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25 May 2022 13:19:07
What are peoples feelings regarding Keita's contract situation? He only has 1 year left and in spite of large sections of the fan base wanting him sold, Klopp clearly trusts him. He's started some big games this season including both cup finals. Realistically he'll probably start the Champions League final too, as much as many of us (myself included) would go with a different option.

It's a surprising conundrum because a year ago he was written off entirely and barely ever fit, but one thing you can credit him for this season is his fitness. Whenever somebody else has broken down (be it Thiago, Fabinho, Elliott, Jones etc) Keita has been there to step in. I personally think he'll be handed a new deal and as much as i trust Klopp it doesn't half make me nervous!

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25 May 2022 13:35:02
If the only thing you can credit a 60m signing with is one season where he's not permanently in the physio room then that says it all really. There's a talented player in there somewhere - just not in Liverpool.

25 May 2022 13:41:11
I think he's good enough to be part of our squad and, as we've seen this season and particularly during the run-in, he can make a contribution in a team that wins matches, wins cups, makes finals and almost wins the league.

However, I don't think he's ever delivered what we'd expect from a £50m+ signing and, if there is one position in the team that I think we can clearly improve, it's the third/ most advanced midfield role alongside two of Fabinho/ Henderson/ Thiago. I hope Elliott comes back strongly and makes that position his own next season.

So I guess I'm a bit indifferent. I'd be quite happy for him to stay, but I don't think he's done enough to warrant a big new contract on vastly improved terms. And I also wouldn't have any problem if we got a half-decent offer for him and sold him.

25 May 2022 13:48:26
Mk I think you hit the nail on the head. If Fans were picking the team he wouldn’t play. If Fans were choosing who gets a new contract then he wouldn’t but It’ll all be down to whether Klopp wants to keep him longer term and whether he wants rid this summer or to Protect a future fee on him.

25 May 2022 13:50:31
I keep hoping he'll improve and I keep seeing signs that make me hopeful. But then I see him in the big games and he looks like a lost sheep. Jogging about in circles, not pressing properly, not covering back properly just jogging.

25 May 2022 13:55:22
Naby has been a massive disappointment since he arrived. Although he did come with a reputation for having a attitude. The big problem are his wages and also he can't play in certain countries due to his police record (And I don't mean"Walking on the Moon"😂) Anyway hopefully someone will come in for him otherwise the club will have to take a hit and let him go for free next season.

25 May 2022 14:01:05
First of all I certainly wouldn't be letting him run down his contract. So if Klopp wants him to stay then sign or be sold in my opinion. Personally I don't think he all that, he clearly isn't but I do think at this moment in time he gives more than Jones and Elliott and Klopp clearly feels the same. I was hoping for Jones to progress this season but injury has held him back but also he does flatter to deceive when he gets a chance. Elliot also, again injured for a large chunk of the season and still quite young, needs time.
It might be a case of getting Keita to sign because money for a really good upgrade isn't there? Keita has done better no doubt but he's no world beater.

25 May 2022 14:01:42
You need to forget about what he cost. It’s not you spending the money so why does that even come in to it?
Has he done enough to warrant a place in the squad? I think if you look at his contribution this season I’d say he has.
He’s not the swashbuckling midfielder we were led to believe we were getting but I think he’s struggled to come to terms with the relentless press Klopp employs and that has detracted from his attacking play. Plus I think he is constantly judged on his price tag and slated by a large portion of Liverpool fans which will only make the guy more nervous as he gets anxious to justify his inclusion.
I say Klopp knows him and his talents much better than any fan does so just lay off the guy and let Klopp make the decision.

25 May 2022 14:10:56
I say keep naby I’m sure even he knows he’s not good enough to be first team but definitely good enough to be a squad player. injuries have impacted him a lot at his time in Liverpool but I think it’s right to keep the lad.

25 May 2022 14:24:11
I think his attitude has changed considerably, and he seems to be a lot happier and more involved with his team mates. We need a midfielder to chip in with some goals though and he can't shoot to save his life.

25 May 2022 14:55:24
Hes had a better season for sure and more readily available but he's still a massive flop for me. Get rid. He gets a new contract then we'll employ any old rubbish.

25 May 2022 15:01:52
See ya later, Naby Keita.

25 May 2022 15:02:19
For what it’s worth any player stating that we haven’t seen the best of him in 4 yrs is not worth a contract imo
He’s performed well this yr but is it for a deal or to attract attention to get a transfer?
Just my opinion but I’d get rid.

25 May 2022 15:27:42
To be honest I think money has a lot to do with it when we are valuing a players contribution. I mean the guy cost 3 times what Henderson cost, considerably more than Fabinho and Milner we got on a free.
I think its OK to consider him transfer fee when we look at his input to the team.

25 May 2022 16:28:40
Move him on. His employment with the club has not been a success by any measure you use. And certainly not met anybody's expectations, including his own. Get the maximum you can for him and clear the way for players like Carvalho, Elliott, Jones, Musialowski etc.

25 May 2022 14:33:46
He's playing much coz we lack options in midfield. Once we buy a top midfielder I doubt he's going play as much as he's playing now. There's a reason our midfield is our weakest spot.

25 May 2022 16:32:55
Ox will go, Naby will stay.

25 May 2022 17:05:02
If got decent fee for him I'd sell and get jones and elliot more game time. Hopefully we buy top class physical, box to box type midfielder and integrate morton more into squad. Ox will go I'm sure. Hopefully milner stays as much for off the field as on it but he mite want to leave for more game time.

25 May 2022 17:26:56
Am not a big fan of keita and this season hasn’t changed that.
If we have our strongest team to pick from then I doubt Klopp would pick him. Yes he’s started in cup finals but only because of injuries to other players.
From what I seen in the FA cup final Trent was leaving big holes when up field which hendo normally covers. And because hendo was moved to the middle and keita on the right he didn’t cover that area.
He is a weak link! And doesn’t spot the danger.
Obviously this is just am opinion and I mite be wrong.

25 May 2022 18:09:33
Enjoyed reading these replies lads. Some great arguments.

25 May 2022 18:41:41
He’s absolutely pony I’d volley him
Out of the club! Worst signing ever! Half arsed muppet!
Stop all that bull theirs a player inside him!
4 seasons amy other player be long gone 60m

25 May 2022 18:42:36
Jadon he might stay and run his last year out. basically have no choice anyway. no 1 in their right mind is going to want him. 60m down the drain mate. Who got relegated the season we signed him? . I bet we could of got a midfielder from any of those teams and they could of out performed naby keita. Best thing he's ever done is getting subbed in first half haha. he plays against real Madrid again and it'll be same result.

25 May 2022 18:09:33
Enjoyed reading these replies lads. Some great arguments.

25 May 2022 19:36:43
He's been a bit better in the second half of this season and he's put in three or four genuinely very good performances (City in the FA Cup, Man U away, one of the Benfica games) . But on the whole, I personally do not think he's done enough.

A lot of his apparently good performances since the AFCON fell under the category "bare minimum we'd expect from another player" in my opinion, and honestly in the last month he's reverted to going completely AWOL after 15 minutes. It was telling that after the FA Cup Final, when Klopp needed a senior midfielder to help Elliot and Jones, he picked the 36 year old Milner instead of the 27 year old Keita. With ET accounted for they'd played nearly the same number of minutes. But the much older player got the nod, cos his level is more dependable.

And Keita's handful of proper performances have just underlined what he could do if he just applied himself consistently. It frustrates the life out of me cos he has so much ability that he doesn't use most of the time. And you can bet there'll be interviews 10-15 years up the line where he says he regrets not trying harder and admits not appreciating what he could've been.

He could well start the Champions League final and complete his hat-trick if Thiago's not 100%. But it's honestly impossible to predict what he'll do. He could put in another monster performance, or he could disappear after 15 minutes and be subbed at 60-70 minutes. Whilst Henderson, who's played more minutes than any other midfielder this season and I'm told in Match Chat needs his play time managed carefully from now on, and a just back from injury Fabinho or a 36 year old Milner might end up playing the full 90 + extra time if needed. That's what happened in the FA Cup.

25 May 2022 19:38:35
Worst signing ever?
Developed amnesia over Diouf then?
Has he cost us a CL final like Karius did?
He fits the role if you need someone to hate on though.

25 May 2022 20:15:53
Don't forget Balotelli, Flash.

Although I know we try to.

25 May 2022 21:17:03
“Worst signing ever. ”

Give me a break.

What a way to dig out our player ahead of a champions league final which he will almost definitely play in.

25 May 2022 23:36:09
Get rid. Fact is if we’d invested that £60m on the ‘right’ midfielder we may be celebrating our second premier league trophy under Klopp right now. His position is that important and he was a mistake. Don’t make it again!

26 May 2022 00:27:33
I'm clearly not a big Keita fan, but suggesting he cost us the league is an 'interesting' take, to put it mildly.

26 May 2022 15:41:28
No doubt in my mind that one of those draws would have turned into a win without a passenger in the team.



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