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01 Jun 2022 15:05:38
Question for you ed001, if mane is to be sold do you buy someone to play in the middle of front three for next season? Or do you think firmino can still do a good job for next season. Diaz seems to be more effective on the left so i don't see him play in the middle for long term, jota scores goal but his link up play is not good.

{Ed001's Note - that depends on where Carvalho is earmarked to play. I have a feeling he is being brought in to fill the Bobby role. In which case we already have bought someone.}

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01 Jun 2022 15:26:44
What do you think about moving salah to middle next season and get someone to play on the right side. In case salah didn't sign the contract we would have a replacement ready for the future. If the right player available of course.

01 Jun 2022 15:42:39
Mate, have you seen how easily Salah loses the ball. We’d be tearing our hair out with him upfront lol.

01 Jun 2022 15:50:21
I’m now of the view that Salah should be sold, and if he refuses to go, bring someone else in anyway and Salah can take Origi’s place on the bench and as back up if he wants to leave for free. Show him that no player is bigger than the club.

If Salah doesn’t see his future here then we should start planning our future without him as soon as possible. I’ll give Mane credit for being honest with his intentions and at least not wanting to play for a direct rival.

{Ed0666's Note - I don’t understand the hate?? It doesent make any sense. So what if he goes to a rival? Beardsley and Barmby went to Everton no one vilified them?

01 Jun 2022 15:56:09
I mean, it's like some case of mental chess. Mane, apparently wants to go to Munich, Lewandowski wants to leave Munich and has played under and loves Klopp, but for some reason we're trying to fit round pegs into square holes. Sarah down the middle etc. Why, don't we, just for one season, get the best absolute striker on the planet and see if it works because it has the same % chances as all the other bull i've read this week.

{Ed001's Note - perhaps because Lewandowski wants to go to Barca, so it is likely we will get him only if they can't afford him (which is entirely possible).}

01 Jun 2022 15:56:50
This may sound silly Ed001, but he's 5'5" tall. Granted he's accustomed to the physicality of English football, but do you think he can make it against some of the CB behemoths that play in the league, as a false #9? I would have thought they would have used him more in the classic #10 role, further back (and replace Keita) .

Why do I think that Firmino has not spoken his last word? Human behaviour is very predictable, and even more so in the last year of a contract. I think the likes of Firmino (and Salah) will have a lot to say (through play on the field) this coming season. Or maybe it's my wishful thinking, because I love these two guys; they've been so key to our success.

{Ed001's Note - seriously? It sounds ridiculous that you are judging on height, I thought that nonsense went out in the 90s??}

01 Jun 2022 16:13:25
It was a question. Not a judgement. But thanks anyway.

01 Jun 2022 16:29:21
ArAy1969 really likes tall players.

01 Jun 2022 16:34:57
I think Mane’s replacement should be a right-sided forward. We couldn’t rest Salah because no one else can play on the right to a good standard.
Jota/ Carvalho/ Firmino already play through the center.

01 Jun 2022 16:45:23
I think the answer is easy. Salah is too old and wants too much money. Sell him and replace him with Lewandowski who will be in his prime at 34 and pay him 400k a week for the next 3 years.

It won’t effect our wage structure or harmony and we just sell him in a few years time to recoup the money.

Job done.

01 Jun 2022 16:45:57
Yeah I do, don't be jealous Thunderbird.

01 Jun 2022 16:58:39
Jota link up play is not that good, firmino is starting to get injured too often this season, carvalho is only joining us plus he is young so its unfair to expect him to perform well at middle of the front three next season. that's why i think getting someone that can perform well in the middle is important next season.

01 Jun 2022 17:05:01
I don't really care where salah play if he doesn't sign with us. Be it rivals team or spanish club or psg. I personally think we already get the best version of salah and i don't think he can perform to the level he is in the past few years with other team.

01 Jun 2022 17:18:08
ArAy1969 if a 5 foot tall kid can make it in the rough and tumble of the Championship where you get the life kicked out of you then, he should have no qualms in the PL where the refs offer way more protection than the Championship does. N btw, the whole height advantage thingy is a myth that the likes of Messi, Xavi (played for Barcelona in the 98/ 99 season), Iniesta, Shaqiri, Griezmann, and a ton of Japanese players like Nakata, Ono and so on already, debunked.

01 Jun 2022 18:18:13
Xavi was a one season wonder.

01 Jun 2022 16:10:23
To be fair Ed, Beardsley joined Everton after they had finished 12th and were clearly not the force they had been during the 1980s, and Barmby signed for us from Everton so I wouldn’t have expected any Liverpool fan to vilify our own player.
If Salah joined, say, Crystal Palace, as bizarre as that sounds I don’t suppose he’d be vilified for it. On the other hand, if he were to leave to one of our major rivals, likely in the pursuit of higher wages (with City you could argue to win more trophies), Liverpool fans would understandably be upset.

{Ed0666's Note - mate their all mercenary’s, life’s too short too worry about their whims. Innocent People are dying in this world, inflations wreaking havoc on the welfare of families and too be honest I couldn’t give a fu*k if Mo Salah signs for City because we have Klopp for another 4 years and he always finds a solution.

01 Jun 2022 16:59:24
I’d say the Beardsley thing was different Ed0666, he was forced out by Souness and I can’t think of one fan who was happy with the decision (which was a silly decision), and Barmby went in the other direction, Everton to us, as I recall it he got dogs abuse from the Everton supporters.

My beef is that he wants to go and play for clubs who openly sing songs mocking the Hillsborough dead. If that’s what he wants, then there’s really no point him being here. It’s not hate towards him, it’s indifference, I’m indifferent to him being here and he may as well leave now.

{Ed0666's Note - I agree with you mate. I’ll never forget what he’s done for us and if he wants to play for a rival then we’ve had his best years and good luck to the guy he always wore the shirt with dignity and did a tonne of good deeds for the local community and humanity in general.

01 Jun 2022 23:29:20
I wish people would answer the question in context, instead of expounding wisdom like I'm some dunce or something The question was should a 5 foot 5 inch guy play CF for Liverpool football club. Not if a 5 foot 5 inch guy can play football or in the EPL. Diego Maradona was one of the greatest of them all (certainly the best if not second best ever) and he was shorter than any of these guys mentioned at 5 foot 4 inches, and I'm very well aware of it.

And to keep it in context, here's two quotes from Jurgen Klopp (which indicate his preferences)

"So we create, we help them developing, play in small spaces, making this, the quick players here. And we took always the tall players like (Andre) Schurrle, (Mesut) Ozil, Marco Reus, they are all six foot or something like this, so a good size for an offensive player. " (from his time at Dortmund about his offensive group) .

"When I first came here we had to change a few things - and we had to play against set piece specialists like West Brom and Crystal Palace. There is no solution. We do not have the tallest team in the league, ' Asked how he could remedy that problem, Klopp quipped: 'Make them taller! ' (his first year with us talking about the defensive group) .



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