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14 Jun 2022 21:49:42
question for the eds. will the signing of nunes now strengthen our position regarding mane, as we already have the replacement, we don't have to sell to buy, which would have increased in Bayerns eyes our desperation to get funds and they get away with lowballing?

If mane leaves all i can say is ty n good luck, i may not have been a fan of your "joke" but i was a fan of your play.

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14 Jun 2022 23:15:52
Puts pressure on us financially to balance the books imo. I hope we can come to a deal that pleases both clubs. Let the lad go. I think he’ll be good at Munich but might not reach the heights of European football he’s been used to.

14 Jun 2022 23:56:11
although i agree we need to balance the ooks, we are in stronger position because we already have his replacement, we are not waiting to sell him to raise the funds to replace im. I may not have put original question in the right way lol.

15 Jun 2022 01:26:46
The opposite, Liverpool have now spent massively on a replacement for a player they were expecting to replace this year. The choice now is to pay 2x salary for 1 position whilst getting no money for Mane in a years time, or take the offer from the only club showing interest in Mane, getting a wage off the books whilst offsetting some of the cost of the replacement.

Considering Salah has said he’s going to stick out the last year of his contract, I don’t think Firmino is going to sign a new contract, so to have all of the front 3 that have pushed Liverpool to the pinnacle of football over the last 3-4 years all leaving for free, limiting the amount of money Liverpool would have to reinvest not only in their own replacements but other parts of the team would be hugely detrimental. ( Liverpools biggest expenditure on players: Alison &VVD were paid for by Coutinho’s sale)

As per the Ed’s without Mane’s sale, and with having exhausted other avenues of financing, the owners will have to lend the club their own money to finance the Nunez deal (not to mention any further deals this window)

So without raising fairly significant funds from sales, it’ll severely hamper further deals both this summer and in the future (unless the owners dip into their own pockets) with how leveraged Liverpool currently are.

15 Jun 2022 02:52:07
We are going to sell Neco, Taki, Ben Davis, perhaps Nat, perhaps Ox, too and we have reduced our wage bill with releasing Big Div and Karius. That would go some way to reducing our debts.

On top of that we might sell Mane and we might not

It isn’t like groceries - we ate the last loaf so we need another loaf. Whilst the club would need to reduce debt (or at least keep it at a manageable level) there is no direct connection between one player coming in and a specific player needing to leave.

Just to be clear, like a lot of us on here, I know nothing about financial management of a multi-million £ business but, thankfully the people running the club do so I’m not particularly stressed by our financial situation and, as an aside, I would have thought our performances on the field last season would have provided a (much needed) boost to revenue streams and would make us an attractive proposition for (potential) investors / sponsors.

15 Jun 2022 06:13:32
WDW, the eds have said on numerous occasions that purchases will need to be funded via sales.

Our debt level is critical, we need to be very, very careful.

15 Jun 2022 07:27:40
If we keep Mane due to no suitable offers, then I’m guessing that will be the end of the hunt for a new midfielder. As our number one target has gone to Madrid, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to wait anyway. If Mane stays, and Salah won’t sign a new deal, then I wouldn’t be against offering Mane a new deal.

With Bobby and Salah hanging around for another year.

15 Jun 2022 08:02:17
Mane and his national team pals have embarassed our club publically. Get shot. Been spending too much time with El Hadj Diouf and now he's behaving like a complete weapon.

15 Jun 2022 08:29:08
@Hsf, with all due respect to the Ed’s I think I’m happy going along with FSG’s financial decisions for the club, rather than the (informed? ) speculation of the editors, contributors or readers of a fan’s forum.

I’m pretty sure that FSG have a clear understanding of the financial situation at the club and, given they are allegedly out to make a profit from the club in the medium / long term, I suspect they are not going to do anything that would do irreparable damage to their profit margins.

Of course I might be wrong but it’s just my opinion.

15 Jun 2022 08:51:12
Mane has embarrassed the club publicly and is acting like a weapon?
Has he run naked round Anfield Road or something? Wiped his backside on a Liverpool flag?
Or just not signed a contract he doesn't agree with?

15 Jun 2022 09:57:32
What's the most bizarre to me is the lack of interest in Mane from other clubs, still has plenty of years in the tank, proven in toughest league in the world year after year and also in European competitions, on top of that so rarely injured. Bizarre there aren't more clubs wanting to add him to their squads.

15 Jun 2022 10:09:39
FlashTheRed, are you living under a rock mate?
A) he created a distractive narrative days before the Champions League final with his "exciting news about my future" remarks.
B) he came out with his ridiculous quotes about social media comments and what the people in Senegal want.
C) he's got the Senegal manager coming out publically saying Bayern is the best place for him.

Why does anybody still want to keep him? The fact he wants to leave and won't sign a new contract is absolutely fine with me and not what i'm referring to. But a little bit of professionalism wouldn't have gone amiss and that's why i just want his locker emptied and his backside sat on the next flight to Munich. He's made it into a media circus. I didn't see Nunez putting out comments in the media for 6 weeks disrespecting Benfica. Nor Carvalho (even though he's 11 years younger and his move was on the cards for months) refused to comment on links to us right up to and including the day Fulham won the title, out of respect for his fans who he wanted to just enjoy the season. Mane has acted like a complete and utter man-child.

15 Jun 2022 10:21:13
You're spot on there Mkscouser nothing to add really.

15 Jun 2022 11:07:33
He’s definitely made some ill-timed comments although I’m not sure I’ll hold him accountable for what the Senegal manager says.

That being said, if he had a change of heart and wanted to stay I’d welcome him with open arms. Quality player who works hard and never let's us down on the pitch.

But if he goes, good luck to him. He’ll always be a legend in my eyes.

15 Jun 2022 11:25:59
Him and Salah are good footballers but not a lot going on upstairs. I don’t think that it helps with the two not liking each other I think Mane might want a new challenge and to also get away from Mo. They have both been great servants but I would not mind selling both this window and signing Raphina but I would also not mind keeping both.

15 Jun 2022 12:19:03
Reyrey, if he hadn't been mouthing off to the manager, no way would the manager say that stuff in my opinion. Mane also failed to shut down the Senegal manager when he was having pops at Klopp over his "little tournament" comment because the blokes too thick to understand sarcasm.

However i do agree fully that Mane is still a legend regardless of the sour taste he's leaving in the mouth.

If he performed a U-turn to stay and apologised for his behaviour obviously i'd take him back but that's a moot point because he won't do it. I'm a Liverpool supporter first and foremost so naturally i'm not happy that he's not doing what is best for our club whilst he is contracted. His comments give Bayern more strength in negotiations. It's unprofessional.

15 Jun 2022 14:13:06
WDW nailed it (diplomatically! )

15 Jun 2022 19:39:23
Sod off Adam! That’s the second time in one day I’m agreeing with you ?‍♂️

I love Mané (& Salah), but feel like when they’re talking to their’fanbase’ they are not thinking first and foremost of Liverpool supporters, more Mané and Salah supporters.
Too much hype, let’s create the next couple of legends in Díaz and Núñez!

15 Jun 2022 19:49:59
Sadio is a great player but he has, to use a phrase, ‘previous’ : at Southampton when he sulked his way into getting a transfer. I think his general attitude was a cause for concern for some of us when we were first linked to signing him.

15 Jun 2022 22:03:49
The maths don't add up in keeping Mane (no matter how much I want him to stay) . If you keep him you pay him his 5.2 Million salary for the year and say goodbye and good luck next June. And you will also underutilize him during his final year because you already bought his replacement (Diaz) on the left, and you just paid a club record fee for the (CF - Nunez) position that Mane can play (while Firmino and Jota are anxiously sitting in the stands grinding their teeth over these two starting ahead of them) .

If you sell him now you get a minimum of 25 Million (Bayern's last offer), and you add the 5.2 Million, that you no longer pay Mane. You've turned the page and started a new chapter, and opened the path for Diaz and Nunez to achieve whatever they're destined to do for the club.

If you give up this 30.2 Million (could be higher in reality since Bayern is expected to make a third offer supposedly), you are essentially giving up 580K per week (opportunity cost) over the next year until he leaves, while refusing to pay him the additional 200K (or whatever) per week, that he is asking for. No sense at all.



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