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17 Jun 2022 02:27:17
In spite of departures, I still think we have a v strong squad going into next season

Likely departures
- mane
- Minamino
- ox
- naby (pls)

Gk - excellent
Adrian (he's staying yea? )

Cb - excellent
And we still have Davis, phillips, Williams as cover if they don't get sold or go on loan

Rb - excellent
Calvin Ramsey (likely incoming)
Neco Williams (he may yet go on loan or sold)

Lb - excellent

Cdm - v good (because the cover can be better but who would come and sit in the bench and be stand in for Fab? )

Cm - v good (if the kids step it up, it'll be excellent)
- Thiago
- Carvalho
- Hendo
- Milner
- jones
- Elliot

Lw - v good
- Diaz
- jota

Rw - v good
- Salah
- cover from Jones, elliot, Carvalho

Cf - v good
- Darwin
- firmino

Personally, I hope Minamino stays and to get one more Versatile dm / cm

Otherwise, we're quite good isn't it.

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17 Jun 2022 05:42:31
It’s funny you say “who would come and sit on the bench for DM” and then mention Jota and Diaz for the LW role (one would always remain on the bench) ???????.
The midfield is weak and it’s been on the decline for two years and you are simply pretending.

17 Jun 2022 05:56:49
"sell Keita so Jones can become regular starter"


17 Jun 2022 06:39:51
And yet Harry, that weak midfield came within a point of winning the PL, unlucky in a one sided CL final and won 2 other finals. I bet a lot of other teams wish they had our midfield which has been in decline for years.

17 Jun 2022 07:33:53
By your logic City shouldn’t sign anyone as they won the league last year @Irish ???. If there is one area city are streets above Liverpool it’s the midfield and the amount of goals and assist it get from there.
One point or ten points this midfield would always come second to Manchester city.

A lot of other teams wouldn’t include Manchester City who we are competing with. Who cares about the rest 17 teams lol.

{Ed001's Note - but Liverpool get more from attack and defence than City. Yoh really do obsess over nothing. }

17 Jun 2022 07:46:04
Seems unlikely that Keita is leaving right now.

Williams x2, Phillips and Davies will all leave though i think. Be it on loan or permanently, who could say.

17 Jun 2022 09:42:28
On this occasion I am kinda with Harry. We went into last season a defensive-minded midfielder short and paid for it in the first half of the season due to Thiago's lack of availability. I hope we don't repeat that.

PS I don't think Jude Bellingham is the answer to our current gap.
PPS I don't care what City do in the market. It's just about what we need.

17 Jun 2022 11:55:03
FlyPelicanFly, how did we pay for it, exactly? We were close to wining the fricking lot so I'm not having this whole hindsight nonsense all over again. Saying we didn't win the title or CL cos we did not make one signing in one area, is just ludicrous stuff and it is not even true. In 19/ 20, we only signed an 18 yr old Van Den Berg with a 16 yr old Elliott and Adrian off his couch (despite people moaning for big signings) and absolutely annihilated the league. So how did we win the title then? Come on, man.

Do we need one now? Of course BUT let's not start rewriting history here. We tried to sign Bissouma BUT it did not happen and YET we nearly won the lot, fact. Not So let's look forward and not backwards, IMO.

17 Jun 2022 12:15:32
The thing is OliRed, I felt from a very early stage that something was a bit off with this Liverpool team. I felt we were both simultaneously the best side in the world and yet also playing within ourselves. A sort of Schrodingers Reds if you will.

By the end of the season I feel that anxiety has been vindicated. Winning domestic cups is nice but all in all, if we aren’t winning the League or the Champions League with the best side in the world, then something has gone wrong.

You don’t get extra credit in the bank for taking the League and Champions League to the final game and then losing. Nobody remembers the 2002 Leverkusen side, do they?

3 cup finals played, 0 goals scored.

Failure to beat any of the other top four teams in the league.

5 games where points were dropped from winning positions, and extreme amounts of complacency displayed in almost every single one of the Champions League games, only without consequence until the final.

That is the key word i feel; complacency. We are good, but maybe not as good as some of the senior players feel we are. We exemplified it far too often last season. That is why i would have looked to bring in Nunez for Mane even if he didn’t want to leave.

We need fresh blood to keep this group on their toes. Whether it’s complacency or tiredness or both, Henderson and Fabinho had way more than their usual share of bad games last season. I don’t want us to surrender the big trophies again just because we didn’t get an extra body in midfield to help control the games. I strongly feel we made that mistake last season and I don’t want to see us make it again.

While he is being hyperbolic as per, for once, I actually agree with Harry.

17 Jun 2022 11:48:40
There he goes again, ED01. Harry speaking in hyperbole again to make it look like he knows what he is talking about whereas.

17 Jun 2022 13:21:27
Anonymous Woolback - great post. Especially the Schrodingers Reds analogy. I felt exactly the same. Regardless of the amazing results and almost unprecedented achievement of 4 pots, the balance just wasn't quite right.

17 Jun 2022 14:12:30
OliRed - I think I've explained it in my other posts.

We paid for it by losing points from leading positions in 5 games. This was, in my opinion, down to a combination of a lack of midfield control (no Thiago in all of them) and profligacy in front of goal.

Champions don't lose that many leads. Pretty simple really.

The 19/ 20 team only lost points from a leading position in two games - both after already sealing the title. It that season we would go whole games without conceding a single shot on target as that midfield suffocated the opposition.

17 Jun 2022 14:42:08
FlyPelicanFly, Many thanks for your response. The losing points (10 points while City lost 2) from winning positions is the VERY thing that cost us the league IMO, if anything and I am glad you have pointed this out cos I have been saying the very same thing since the season ended.

I also agree that it was due to a lack of control in midfield and poor finishing, as well so I'm happy we agree here. This is where we need to improve whether it be via better tactics to see out games, signings or better nous during games and not being too open late in games. Play smarter, not harder is the mantra here.

What I disagreed with you on, was that not signing one player in one position, cost us cos sorry, that's not a thing. With the way last season went, you cannot say that with all the games we won in a row while playing every 3 days for 5 months. That's all. All the other things you have posted, I fully agree on and I hope we do better here, like we did in 19/ 20. Cheers, man.

17 Jun 2022 14:48:47
AW, I can see your point and there is a theory I heard on a podcast where in the first part of the season, it felt like we were still trying to feel our way thru games getting used to playing with our CB's like VVD esp. again after the horror show of the season before. This may have led to us being a bit tentative at times like in the Brighton and Brentford games where we didn't seem to know whether to control the game or keep going and ended up not winning either, for example. We need to be more decisive going into the next season with a clear message on how to react during games better.

As for the whole, "nobody remembers who came second" or "not getting extra points for being second or making a CL final". Sorry, that's NOT even true to some extent. If it was that easy to make a CL final, why has PSG never done it? Why did Roman spend 1 bn pounds just to win one? RM went 10 yrs w/ o making a final? Why is Pep still useless in the CL if it was that easy? If it was that easy to compete with this City clocking 90 + points then why has NOBODY ever done it in the past 4 years? Ain't having it, bro.

Like Tiger Woods once said, "You always want to be in the conversation" which is wha.

17 Jun 2022 14:51:06
Sorry AW, pressed send too soon. Tiger Woods once said, " You always want to be in the conversation" and THAT is what Klopp has been doing since he got here. You win some, you lose some but you are ALWAYS in the conversation. That is what sports is and that is the mentality Klopp has instilled in this team. There is a reason he has won the lot with us. Peace and Love, mate.

17 Jun 2022 15:10:23
Weren’t PSG in the final like 2 years ago.

17 Jun 2022 15:44:19
JK23, That's actually true. I actually watched the game.

17 Jun 2022 16:06:53
Oli I had to double check myself. I thought they were but I wasn’t 100%.

17 Jun 2022 16:13:25
OliRed - I guess my point is that we went into the season a defensive minded midfielder short and it was no coincidence that the games whereby leads were lost, Thiago was not available. Yes you could also put some of it down to players learning a new system or the return of players (like Virg) from long injury lay-offs - but.

West Ham don't run straight through the midfield, Brentford don't get that late flurry and we likely hold onto at least one lead against one of Spurs, Chelsea or Brighton with the availability of an additional defensive minded mid.

Opinions eh?



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