next season and stays injury free as he could be that guy, just a small change and we may not struggle as much as we seem to do to break sides down, not saying teams just roll over for City because it's City and try harder against us because we are Liverpool . but teams roll over for City Ha.

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12 May 2022 12:58:00
We play completely different system. Our creativity comes from Fullbacks unless you think Klopp is going to change he's philosophy which has brought huge success.

You just have to see how he talks about Thiago's pressing and interceptions then he's passes that's what Klopp wants from he's midfielders.

We need athletic strong midfielder who can control and bully the opposition which since wiji we've lost that physicality in our midfield which teams nowadays find easy to pass through tho.

12 May 2022 13:03:24
Our problem has not been struggling to break teams down. That’s only happened like 3 or 4 times in the league this season, which is going to happen to any side, no matter how great. Our problem has been controlling games once we go ahead and being in command of the momentum. We’ve dropped points from winning positions 6 times in the league, and lost control of many other games/ ties without consequence.

I do agree we need to strengthen the midfield, and we look well placed to do so, with Carvalho coming in and hopefully a Tchouameni or Bellingham type player too. I feel like Ox will be the only casualty this summer.

However i disagree that it is us who cannot break teams down and not City, as they’ve actually struggled with that over the course of the season more than we have. The narrative of the last few games doesn’t change that.

12 May 2022 14:21:44
Since we're talking about things that could be changed for future seasons, I would say our "effectiveness in front of goal". I don't have any stats in mind or hand but (someone could perhaps pull them out) but my impression is that we need to reduce our wastefulness in front of goal. It's just weird to have 17, 18 or 20 shots on goal but only 2 or 3 goals to show for it. And the opponent has 3, 4 or 5 attempts at goal and already 1 or 2 goals have been scored. We have won so many games with such margins of a goal or two. Yes we win, but these smaller margins don't put the fear in opponents that ManCity gets. When you look at ManCity they are always galavanting ahead with 4, 5, 6 goals and not much difference with our attempts at goal. Salah is regularly the highest scorer in the league, but he also regularly leads with the highest attempts on goal. If he and others were more efficient, I know results would be even better.

All very easy to say and point out, but difficult to do, I know.

12 May 2022 14:37:40
ArAy, we are only the third team to have three players scoring more than 20 goals in a season. We have equalled our best ever team goal total for a season with more games to play. Im not sure what more you are hoping from them.

12 May 2022 14:48:45
In recent weeks its fair to say we've not been at our explosive best going forward and have been guilty of not taking our chances. But that's expected with the games coming as thick and fast as they are. I don't expect this to continue once we have a break. Its similar to the end of 18/ 19 season where we just about getting over the line in games.

I don't think we have a problem, including controlling games. The bulk of those games where dropped points (thinking Brentford, Chelsea, Brighton) were in the first part of the season and we had the likes of VVD and Matip finding their feet again after long spells out, with the team adjusting too.

I do think we could do with another midfielder to give a break to Fab. But that aside I expect us to be in good shape again for next season.

12 May 2022 15:00:29
Thought it was only Leicester we struggled to break down.

12 May 2022 15:24:51
Which player did Wijnaldum bully in his final year @Kopforever 😀😀. The guy was a lost soul for 18 months on the pitch.
If your requirements are physical then AOC fits the bill. Zero football brain cells but is a monster physically.

12 May 2022 15:58:20
With wiji in the side we won league by 18 points let that sink in against City lol.

It's difficult to discuss with you anything abt football when you keep on changing teams like undies 😂😂.

12 May 2022 16:17:49
Why did we let him go for free @Kop. What about the rest of the years he was with us. The guy was ghosting for a good 18 months. Him and hendo eas getting utterly exposed for an entire season.

12 May 2022 16:21:37
We have creative players all over the pitch. Let’s not confuse creativeness with assists.

12 May 2022 16:54:07
Coz we weren't ready to pay the wages he was demanding same with Salah and mane.

As I said it's difficult to discuss with a person who keeps changing teams like undies and think OX is a physical monster 😂😂.

12 May 2022 17:09:03
IDreamofGin. I can't argue with your points, you're right too. But what I can answer to "what more do you expect from them" is that I don't expect more, but I was hoping for the quadruple. Not given up yet, but they've given us such a ride this year, I wanted to get to the top and stay there. 😉.

12 May 2022 17:21:24
Okay @Forever you rate Wijnaldum very high. He is available for a transfers after flopping it with PSG. To say he bullied players for fun is something I wouldn’t agree. Forget me, doubt anyone would agree with you on this.

12 May 2022 17:50:10
Forget about me it's crazy discussing LFC stuff against city supporter 😂😂 I'm sure if City banter could fill posters you wouldn't be here poor harry 😂😂.

12 May 2022 18:27:48
Anyone still going on about Gini is wasting his time. Klopp has succeeded in actually making us better in midfield without Gini and that in spite of many of those waffling around in preseason that he shouldn’t have been sold or needed to be replaced. IMO, Gini was already replaced with Thiago last season and we’re it not for injuries, I doubt he even plays as much as he played cos right now, he wouldn’t get a game with us, just like at PSG, IMO.

12 May 2022 18:42:24
You are deviating from the topic @kopforever like most. Wijnaldun has no relevance to Manchester city or Liverpool for that matter. He was replaced by a far better midfielder in Thiago. If you are really p. ed off by that move then you should direct it to Mr klopp.
He never bullied anyone but got bullied by most. In fact he lost any interest in playing for the club.
For your information you could pull out some old threads and posts.

12 May 2022 19:44:51
I think this is the first time I’ve seen Harry and Oli agree on something.

Step brothers gif “Did we just become best friends” is def needed here.

Both love a username change so I’m hoping they change their usernames now to “Dragon” and “Nighthawk”.

12 May 2022 21:43:12
I hardly get p. ed of by a plastic fan.

Wiji played over 97% in our most successful team under Klopp and won big trophies.

He shielded the ball perfectly and kept it simple by covering the ground and filling the space left by our fullbacks overlapping. Not being exposed like this season.

There's a reason we are still looking for a midfielder in the market and it's our weakest spot lol.

13 May 2022 06:30:23
The reason we are looking for a midfielder is not Wijnaldum. It’s Keita and the dross AOC who failed to live upto their expectations.
Where on earth did you see Wijnaldjm shielding our defense. We tried that route and massively flopped why klopp invested heavily on Fabinho.
You must be a metal fan then lol.
Plastics have a very high life span compared to metals which rust and unlike metal some plastics are also recyclable. If you have no clue on that subject stay away.

13 May 2022 08:24:48
Trying to get my head around "metals aren't recyclable".

13 May 2022 09:20:02
JK23, don't hold your breathe about us agreeing frequently.

13 May 2022 10:33:09
Plastic have no place in the world can't you see most of the countries have banned them after polluting the sea? 😂😂.



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