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13 May 2022 13:37:14
So I will attempt to pick the cup final team. Be good to hear thoughts and others starting 11’s . I’m going to go with and inspired by a previous poster for the idea .

Trent Konate Virg Robbo

Hendo. Thiago

Salah. Mane. Diaz.

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13 May 2022 13:57:11
Another mad one for discussing purposes . What about Trent in an 8 and hendo in the 6 with Gomez at right back?

13 May 2022 13:57:39
Actually think Matip could pull of the DM role but no chance we're experimenting in a cup final lol.

I'd actually really like us to play with 4-2-4 we've switched to a few times this season, it'd cause Chelsea some problems im sure.

13 May 2022 14:03:02
Matip at DM wouid be a fantastic news for Chelsea.

13 May 2022 14:05:48
Matip has never played DM for us, why would you suddenly try it in a cup final?

Just cos he can pass the ball doesn't mean he can push into midfield. He doesn't have the requisite experience of the position in terms of the tactical and positional responsibility.

13 May 2022 14:07:58
I do not see Matip playing the holding role only midfield 3 i see starting is Hendo with thiago and keita in front, millie to replace keita later in the game.

13 May 2022 14:11:54
Keita for matip, and hendo in the middle, otherwise the same as you.

13 May 2022 14:23:34
Now when has Matip EVER played DM🤦.

{Ed002's Note - Regularly for Schalke.}

13 May 2022 14:42:39
I meant for Liverpool Ed002 should have said.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware, but he can.}

13 May 2022 14:44:59
Wouldn’t be surprised to see Milner. Thiago and Henderson in midfield on Saturday. Not sure where Elliott has been recently?

13 May 2022 14:45:19
I think if you’re ever going to experiment with a team then a cup final is the perfect game for it.

For the CL final I wouldn’t mind seeing Robbo have a crack in goal with Origi at Centre back.

13 May 2022 15:07:15
Don't be silly JK.

Firmino should be in goal.

13 May 2022 15:16:56
There's not a chance Trent ever starts a game in midfield for Liverpool whilst Klopp is manager. He might wander in there from RB from time to time but he'll never start a game there. Our manager, unlike the England manager, doesn't act on what pundits/ media say.

13 May 2022 16:14:32
Maxx, Matip started his Schalke career at DM BUT that was a decade ago till he was moved back to CB much later.

As for those still clamouring for Trent to play in midfield as in a position he has only once for us, I ask this question: If Klopp thought he could play there, wouldn't he have played him there even during preseason already?

13 May 2022 16:22:12
JK, we need Bobby on somewhere or Salah and Mane can't score so keeper is a good shout 😜

But back to Matip, Ed002 was he a regular in that position for Schalke or just if injuries to others required it?

{Ed002's Note - I have answered that.}

13 May 2022 18:16:45
Trent has the ability to play in midfield, no doubt about that. But he's deemed to be more effective from right back.
It seems to have worked for him and the team in the last 3 or 4 seasons.

14 May 2022 01:52:23
Reasons to not push TAA into the midfield:

1) Playing RB for LFC is not the same as playing midfield. RB means you need to focus on basically 90 to 180 degrees, on your left. Midfield means vision of almost 180 to 360 degrees around you. The left, the right, the front and the back. Can be done of course, but only after a hell of a lot of tactical training.
2) Midfield requires a lot more situational awareness than I think that TAA uses now as RB. He's very often zooming up the right side, and leaves space behind him (that is usually covered by someone else) . In midfield, in our system, he'd have to become the one covering the rushing RB or LB.
3) I guess the clamor to move him to midfield is because of his passing ability. But you have Thiago who provides this already, and just as well. What's the point then? Where and how have you added value? Why are you taking away an absolutely lethal ability of pin point passes from the right (TAA's replacement at RB won't have this, whoever it is, right now) .
4) Replace Keita? TAA can match Keita for defensive and tackling ability, but I don't think he can dribble past players with the ease that Keita does (when he's up for a game once in a blue moon) . And I think Klopp likes Keita for his ability to move forward with the ball at his feet.
5) Replace Hendo? Nope. I'd prefer a Bellingham or a Tchouameni in that position. Whenever it's time for Hendo to pass on the baton. But I can see TAA assuming an increasing leadership role from his RB position.

I suppose TAA could play midfield at some point. But I don't think it would work without a full summer of tactical training. For now, moving him seems taking out more from the team's abilities than adding anything more or new.



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