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01 Jun 2022 22:15:50
I’m in the group that would be fine with Mo being sold or let go for free. Actually Inwoild have been ok if he was sold last summer haha

But this outrage over the last 24 hours online is crazy man. I actually thought the trauma from the 30 year drought had ended but I see it is triggered very easily and the Daily Mail have tapped into it by re-quoting Mo from a 1:1 interview he did weeks ago. Which goes to show that people don’t even read these articles because of you read or even if you watched the interview then you’d recognise the quotes now.

Pretty despicable how The Fail have exploited Liverpool fans but I guess we’re an easy target as we’re always hungry for news!

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01 Jun 2022 22:51:35
Gave the Fail far too much credit. Those quotes are from an interview Mo did in October and he definitely didn’t say anything about joining a rival PL club.

Come on guys, might be a good time to reassess your mindfulness and self care routine for the next couple months 😀😀.

01 Jun 2022 23:41:47
He’s not signed a new contract, the two parties are poles apart and he’s one year left. He’s not going to sign, best thing is to sell and move on.

01 Jun 2022 23:52:12
I agree VVV. We have to be very smart and shrewd in our recruiting or we can't sustain long term success. My fear is that we will become Dortmund. A decent club, but no real chance of winning anything. No disrespect to them intended.

02 Jun 2022 00:26:34
Who do we sell to and for how much?
Do we just tell clubs that they need to buy Salah and for how much because we don't want to honour his contract? Do we tell Salah that he has to go even if another club might not be able to afford his wages?
What does this say about Liverpool Football Club?

{Ed0666's Note - it says that we aren’t prepared to be held to ransom and won’t be manipulated into offering a 2 year extension on terms that the club feels that is beyond what they want to pay.

02 Jun 2022 01:56:38
Faith, the story was from James Pearce in the Athletic. So there’s some grain of truth in it and I’ll wager very heavily that his agent has been floating these stories.

All in all, we have to find a buyer as a free transfer is unpalatable given we run hand to mouth.

02 Jun 2022 02:17:41
So our model right now is helping us win trophies and to be competitive year on year.

02 Jun 2022 02:37:56
@VVVV, for the love of God will you stop just guessing what might happen and passing it off as fact - it’s getting really boring.

Unless you have been involved directly in the negotiations between the club and Mo’s representatives you have no knowledge how far apart the are - leave alone the emotional ‘poles apart’.

Unless you have had a direct conversation with Salah you have no idea if he is going to sign another contract or not.

In terms of getting rid of him now that pre-supposes anybody will offer the club enough money to let him go. He is still f value to Liverpool in the 2022-23 season if he has a feast and comes back mentally and physically refreshed. The club, for instance, might want him there whilst they bring through a replacement gradually next season like Elliot or Carvalho or Dembele or Nunez or anybody else we might chose to sign.

Of course, as ever, we are all entitled to our opinion but opinion isn’t necessarily fact.

02 Jun 2022 02:50:33
VVVV - if he is motivated to earn his next contract, at whichever club, then it can be the best thing to keep him.

02 Jun 2022 02:51:59
VVVV - yes but that doesn't equate to Mo saying he is threatening to go and sign for a rival PL club, which isn't what he said.

02 Jun 2022 06:12:50
‘Feast’ was meant to say ‘rest’ although I suppose he might enjoy a good feast too 😉.

02 Jun 2022 06:43:25
Story appeared on the Internet so it must be 100 per cent the truth.
Add in some misinterpretation and doom mongering and before you know it you've got skewed perceptions of a player and club that this time last week were the greatest things on the planet.
it never ceases to amaze me how folks read these articles and swallow them hook line and sinker then use that turn on a player/ the club.
It makes some funny reading though!

02 Jun 2022 07:57:18
James Pearce lost credibility a while ago and is not so close to the club anymore.

02 Jun 2022 07:58:12
I think James Pearce isn’t going to write something without there being some grain of truth to it. His story quoted “sources close to the footballer”, which means his agent.

Salah has been great for us, but we’re at the same stage we were with Gini where there’s no breakthrough in sight and all the sounds coming out from the player and his agent are that there’s no common ground on agreeing a new contract.

Given that we work on a hand to mouth basis, we literally need a transfer fee for him to help replace him. A free transfer isn’t going to help us do that, sell now, get a transfer fee, kill off the circus that his agent is trying to create, get a suitable replacement and move on. Club will still be here if we sell him.

{Ed001's Note - quoting "sources close to the footballer" means his source is a friend, which means nothing. How many of your friends have a clue what you will do? When they say something like that, it means nothing.}

02 Jun 2022 08:48:05
" sources close to the footballer", could also be HP,
Daddie's or Worcestershire Sauce. The footballer obviously
prefers a "MINTED" Sauce.

Viera of Porto will smash all Salah's records, will be
"Fabio" for us, Exceptional Talent and Left Footed also.

02 Jun 2022 08:53:25
"Sources close to the footballer" = "we just made it up out of desperation for clicks".
My nephew recently got his degree in journalism and occasionally writes "articles" for one of the tabloids, and he'll tell you himself that if you've got no story to headline they are told to "get creative". And the main reason for that is they know that every club has a section of fans who will believe almost everything they read and will keep coming back for more. Even when it's proved to be utter crap very quickly.

02 Jun 2022 09:12:18
VVVV you’re completely missing the point - we know the exact interview that these quotes have come from and his words have been used to suit a headline.

02 Jun 2022 16:27:23
VVVV, are you that naive or do you have an agenda? Journos use players quotes, chop them up and create a headline based on whatever narrative they want to push or didn't you know that prior? Also, You do know that for 3 years, people who claim to know Salah personally (even ex Egypt internationals like Abbutrika), have been talking porkies about how he is unhappy at LFC, wants to go to RM, PSG or wherever just to drive a wedge between him and the fans and the club

Suddenly you pick up on some rando interview he gave where he said nothing about going to a rival club or City specifically, and now talking with all types of chest like you know what is going on. You don't and neither does any of us posting on here so chill out, man.

02 Jun 2022 09:04:58
0666, I don't think we should be held to ransom. If he doesn't want to sign an extension that's up to him. Withdraw the extension that was offered.
If a club comes in with an offer that suits the club and Salah, sell him. It's not that simple though, is it? Big wages and only year left on his contract?
If someone did come in for him, prepared to pay his wages and a transfer fee you can bet the fee wouldn't be enough to placate the fans on the forum. We've already heard the same about Mane.
And we're left looking for a replacement with Salah before next season.

{Ed0666's Note - surely we’d have to listen to an offer of around 50 million plus for Salah? But for continuity I’d rather keep him one more season even if we lose him for nothing next season.



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