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24 May 2022 08:47:05
Does anybody think Christian Eriksen would be a good fit for us? As his contact is up?

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24 May 2022 09:14:28
Not a bad shout tbh. Only problem is he may stunt the growth of Elliot and Jones but I wouldn’t mind taking him on.

24 May 2022 09:49:05
Not bad player but don't think good enough for us. Would much rather elliot and jones get the time on the pitch which will bring them on.

24 May 2022 09:56:34
Only if:
1. The costs are not high
2. Short term contract
3. We have many mids leaving - Milner, Ox and more.

24 May 2022 10:15:24
I think he would be an excellent squad player and a great option to change a game or game plan.

He can pick a pass and his delivery is excellent. And our forwards appreciate excellent delivery’s.

24 May 2022 10:53:45
Has also shown amazing character. Could be a leftfield option out of the Shakiri mould?

24 May 2022 11:36:09
I wonder if his insurance costs might put off most suitors.

In reality he's not quick or athletic enough to play in our team. Shaqiri had the same issue, in addition to his injuries.

24 May 2022 11:58:31
No, doesn’t put enough hard work to function in our midfield and is very one paced.

24 May 2022 12:25:10
Much as i respect his character and determination he is simply not good enough for our team. I can see him at a team like West Ham or Man United. Europa league is his level.

24 May 2022 12:42:29
Spot on, MKS.

24 May 2022 12:53:06
Think it would be too much of a risk to the club health wise. While he is a very good player, there’s no telling what is around the corner regarding his health. We could get 6 weeks into the season and he has to retire due to his heart.

24 May 2022 13:27:47
Aren’t Rice and Bowen currently West Ham standard. They seem to be good enough for us.

24 May 2022 14:22:49
True JK, but just because Rice and Bowen are good enough for a top 4 team, doesn't change the fact that Eriksen is not good enough for a top 4 team (in my opinion of course) .

Ronaldo, Varane and De Gea are good enough to fight for 4th but that doesn't mean their team mates are. Same can be said of Rice, Antonio and Bowen.

Eriksen just isn't good enough for our side and he's at the back end of us career with health concerns. He would clearly be a good option for a team fighting for the top 7 though.

All things said and done, you don't win league titles with Sentiment.

24 May 2022 14:44:39
Not good enough in my opinion. And whom would he replace? I wouldn't replace Elliott, Jones, Carvalho with him. He's always given me the impression of being slow. Pirlo type player. And we have enough 30 year olds in our midfield with Henderson, Milner and Thiago. Need younger players who can contribute to the next generation.

24 May 2022 15:22:51
Mk I’d def agree that Eriksen isn’t good enough for our side with regards to being an automatic starter but I think as a squad player he could def get minutes as Milner still does at 36 and I think his delivery is excellent which our forward line up seem to thrive on.

I don’t think it would happen though but I think if Milner or Ox were to leave and he came in it doesn’t strengthen the side but I think it would make the squad a little bit better.

24 May 2022 15:55:50
To be fair JK, i wouldn't disagree with that statement. He'd be at least as good as Ox in a squad role. I would expect he'll want to play though. The fact he chose not to retire despite his heart issue suggests to me he really enjoys playing football.

24 May 2022 16:22:40
Mk I concur with that mate and I honestly don’t think he would even be anywhere on Klopps radar. I’ve seen reports this morning that Klopp has no intentions of loaning Carvalho out next season and sees him as a first team player. Add into that Elliot and Jones and midfield minutes are already hard to come by. Yes Thiago and Hendo are getting older but if managed with the youngsters they have plenty left in the tank.

Milner is out of contract but the fact he wasn’t paraded around like Origi on Sunday to say goodbye tells me the wheels are in motion for him to probably sign another year.

24 May 2022 16:25:10
MKS, or he thinks he can't find a better paying job at the moment, and he's been assured he is not at medical risk. 😉.

24 May 2022 15:11:46
I'm not saying he is but why do we want another Shaqiri? He wasn't that good.
We need an upgrade on Shaqiri not a replacement Shaqiri.



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