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31 May 2022 20:01:47
I see the Everton fans coming in their pants. I'm here to give a quick reminder. Zero trophies in 27 years. Swansea, Wigan and Birmingham have won more. Let that sink in.

{Ed025's Note - I know your in pain mate but there is no need to take your anger and shame out on Everton fans. It was not us that beat you by a point or scored a goal against you in the CL final. Maybe not scoring a goal in 3 cup finals is irking you a bit but you need to suck it up.

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31 May 2022 20:13:21
Pathetic though Ed025 isn’t it teams getting off and celebrating the fact that Liverpool lost a final. Must be horrible having only that to get excited about along with avoiding relegation 😂.

{Ed025's Note - I must admit I was not one of them DTD. But a lot of you were full of yourselves when it looked like we were going down mate. Maybe as they say you reap what you sow. But blaming Everton fans is not the answer. If you could forge tickets as well as you write epitaphs there would be more sympathy from the blue half..

31 May 2022 20:15:36
ORT it's over move on my friend 😃.

{Ed025's Note - exactly Barry..

31 May 2022 20:31:20
Thankfully the bitters are are still up handy 6 points.

{Ed025's Note - I think when your mentioning bitters jay you should look in the mirror mate. The vitriol aimed at city and Real Madrid has been embarrassing. Took 2 of your shiny toys did they? Get a grip guys..

31 May 2022 20:42:53
It's called banter, isn't it? It's ok as long as it doesn't get nasty.
We do it when United lose and I'm sure we'd have given the Blue noses some stick had they gone down.

31 May 2022 20:44:34
Always clowns and bitters on both sides.

Social media has provided a breeding ground for them to have a say about the other and a platform that means someone somewhere will always bite and give the creatures a little bit of attention they so clearly crave.

Personally happy Everton stayed up, as friends and family would have been wounded.
What we do as LFC doesn't concern the blue half.

31 May 2022 20:48:18
Blaming Everton fans 025? Blaming them for what? The OP was pointing out that the might Ev fans were happy we lost a football match. Quite striking really. And not scoring in a final isn’t good enough we really need to work on our finishing I must admit as we don’t score enough goals. It just amuses me the barrage I’ve had this week from Spurs, West Ham, Everton and even arsenal fans because we lost it really is hard to believe. Maybe if they got behind there one teams there might be a trophy or 2 coming to some of these teams.

{Ed025's Note - I don’t think it’s that to be honest DTD. You have always been the kings when it comes to putting the boot in on other teams and highlighting their short comings. So you really can’t blame fans of other teams when they delight in your failure mate. Maybe a bit of humility would go a long way..

31 May 2022 21:01:34
I was warned by my better half that i would have been "Black Bin Bagged" if the Blues had gone, Thank God they never!

Tyson Fury wouldn't last two rounds with Mrs Bond.

{Ed025's Note - that makes me wish we had gone down now bond 🤣..

31 May 2022 21:03:53
What vitriol eds? Not seen any myself but not saying there hasn't been. I'm glad the blue noses stayed up, as OP says, 6 points. Looking likely Richarlason will leave. Glad ed25? Massively over rated and a right knob.

{Ed025's Note - I’m not his biggest fan either marty. But the fact is his goals kept us up mate..

31 May 2022 21:33:03
I agree, Marty. Vitriol, haha.
Dear, oh dear.

31 May 2022 21:43:44
So to break it down, we won two domestic cups, we are second best team in England (by a point) and the second best team in Europe (by a goal, although the better team didn’t win that night) . To me, I think that’s been a successful season, considering Chelsea only scraped through with third place and 18 points behind us. So fans of other teams can gloat but the fact is they have nothing to celebrate because they didn’t win jack. Jealous breeds envy and envy leads to the dark side and that’s exactly what other teams fans are, jealous because in the last few seasons, we have won every trophy there is to win club football!

31 May 2022 21:12:14
Our failings though Ed025 are still a million miles away from other teams aren’t they let’s be honest. We e won 2 trophy’s. Only thing spuds have won is joint golden boot. I guess when your own team fails tear after year the only other thing you can do is look to laugh at other teams.

{Ed025's Note - you had a great season DTD. Yet you still can’t help yourselves in having a go at other teams. That’s why other supporters shall we say dislike Liverpool. It’s not very becoming and maybe if you showed more empathy people would be happy for you rather than begrudge your success mate..

31 May 2022 22:11:53
No matter what anyone says if the rest of the footballing world is enjoying the fact we missed a quadruple by two games then we're doing something right, enjoyed the parade, nice to have nice things .

31 May 2022 22:11:03
For some people it nearly means more to them for the opposition/ rivals to lose than their own team to win. It really can't be helped and in the heat of the moment we all show a little bit of this.
For some, when their team is struggling or not successful, it seems it's all they have. But just remember that every club will have good times and bad whether it's over a season or 50 years their time will come.

31 May 2022 22:21:45
In fairness Everton and Utd haven’t had much to gloat about and if their season highlight is us losing in a CL final then let them have their moment in the sun.

It’s only 2 months away and normal service will resume where we can laugh at their performances and results week in week out.

31 May 2022 21:59:23
Not arsed about what a rival fan whose team couldn’t hold a candle to my club has to say about us cos if you don’t have haters hating on you then, you ain’t relevant. No rival fan can banter me this season cos their teams where nowhere near my club in terms of overall performance .

Only LFC and City won trophies this season from the English top flight. Klopp and this team completed the full set of trophies this season as well and cleaned up the managerial awards so I’m happy overall even tho things can get better and that we can still improve. Klopp has won everything in football with LFC. A rival fan? Can’t hear them from way up here.

{Ed025's Note - and that’s exactly what I mean…thanks oli..

31 May 2022 22:32:18
Ed25 his lack of goals also put you in that position too I'm afraid. The fella is an arsehole.

{Ed025's Note - as I said joe I’m not his biggest fan. But he gave more than most of them mate..

01 Jun 2022 01:48:31
Spot on OliRed.

We had a great season, won a couple of trophies and came just about as close as you could to winning four. Great news in that the manager who scooped the annual awards has signed up for an extra two years.

Great season but not perfect - we still have goals to sim for, which is as it should be with the bonus being that I actually believe we can achieve them.

I’m happy with where we’re have got to and where we seem to be heading. Who cares what anybody else thinks? It doesn’t have any influence on what we as a club do.

{Ed0666's Note - we need to strengthen from a position of relative strength. This transfer window is the most important since the acquisitions of Ali, Virgil et al. City are gonna be formidable this season and nothing less than perfection will do if we’re to win the Prem/Champions League.

01 Jun 2022 07:28:20
No issue at all with Everton. Was glad they stayed up. I wish you would get rid of Richarlison though. Grade A Prick.

{Ed025's Note - I don’t think we will have any choice in the matter lamborini mate..

01 Jun 2022 08:14:26
Ed 25 I'm glad Everton stayed up, my brother in law is a blue so I know it would have been tough on him - got to say though I do hate Richarlison, one grade A prick. Looks like he's going but how much would yous get, would someone pay 50m for him?

{Ed025's Note - I image that would be the ball park figure bill..

01 Jun 2022 09:21:05
Everton still look in a very precarious position.

FFP is going to catch up with them at some point.

The fact they where even in a relation battle given what they have spent is absolutely ridiculous.

The players should have been ashamed not celebrating. They dug the hole and put that fan base in it.

01 Jun 2022 09:32:24
Agree Wassa, I don’t honestly see how things will improve for Everton.

CL and Richarlison look like they are standing by the taxi rank waiting to leave, they aren’t a choice destination for the big names who want to win things and they still have Mr Lampard steering the ship. I can see them in a relegation fight at Christmas with the owner looking to be rid of Frank. Probably a case of more of the same for them.

01 Jun 2022 10:44:24
Don't get this garbage " you never scored in 3 finals" rubbish, finals before have finished on pens, playing good opposition and the nerves of a final added in etc all add up, end of the day pens decide finals and we got the 2 trophies, funny how rival fans put down trophies they are nowhere near competing for, laugh at United fans suddenly saying Madrid are weak, even after doing a double and beating our best 3 teams and PSG, saying the League is weaker now than before just because they aren't challenging, keeps me amused anyway.

01 Jun 2022 12:30:42
Other clubs do not matter there is only Liverpool! The other teams are just chasing our tails. We are the leading light in the game of football and jealousy surrounds us for good reason. Everton fans are some of the worst in football and most know very little of the game so I would take absolutely no notice of them or any others for that matter. When you are the greatest your there to be shot at but we will continue to avoid all bullets and carry on ignoring the hate. And all just because your clubs mean nothing to us we will continue to crush and demean them over and over.

01 Jun 2022 13:54:02
We conceded one goal in three finals, as well.
And you have to admit, Richarlison does add some flare to a dull Everton side.

01 Jun 2022 15:49:31
LancasterRed trust me, it is one of the biggest farces to have ever come up in football period n you know who started it? It was the Chelsea fans cos they were SO salty and bitter that LFC had the timerity to beat them on pens., they said their losses didn't matter. And every other sore, loser, bitter rival fan as well as the media picked it up. This is how bitter and tribalistic rival fans and the media have become towards LFC cos our success is something they completely loathe to the point of bringing out such a race to discredit our successes this season.

Now remember that this is the same mob who won their first CL final on pens vs Bayern, won the Super Cup THIS season vs Villareal with Kepa in goal and yet, they are the ones crying about our victories vs them not being real. LFC have played Chelsea in 3 finals of late and won them all on pens. Therefore if someone keeps beating you on pens then, prolly they are much better than you and prepare for it a lot better than you do BUT their arrogance wouldn't allow them to accept that. Rent Free!

01 Jun 2022 11:52:47
I don’t know what people was thinking was going to happen if cause Everton fans will celebrate just the same as most if not all other fans of premier league teams. Did we not celebrate when Madrid knocked Chelsea and city out.
I would have Celebrated if Everton had gone down years ago I would not but the way they play against us I would not miss the derby am all for getting stuck in but for a few years now they have gone over the top.
But hopefully they get back to being hard but fair games then I would love to keep watching the derby.

01 Jun 2022 17:12:09
Ed25, show more empathy to who? Rival fans who are spewing all types of bile about Hillsborough, Heysel and Paris to slander our fans all cos we lost a football game or two? That how desperate a lot of them have become. The bitterness is deafening.

Yeah, empathy is good which is why I don't respond to such nonsense cos I'm never online, don't have a Twitter, Twitch or any of these other platforms and besides, there are things WAY more important than football. We have a freaking war going on so yeah, not bothered about what a rival fan has to say about my club esp. if their team could not win as much as an argument this season.

{Ed025's Note - but it’s the likes f you that start these sort of things oli. Spouting about how you wanted Everton to go down and your holier than thou attitude towards other teams. It’s this sort of thing that gets supporters backs up and that’s when the vitriol starts. You my friend are part of the problem..



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