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02 Jun 2022 10:30:07
I don’t get the hype around this latest story about Salah, from what I can tell it’s come from James Pearce, who isn’t as reliable as he was years back when he was effectively the clubs mouth piece.

But if he moves on a free good luck to him wherever he goes. If he stays in the prem it’ll be Chelsea or city I guess so of course the money will tempt him. But there is no guarantee the level of salah they will get. Look how devastated we were when Torres went and he didn’t exactly light it up after he moved.

If he stays next season, we will get the best salah imo, one that needs to bust a gut to get his last big pay day and hopefully it’s enough to see us over the line.

I think players leaving on a free will be much more common now, players existing clubs will be reluctant to give them huge fees and wages. And other clubs can give them a ‘big’ sign on fee and it’ll still be a fraction of their true market value.

We can all agree that transfer fees have been insane and maybe this is the markets way of giving players a bit more power.

End of the day, contracts are there to end and protect both the player and the club. If any of us could earn the sign on fees the players are offered we would all do it.

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02 Jun 2022 11:39:59
I would like to think we have already indentified a player in case salah goes.

As awesome as has been, i would sooner get a fee for him rather than let him see his contract out.

As ed2 said, do we really want a player who has eyes on a move. It won't be easy but the fee we would get would certainly help us get almost anyone we wanted.

02 Jun 2022 11:51:16
WYred, I think there’s a bit of wishful thinking going on to think Salah will be busting a gut in the second half of next season if he intends leaving on a free.

McManaman, Can, Wijnaldum, all tailed off in their performances as they were (in all likelihood) concerned that their big payday would be compromised if they injured themselves.

Also, given how much a top class attacker costs, replacing him isn’t going to be cheap and getting nothing for him severely compromises our ability to replace him, as well as affecting other plans for squad improvements.

The club needs to make a decision right now, make a final offer, and if it’s declined, then sell no room for sentimental nonsense. He’s really no use to us if he sees his future elsewhere and if he refuses to leave then he can occupy the bench and others who do see their future here can start ahead of him.

Personally, I think it’s time to say “Thank you for your efforts Mo, you are a legend, but it’s time to move on. ”.

02 Jun 2022 12:04:19
Salah has a winning mentality many few possess. There is no way he's write off 6 months of his career. He will want medals, golden boots and to compete for the Balon D'or.

I think it's almost disrespectful to imply he'd give anything less than 100%. I don't believe his contract was the issue this season. I personally think losing the AFCON final without taking a penalty and then missing the a penalty for WC Qualification was the issue. I think his confidence and his dreams were shattered and he struggled to get over it. Kane started the season poorly after England lost the Euro final. It's tough to take if you love playing for your country.

02 Jun 2022 12:50:10
I’m a massive Salah fan and I’d love him to stay and sign a new contract and be apart of our trophy hunt for the next 3-4 years but if we take our red tinted glasses off I think it could go anyway next season for him.

He’s already showing that it’s more about him than the club or fans with the negotiations already and if he is moving on a free next summer I’d imagine the clubs in for him won’t really care too much how his last season at LFC plays out and whether he’s putting his all into the cause or not.

He is a massive player for us but as far as big games go I believe he has zero goals in open play or assists in 14 finals now in his career.

One of the reasons against signing him to a new contract is he’s getting old and his legs are going so I don’t know how that ties in with we’ll see the best Salah next season when he is 4 years older than the Salah we saw in his first season here when he broke all kinds of goal scoring records.

Another one I can’t understand is we aren’t willing to lose so much money on giving him a new contract but we are happy to lose that money or more by letting him leave the club on a free.

It pains me to say it but as much as I want him to stay I think the best option is to sell in the window and use the money to replace with a top quality forward.

02 Jun 2022 12:50:45
Who do we sell to and what use is Salah on the bench if he refuses to leave?

02 Jun 2022 12:59:25
MK Scouser. No doubt England losing in the Euro finals had some part to play. But missing out on a move away from Spurs was the main reason for his drop in form earlier on in the season. Not to mention Spurs we’re absolutely hopeless under Nuno. I tend to agree with both you and Viktor though. Salah is driven by individual awards, so would want as many goals as possible. However, it is normal for a player to taper their performance somewhat towards the end of the season. This is to avoid any injuries that would scupper their free transfer, along with that ‘healthy’ signing on bonus. Personally, if he is not going to sign this summer I would look to selling him and would thank him for 5 wonderful seasons.

02 Jun 2022 13:14:37
Nunez in please. I think we should sell Salah. Heads gone and we want players who bleed red. He bleeds pound notes these days.

02 Jun 2022 13:41:46
Dont think we can afford to lose mane and Salah in the same summer, that would 55 goals from last season to make up straight away. As good as our recruitment is it will be very hard to replace them. don't think it's a chance we can take.

02 Jun 2022 13:42:19
I feel pretty relaxed about it all to be honest. The biggest signing we could have made happened a couple of weeks ago - Klopp staying for 4 more years.

We have a great track record of signing forwards so that is the position I am least worried about to be honest. And I am not even bothered about the fees we fetch. These days the financials are as much about salaries and bonuses as they are transfer fees.

My wishlist is (i) more athleticism in midfield, (ii) be more clinical and (iii) add more direct set-piece threats and goals from midfield.

Time for Big Jurg and team to evolve the squad and system again.

02 Jun 2022 14:25:32
Would need to have his replacement lined up before we'd sell - Bowen perhaps? But to lose both Mane and Salah in the same transfer window would just be folly would it not?

I like the idea of busting a gut to get Nunez, with Salah and Diaz either side of him - be a quality attack next season I'd think

If Salah leaves then so be it, I think he'll still give his all, he always strives to win things and I think other posters are right and his form tailed off because of losing with Egypt. Let's not forget all the football and mins he played, I'd say he was exhausted too but with a rest over the summer he could start this next season with a bang

That would be my thoughts for life after Mane, Nunez could cost about 70m or so, so a big investment but could definitely be worth it.

02 Jun 2022 14:33:50
Just get nunez done early and then concentrate on midfield reinforcements. We need to be unbeatable next season.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

02 Jun 2022 15:19:05
Rigsby that's not how transfers work. Like Salah the club easily can make him available and see what's he's market is and how many clubs are interested. Like Salah the club can tell him if he doesn't sign then He's not in the club plans for next season etc. depends on how much the club is ready to deal with him in next coming days.

02 Jun 2022 15:41:19
There's a lot of disrespect for Salah on here. No shame some of you, Reds.
So for arguments sake- who do we sell Salah to and for how much? And how much do we pay for Nunez?
A little background to the deals would be appreciated, too, please.

02 Jun 2022 16:04:47
I would guess that Kane's issue was more being still at Spurs and not getting the move he wanted. Maybe he was sulking a touch? There was a squad of England players that didn't win the Euros, pretty easy to pick one to try and make a case unless all the England players went into a slump?

02 Jun 2022 16:05:05
kopforever, why would the club tell Salah he's not in their plans for next season? What has he done to deserve that. We've just won trophies, were very close to the other two and he was top scorer!
Why on earth would he not be part of our plans next season?

02 Jun 2022 16:07:47
Spot on, MKS. Salah is a true mentality monster. You don't get to where he has gotten to by not giving your best every time you the on the pitch. It is what has literally gotten him where he currently is as in, a PL and LFC legend. The guy does not take ANY games off. It is now part of his mental make up that I'm not sure he could mail it in even if he tried to.

02 Jun 2022 16:27:51
Coz he's not in the future plans that's how transfers work at the highest level.

In the next coming days the club will try everything in their power to resolve the matter.

As I said the club can easily tell MO they're making him available in the transfer market to see who's interested and what's he's value coz the club wouldn't want to let him go for Free that's not in the club's interest.

02 Jun 2022 17:14:59
Rigsby, it's not disrespect at all. I loved salah but he's the one showing disrespect with agent hawking him around etc.

02 Jun 2022 17:15:41
Rigsby personally i would keep Salah this year and if he doesn't sign a new contract then fair enough but I think to lose Mane and Salah in the same window would be folly

I like the idea of Nunez, but to replace Mane in the centre with Diaz and Salah either side, be a quality attack

Like Adam said I think Salah is too focused and goal orientated to drop off cos his contract is running down - he still wants golden boot and the club to do as well as possible but if he won't sign then we let him go, hopefully on a real high and we win loads

Nunez has been mentioned, but a quality goal scorer in the middle is what we need. Wings are covered with Salah and Diaz so when Mane goes we need to replace him there.

02 Jun 2022 17:13:16
So who we going 4 then ed2?

02 Jun 2022 18:42:25
So we're saying sell Salah to an unnamed club for unknown fee and replace him with an unknown player because Salah's head has gone and he bleeds pound notes?
I know it's only a banter site but bloody hell!

02 Jun 2022 19:00:54
Calm down Rigsby. its all about opinions. I'm fed up of hearing about salah. He's been a king for us but things always come to an end. I think he's been pretty disrespectful to the club. you clearly don't and that's cool. I just want it sorted. All we are going to hear now is salah this and salah that. Its pure greed.

02 Jun 2022 19:18:33
The best possible outcome for Salah and the best possible outcome for Jurgen (and us the fans), is that this "impasse is resolved as soon as possible", then we move on as it is only going to leave a "Smell" that will linger all through the summer transfer window.

A speedy resolution is the best for both parties.

02 Jun 2022 19:30:31
Salah's agent and advisors are merely doing their job. Gettibg the best deals for their client. People meed to deal with reality. Salah doesn't owe us anything after 5 years of stellar service and likewise. Posters keep harping on having to sell Salah for big money but u need willing buyers for that. This site has been sadder in recent days compared to losing the final led by uber fan VVV. Almost like transfers matter more than legit games. Just like MU these days.

02 Jun 2022 20:07:33
Rambo who’s forcing you to come on here?

02 Jun 2022 20:20:06
Rigsby Mate I respect your opinion but your post are coming More of a Salah fan boy then the reality of the situation.

There's no way the club can afford to keep Salah both financially and sporting wise unless he keeps digging and ready to face Anfield wrath

Coz if he stays then he's going to be biggest distraction for Klopp and the players.

He's agent will hawk him agressively around Europe and we as fans players and manager will have to bear which I don't think it's going to go well with players manager and fans.

The last thing the club wants to be involved in ramy abbas circle as you've already seen him how easily he stirs up the place purposely including having a go at Klopp couple of times.

02 Jun 2022 20:48:42
Rambo8. talking rubbish mate. People are just discussing it, if you are a bit precious then keep scrolling love.

03 Jun 2022 07:29:28
@Marty, your assertion that it is all about opinions is just you rationalising what we chose to believe based on little actual knowledge of a situation and / or a mis-understanding of dis/ mis-information and a lack of awareness of contextual understanding for any little snippets of real information

There’s fun to be had in trading opinions but it is very, very naive to imagine that the overwhelming majority of opinions on this forum and social media in general have anything to do with reality.

That said, apologies for the interruption, crack on lads.

03 Jun 2022 08:55:43
That may be the case WDW but nevertheless they remain opinions my friend. I'm done with talking about Salah, it's almost as boring as my wife.

03 Jun 2022 12:50:30
@Marty, spot on my friend and mostly they have absolutely no value to anyone.

03 Jun 2022 14:10:09
I know mate, but people love to have one. Tbf, it's all tittle tattle really and we all know that whatever we think or say, ultimately something different usually happens. Have a good Bank Holiday mate. Love 2 all the eds and thanks for all your input.

04 Jun 2022 02:17:08
Nice one Marty 👍.



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