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23 May 2022 11:00:26
I think we’ve been competitive with city now for the last 4 seasons and in that period “ hopefully my math is correct😏” city has won 7 trophy’s and if we can win the champions league on Saturday it will be 7 for us also. Over those 4 years I would not swap their trophies for ours,

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23 May 2022 11:49:27
Well the only trophy we've competed in under Klopp and not won now, is the Europa League so it's hard to be disappointed.

Last time we finished 1 point behind Man City in the league, we went and won the Champions League that season and then started the next season with a whopping 29 game unbeaten run to cruise to the title. These players react in the right way to disappointment so i fully expect us to bounce back!

23 May 2022 13:03:48
I think it's fair to say, this squad and coaching team know what it takes to win trophies now. They haven't been shy about talking about this "mentality reset" and "internal agreement" in January to spark this amazing run in 2022. That suggests they were not happy with the performance levels of the first half of the season and did something about it. I am sure they will take that into the next season.

I get the feeling that the winning culture that Klopp has instilled is running right the way through the club now and all of the players are embracing it. That bodes well for going again and again! This culture I hope, will be Klopp's biggest legacy when he leaves.

23 May 2022 14:53:45
City seem to be a little bit iffy in cup competitions. Not sure if they overlook other clubs thinking they'll blow them away or what.
They'll win a champions league at some point, they're too strong and too rich not to.
The good news for us is knockout football seems to suit us, we are very good at raising our game for that one game when we need to and finding that extra gear.

In the league its a different matter, City are a machine in the league and we have been superb keeping pace with them but I do wonder how long we can keep that up. I actually think we'll drop away a bit in the league next year in terms of points. I think we will still finish second as the gap between city and pool compare to the rest of the league is huge.

The trouble is the players we sign come with that little bit of extra risk as we have to be more shrewd with transfers. We can't afford to buy the finished article, I don't think i've ever seen Liverpool seriously in contention for a player who is deemed the best in the world in his position. (a lot of people laughed at us for signing virj) . It makes it all the more satisfying when we find those players don't get me wrong, but we can't continue churning hidden gems season after season.

Its great that we have signed so many young talents ie elliot, carvalho, jones etc but not every young player will turn out to be a world beater. Some will, some wont.

The issue for us currently is replacing the older lads and the lads who aren't going to stay.

Personally I think salah wants out, we don't know the deal with mane yet and bobby . Either way that's a lot of goals that need replacing.
People will point to Diaz and the start that he's made and rightly so, he's been mega sharp since coming in. But let's say he is the direct replacement should mane leave, that leaves him having to score 23 goals to equal manes contribution this year.

Will he do that? Maybe. For everything he's brought to the club he has put a lot of shots wide or blasted shots straight at defenders. Next year he would hopefully start to hit the target more which we would need. by no means is this a slight on the lad by the way, just an observation.

Then if salah leaves that's 31 goals we are losing (this year) . Ideally you would need to make a signing to replace Salah, but for those sort of number you need big money. We don't have that sort of money, even if we managed to bring in a fee for mane, bobby or salah its not going to be much and certainly not enough to buy a guaranteed like for like replacement. Again people will say about the lad we've signed from Fulham but he's still a kid and they're big shoes to fill. A.

23 May 2022 15:04:39
Sorry eds, pressed send too soon on my last post.

Anyway going on.

If we beat Madrid in the final that's when the real hard work starts for us. We do need signings and we have no money and seemingly no money coming in. City have bought Haaland which only looks like it will make things even more difficult next season, hopefully things don't quite click for them but then we are relying on city collapsing rather than us winning it ourselves.

All that being said we have made the best signing of the season when Klopp penned a new deal, that's more important than any of the players signing in my opinion.

This season has been tough but next year will be a real slog.

We are as big globally as most other teams on the planet, (much bigger than some of the blank cheque book teams who we won't mention) but yet money seems to come into Liverpool via one door and straight out of the other. We could of won the quad this year, signed a new shirt sponsor, sold the rights to name the stadium and we still wouldn't be paying a player half a million per week.

Whos knows how you get to that level?

Anyway, the point of the whole post is as great as we have been this season we have a few obstacles to navigate in summer and even if we win the champions league we are going to have to pull of some transfers of epic proportions should salah, mane and bobby leave.

23 May 2022 15:48:31
City have won 6 of the last 9 league cups and 1 of the last 4 FA cups.
They are definitely iffy in the CL but not sure about cups overall. That’s a fairly decent return now the league cup and FA cup are no longer Mickey Mouse cups.

23 May 2022 17:18:43
Yes JK I will correct myself on that onw, I was mainly thinking about the CL.

Thing is with the domestic cups is you can play cannon fodder all the way up to the finals.

Perhaps I should of said city are iffy when they're under pressure in Europe. Maybe its the intense atmospheres that they don't get on with.

23 May 2022 19:01:51
Ashy 100% agree mate. Not sure why but they crumble under pressure in Europe.



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