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05 Jun 2022 09:55:44
Morning ed1.

Dont know if you have been asked but who do you 'think' will replace Mane and salah.

Secondly, who would you 'like' to replace them.

{Ed001's Note - Diaz has replaced Mane. Not sure who will replace Salah, maybe someone like Raphinha. Personally I would wait until next summer and strengthen the midfield, as Salah is staying for another season. It is Firmino that needs replacing this year, with someone like Nkunku or Nunez.}

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05 Jun 2022 10:20:11
Sorry Ed, did I not hear somewhere that firmino is staying or that he wants another contract and the club are interested? I thought there was chat on the site about it last week. Personally, I wouldn’t hate getting money for salah now and look to help rebuilding the team. Sadly I think we might have seen the best of the legend- especially with mane going. I’d trust in klopp to get the players in he wants and a decent preseason. Klopp just signed a new contract so I’d like to see him working and getting the youngsters like Jones, Elliot, carvalho and hopefully a kiddie from the youth team. I think whatever team starts the season finishes at least second. I think finishing second with youth and more to come is a far far better thing.

{Ed001's Note - we still need to replace Bobby even if he stays, he is coming to the end of his time as well. The 3 of them need to be gradually replaced and Diaz is just the beginning. Maybe Elliott or Carvalho can replace Bobby, but I am not sure.}

05 Jun 2022 10:45:54
I agree about Carvalho and Elliot, but I don't see Jones as being the future. To me, he hasn't improved his decision making from when he first burst onto the scene. Holds onto the ball too long, especially around our own box.

05 Jun 2022 11:04:06
Jones could do with a loan move to see how he does. He has been hit and miss this season playing a bit part role. A run of games will help his development. He might not prove to be good enough, but he won't improve sittin on the bench for us.

05 Jun 2022 11:07:33
I’m still hoping Jones gets a run and finds his feet. He’s a decent player right now. I could be wrong but something about his attitude suggests to me that he might have the aptitude to step up. I do think a few confidence boosting performances (maybe in preseason) could be massive for him. Day in day out looking at what Tiago does in training could really benefit him.

05 Jun 2022 11:17:51
Who replaces Origi Ed?
Also do you know if Mane is asking parity with Salah’s demands?
As it stands, Salah stays next year and leaves on a free, so does that free up funds for a 2 or 3 years new Mane deal perhaps?
Otherwise we need, imho, a top forward and a top midfielder in this Summer that can slot straight into the First XI and that won’t be cheap?

{Ed001's Note - does Origi need replacing? Surely the likes of Elliott, Carvalho and Bobby playing more will take any time he would have had.

I have no idea what Mane is asking sorry.

I would say we have the funds and that is not the issue. Just like it wasn't with Salah.}

05 Jun 2022 11:20:03
Last pre season Klopp tried Ox in the no 9 role. I might be wrong but I don’t think he played a competitive game in that position all season so I’m guessing it didn’t go to plan.

Pre season will be a big clue to us with what Klopp is thinking as we could very well see Elliot and Carvalho tried there.

We could also see a change in formation which allows us to play with a 10 as our workmanlike midfield kind of counteract themselves when we have 70% plus possession a game.

05 Jun 2022 11:22:35
He's been filling in for Tiago, so maybe he gets more game time next season as Tiago gets older, but there is a massive drop off at the moment mate. I have been watching Jones since the accademy days and like Elliot, they are attacking players trying to play in a midfield 3.Good luck to him though.

05 Jun 2022 11:26:26
Correct, 001. Keep Salah for another year and replace Firmino.

{Ed001's Note - it makes sense to me to let a forward bed in alongside Salah and with Bobby still around to teach him how to play the role.}

05 Jun 2022 12:07:04
Thanks Ed, I’m feeling a little better about the whole issue now lol.
That front 3 have been the spearhead of Liverpool for the past 4 or 5 years and have been so good, better than any of us dared hope I’d say.
It’ll be a sad sad day when they bow out.

{Ed001's Note - yes it will, but it has to happen mate.}

05 Jun 2022 12:42:14
Ed1 - with Mo staying this summer I am 100% on board with strengthening the midfield and giving ourselves a year to continue scouting for players up front. I really hope Bobby can get some consistent fitness next season. Between those 3, Jota with support from Carvalho, Elliot and Taki (hope he stays! ) I think we are covered well enough front for the new season.

{Ed001's Note - I really like Taki and would like to see him get more game time next season, but I can't see him staying, sadly.}

05 Jun 2022 13:58:07
100% agree Ed001, I think Taki could step up if given the chance. He's our 5th highest goal scores in all competitions this season and he has hardly played.

{Ed001's Note - he puts himself about so well, I would love to see him get a run of games.}

05 Jun 2022 14:57:54
I must say I haven’t even thought about the Reds after the Champions League final. The whole day was such a weird and gutting experience that I don’t know what to make of it.

I don’t know whether this is just a reflection of my mental state in general, but the build up to the match, the match itself and the aftermath all felt really uncomfortable and perverse to me. It didn’t feel right in so many ways. For us to lose it in that manner, having the better of possession but not being able to stick any chances away, didn’t leave me disappointed as much as it left me confused. All that build up for our season to end on a damp squib. I couldn’t help but wonder if we were really as good as i thought we were?

For the Final to go down in the way it did, what has happened since has only made me feel even worse. At a time when we should be reflecting, celebrating, hurting, we are instead embroiled in an prolonged episode of distasteful transfer drama. It would be one thing if we’d won it, but for Mane and Salah to have lost the final in that fashion, then immediately start talking to the press about transfers and contracts actually knocks me sick.

I can’t help but feel we need a refresh anyway, but more than that, i think this is the moment that both of their respective egos have grown too big for our club. Both players have always been guilty of missing too many chances or being too eager to shoot when a pass is on, and we haven’t scored in any of our cup finals this season. For them now to start throwing their weight around in public, demanding astronomical wages, it doesn’t sit right with me at all. I don’t think Salah wants 400k a week because he actually knows what he’s going to do with it, he just wants 400k a week to massage his own ego, to be able to say he’s the second best paid player in the league. Likewise, Mane’s demands are a direct response to Salah’s, as he has always felt a bit put out and under appreciated when compared to Salah.

Now the pair of them are dominating all the headlines and the situation seems to have become quite toxic. Mane is giving weird interviews and Salah has been at it for months. Our team is in a transition anyway, not just in terms of age but stylistically as well. I don’t think bringing in players like Diaz, Thiago, Carvalho and Elliott is a coincidence, I think we’re trying to move towards a side that are more comfortable and composed on the ball than the ones we have had previously. Not only do Salah and Mane not fit that in terms of their very direct and often wasteful play styles, but they’re now kicking up a stink that might just push themselves both out of the door prematurely.

Like i say, this could just be me having a bit of a moment and feeling weird about the footie recently, but the whole thing is making me very uncomfortable and i’d want shot of both of them immediately. We’ve been very good this season but fallen short at key moments. It’s clear we need a refresh to me and I think the pair of them seem to be forcing our hand. I’d feel a lot better going into the next season if we didn’t have any of this hanging over us with two replacements already in the door, say Nunez and Raphinha. I hope Klopp has the mettle to sort this mess out as soon as possible. This could prove to be one of the key moments in his Liverpool tenure, akin to when Ferguson legged Beckham or Keane because it had all become too much.

05 Jun 2022 15:13:53
Ed1 - can be hard to argue with klopp and coaches use of the bench cos we win so much. But I do wonder if we are missing an opportunity in not giving more minutes to the likes of Taki, Ox, Origi etc They obviously see them in training and there are obviously certain players trusted in the PL. but then there was a long period where it just felt like something different in midfield or upfront would have helped change the dynamic, perhaps freshen up things with a guy wanting to prove himself. Even thinking back to last season in the middle of our CB injury crisis it took week too long, imo, for Klopp to trust Nat and Rhys. Instead opting for makeshift option with guys he clearly trusts.

Interested in your thoughts here ed1 about how well we use the squad in the league and how you’d do it differently.

{Ed001's Note - exactly mate, Klopp is not perfect and he does tend to have a bit too much faith in some players and not enough in others. Salah might have been much fresher for the run in if he had been taken off more often to give Origi or Taki 30min here and there. Those two were much more clinical than Salah, Mane and Jota in the time they were on the pitch but never got enough minutes. Klopp is very like Shanks in many ways and being too faithful to players is one of them. Overall Klopp is great, but that doesn't mean there aren't times when he gets it wrong and we fall short because of it. But so many other ways he more than makes up for it by being the reason we are in the position we are in the first place!}

05 Jun 2022 15:36:31
Same here Woolback mate. I have stopped reading any news relating LFC or football On SM.

Just get to see snippets on Twitter in my TL. Think failing to beat Madrid trice and losing on both 'major trophies in one week has completely made me shut football/ Lfc related news 😌.

05 Jun 2022 15:52:32
AW I hope you’re well mate.

I might rub people up the wrong way on here at times but I never mean it intentionally and I’d hate to see any poster on here struggling mentally or physically.

05 Jun 2022 16:40:34
I say sell Salah, Mane, Keita, Neco, Phillips, consider selling Minamino.

That should bring in a decent wedge of money, bring in a number 9, maybe another winger if we sell Minamino for squad depth, and a centre midfielder who can play anchor and box up box. Then we’re sorted.

05 Jun 2022 16:34:41
Fully agree with you, Ed. I have always rated Taki since he ripped us a new one with RBS in the CL and he has definitely justified his place in the squad even tho, he rarely plays. 10 goals in all comps and a cornerstone in our Cup runs is not bad for 6th/ 7th choice forward who is hardworking, humble and is always ready to do what he is told and never sulks. I would keep him as well cos he is an invaluable member of the squad, IMO.

As for Klopp, I agree he should have rotated Salah and Mane a bit more esp since it was clear that they needed a blow towards the run-in there BUT that’s all hindsight stuff now. We just need to get the midfield signings right and if we can get a Raphinha in for the forward position or a striker who can play the Bobbie role, I think we will be solid for next season.

05 Jun 2022 17:06:07
I haven't seen any Liverpool players kicking up a stink.
I've seen hysterical drama queens reacting to out of context comments and quotes and clickbait articles, but nothing that suggests to me that any of the squad are throwing toys out of the pram.

06 Jun 2022 03:12:15
absolutely ed1 - can't help but thinking Taki would have given us a little more than Salah at some point during Mo's barren run! But it all starts with minutes. Who knows if it's the difference maker, but end of the day it is fine margins and perhaps this is one of them. And yes, we'll just have to live with it cos everything else Klopp does is great!



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