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29 May 2022 18:15:53
I have read a load of rubbish on this these pages today. You would think we were in Everton's place and just avoided relegation. The number of posters who think LFC need a complete overhaul of the way the club plays and we need a top class striker is ridiculous. Of the top 6 scoring premier goal scorers 3 were from Liverpool. We need midfielders that can score goals but can also cover for the our attacking full backs.

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29 May 2022 18:28:12
OP, it’s the same ol’ schtick each time we don’t win. Spoiled brat/ self entitled mentality really. I’m over it, tbh.

29 May 2022 18:44:21
It's really off putting.

The Live Chat is usually terrible if we're not winning and dominating the game. I'm not going to bother with it any more, as it gets far too toxic and then played off as 'banter'.

29 May 2022 18:57:38
This summer we just need evolution, so Darwin is the one we should go for.
That's my theory anyway.

29 May 2022 19:04:06
To call posters opinions rubbish, self entitled and what not because they offer a different take to yours is slightly immature. I have learnt in life it’s okay to differ in opinions, plus you will probably live longer that way. But hey, that’s just my… opinion 🤷‍♂️.

29 May 2022 19:17:46
I think the top class striker is in reply to Mane leaving. For me personally If Mane stays then our forwards are good for next season. But Salah and Bobby could also be going. Both have said they are staying but ultimately it’ll be the clubs decision as they won’t want either to go on a free in 12 months time.

Whether people say we need a new striker or we don’t has zero effect on what the club actually does (which might come as a surprise to some)

It’s a site for all opinions whether people are throwing their toys or being optimistic it’s their opinions, I personally enjoy reading everyone’s thoughts on here and if everyone thought the exact same then I probably wouldn’t visit as frequently.

29 May 2022 19:39:37
Alonso spot on mate 👏.

Makes you wonder why some force themselves through the pain to come on here.

29 May 2022 19:40:14
If Sadio Mane leaves then a replacement is coming.
And fans are discussing who to replace him with on the transfer rumours website 😂.

29 May 2022 19:50:10
It's good to see jk23 mate you can now see a bigger picture 😂.

29 May 2022 20:13:07
It was an ok season. Not great, great would be winning the league or champions league.

We fell short of winning the two biggest prizes because of an overall lack of quality which cost us. To go toe to toe with City you have to be flawless, which we weren’t. As for Real Madrid we lacked any variety up front and only really tested Courtois on a few occasions.

And now the season is over we have to look forward and it’s not particularly great at the moment. One of our consistent top scorers is leaving, the other is probably leaving.

Our midfield needs some freshening up, Henderson is not getting younger, Ox keeps breaking down, Milner looks his age, Keita is too unreliable and injury prone, Thiago is a superb player but has fitness issues, it and when Fabinho is out, we look weak through the middle.

Also, compared to our rivals, we simply don’t have the spending power to keep up, City have lashed out the thick end of £50m on Haaland and will look to buy another centre midfielder and full back, so they’re going to be pumping out £150-200m and they’re already in front of us. Chelsea, United, Spurs and Arsenal are all going big to catch up, while it looks like we’re dithering.

We’ve already missed out on one summer target as he was deemed too expensive (Tchouameni) and I just have this nagging feeling that when we do eventually sell Salah and Mane, we won’t be going for top class replacements, but will go for something cheap and nasty like Dembele and Traore in attack and then not spend anything on midfield as we’ll “make do”. Call that negative if you want, but it’s not far from reality.

29 May 2022 20:19:17
To be fair a top goal scorer could put some chances away. We create so many and end up loosing or drawing.
Love the team and club but all teams move on and try and progress why can't we?

29 May 2022 20:24:52
Spot on Harry 🙈😂😂.

29 May 2022 20:34:18
There's a bigger picture?

29 May 2022 20:39:18
How can it be not far from reality when it hasn't happened yet, VVVV?

29 May 2022 20:54:19
Yes which most of our fans fail to see, they were even happy couple of days back to let Salah and Mane go for free but should stay even if it's for One season. I was like wtf? 🤷.

29 May 2022 21:14:42
Kopforever when didn’t I see this bigger picture mate.

I’ve never mentioned Salah and Mane leaving on a free. I’ve always said I’d be happy to keep all 3 of Mane, Salah and Bobby for a couple more years at least and if one had to go my choice would be Bobby.

If we’re selling Salah for 25 mill though like Mane reported I’m not sure if he’s worth more to the club keeping for next season.

I’m sure Klopp will have the answers though.

29 May 2022 21:34:48
Keeping bobby and Mane few more yrs? 🙈🙈 Don't want to go on Salah mate as u know my opinion 👍.

29 May 2022 22:08:59
Kopforever as I said mate I’d be happy if they was the case. I’m not saying that’s what we should do.

Only a few players have outscored Mane this season in the league and 1 player that hasn’t is Bowen and he’d cost more than what I believe these owners will pay. Then there is Nunez who’s totally unproven in England. Last time we bought a player after impressing against us in the CL was Mino. Except that was for 8 mill and not 80.

I’m more than happy with whatever Klopp decides to do mate.

30 May 2022 01:03:41
Our season was a good season not an OK season.
There can be only 1 winner but you need to reach the finals and only 2 team in Europe do it and we were one of them.
City with all their monies were 1 goal away from being in our shoes.

But I echo your concern that our front line is not getting any younger and having them all in such contract situation is not ideal.

Midfield needs surgery though Keita ox and miler to go
Replace by ministers to Elliot jones and Carvalho.
Getting one goal scoring midfielder and a striker who can finish chances off must be the incomings at the least

Origi mane and Mina going means also need one more cover attacker maybe from youth team.



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