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09 Jun 2022 04:25:31
Question for all.

Start of the season. Our team is almost exactly as it is now but you can choose one of the following as a starting midfield 3.

Thiago, Fabinho, Henderson
Alonso, Mascherano, Gerrard

who would you go for?

{Ed001's Note - it would have to be the modern day trio, though Xabi at his peak would walk into any side in the world ever as the sitting midfielder. Gerrard and Mash getting to work under Klopp is mouthwatering though, as the weaknesses in their games on the face of it would make them poor choices for Klopp, but I do feel if those two had worked with Klopp at Liverpool they wouldn't have shown those issues in their game. Gerrard, in particular, could really have benefitted from working under Klopp and would have 100% been the best player Liverpool have ever had if he had done so. The potential was there, but he was given far too much leeway under Rafa when he needed strong management.}

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09 Jun 2022 06:21:21
Alonso is so good it make me wonder why rafa try to replace him with gareth barry.

09 Jun 2022 06:44:44
No question at all Gerrard alonso and mascherano.

That midfield 3 had it all. I would pick it for Gerrard alone tbh. Imagine him in his prime under Klopp, we’d be unstoppable. He’d by our equivalent of KDB.

09 Jun 2022 07:43:20
The past 3 all day long for me. Then we could sing one of my favourite songs….
“We’ve got the best midfield in the world……. ”.

09 Jun 2022 07:44:45
Alonso was only half the player for us when he went to real then he was the dogs b##%##%%!

09 Jun 2022 07:57:49
Gerrard was better than KDB.

09 Jun 2022 08:04:12
Josh he was our equivalent of KDB but Gerrard was better.

09 Jun 2022 08:04:52
Imagine Klopp having Gerrard mascharano and Alonso in their prime? ????????.

09 Jun 2022 08:33:14
Ed001 what did gerrwrd have to do to improve his game? Or what were his weaknesses?

{Ed001's Note - he had no defensive reading of the game, people would laud his last-ditch tackles, but they always came about because he was caught napping. If he had been able to read the game well then he would never have needed to make those challenges in dangerous areas. Also his decision making could be poor, he was playing in a poor side which led to him taking on far too many shots when a simple pass would have put someone in on goal as he had drawn out the defence. And his attitude could be off. He caused lots of problems with teammates that he felt were not doing what he wanted. He had a falling out with Torres over Torres wanting to stay at home with his family rather than going out on the lash in 'team bonding' nights out. And his biggest weakness was his feeling that he was king of the walk and refusal to play wide right for Rafa after having his best season ever on the right. He refused to play anywhere but in the centre for Liverpool while openly saying he would play anywhere for England (which led to him regularly playing on the left of midfield for them). That is when he needed a Klopp in charge, to put his feet back on the ground and remind him that he was not bigger than the club. A lesson he learnt but not soon enough.}

09 Jun 2022 09:26:56
Hi Ed001, Could Gerrard playing in so many poor teams over the years be a factor for this as well? I get the impression he probably had that mindset because he knew he was the best player at times and probably felt like it was all on him. I always felt during Gerrards era that we were only ever 1 or 2 players away from being a top team, winning PL titles regularly. I would love to have seen prime Gerrard in today's team.

{Ed001's Note - yes, that is what I was saying and why I feel he could have been so much greater under Klopp.}

09 Jun 2022 09:58:38
In hindsight do we think Gerrard probably looks back and regrets not leaving the club he loved when he had opportunities to do so.

{Ed001's Note - no. I think he just wishes he had been in a different era.}

09 Jun 2022 10:34:13
Ed001 thanks for the detailed reply. When you say he played best on the wide right, why was that? His crossing ability? Some of gerrards passing was out of this world at times. BTW edd. Do you think if gerrard played under a klopp when he was in his early twenties he'd seen as one of the greats of the game midfield wise? Gerrards seen as a great for English football but isn't seen in the greats across europe.

{Ed001's Note - his crossing, his passing and his goalscoring, plus his physicality were all useful there. Gerrard is seen as a great across Europe to be fair, but he would have been one of the greatest ever if he had played under Klopp imo.}

09 Jun 2022 11:11:58
Ed01, thanks for your wisdom on this topic. Gerrard could have been even greater than he was with the right coaching cos his natural ability, physicality and vision all over the pitch, were insane. Lampard better than Gerrard? Yeah, only a Chelsea fan would come up, with such rubbish. I digress.

To Ed01, I was watching a podcast this week about Pogba and how good he would have been under Klopp (work ethic, desire, and determination allowing) with Fab and Thiago next to him had he moved to LFC from Juve years ago. What do you think about Pogba playing under Klopp under the afore-mentioned conditions mentioned above? Cheers, mate.

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure Pogba has it in him to ever be anything else. He is like Origi, too laid back to ever develop the desire and workrate.}

09 Jun 2022 12:24:11
Ed001 thanks for the insightful responses ????.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

09 Jun 2022 15:32:33
Thing is that I’d rather have peak Graeme Souness than any of the aforementioned. One part defensive midfielder, one part attacking midfielder, one part passing midfielder, one part absolute raving ****ing psychopath and on the pitch he was a true leader.

Greatest centre midfielder ever in my honest opinion as he could do the lot.

09 Jun 2022 15:33:09
Ed01, I fully agree with you. As talented as Pogba is naturally, he simply doesn't have it in him to be any better than he actually is. He's been coasting his whole career and with him approaching 30 now, nothing will change. Sad for him cos he really could have reached the very top cos his talent is immense, IMO.



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