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17 Jun 2022 20:14:32
There’s been a bit of fallout regarding mane and the fee but there are a few caveats for me.

By the sound of it, Bayern were the ones he wanted and the only club that wanted him this year so Bayern had a strong hand.

He only had a year left on his contract so if we didn’t take it we would of had him for an extra year. Pair that with the fact he would then go on a free and he would have another years of wages meant a deal had to be done.

This scenario wouldn’t of made any sense as we have already replaced him. Would of left us further out of pocket and likely annoyed a player who has probably given us his best years.

So yes not the greatest transfer fee but overall makes complete sense for both us and him.

{Ed001's Note - you also have to remember he has a long history of going on strike when a move he wants has not been made. So you are not going into the game with a good hand at all and it is just a case of getting what you can in the end.}

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18 Jun 2022 05:31:23
Ed001 all so he should have been knocking the door down for a pay rise years ago £100k a week is peanuts for what he has done for the club must have been the lowest paid player of his Quality at a top club challenging for trouble in the big leagues.

{Ed001's Note - no player should need to knock the door down. If they deserve a rise, the club should be giving them a rise. I would question whether he simply indicated he didn't want to talk about a new deal or whether the club made a mistake? I am not sure which it was right now. It might simply have been that he was always looking to move on as he doesn't seem to be entirely money-driven as a man, and so made it known he would not agree a new deal.}

18 Jun 2022 06:48:57
Whatever has happened behind closed doors, Mane is leaving with his honour and the club’s intact. I could be mistaken but haven’t heard him or his reps throw the club under the bus like Salah has.

Anyways I will miss Mane and wish him well in Germany.

{Ed001's Note - not so sure about that, his actions recently were not good, especially the comments just before the Champions League final. Then the 'joke' about wanting to leave because of Senegalese social media comments. Let's be honest he was throwing the club under the bus personally, rather than allowing his agent to do the dirty work, just the same. I love Mane and I will always be grateful for what he did for the club as a player, but let's not pretend he is innocent here.}

18 Jun 2022 08:27:47
At the end of the day he has signed for a new team. We have arguably had the best years of him, recouped what we paid in terms of signing him from Southampton and he scored a hatful of goals. We now have a new era with talented and hungry players in Diaz and Nunez. Hopefully we won’t be talking about Mane come the new season. Great player but nothing lasts forever.

18 Jun 2022 08:44:02
Don't know where this bullsh*t about Mane making 100k a week. He was on 200 000 £ a week before taxes.

18 Jun 2022 08:52:07
100% agree Ed001, the thing is was it even necessary? Keep your mouth shut for the champions league, especially when he dismissed Mo's revenge mission comments.
I don't think we were ever going to stand in his way as the finances make sense from our view and it was inevitable we had a refresh up front over recent seasons.
Could have all ended better however for once I don't know much else we could have done apart from renew earlier, which clearly wasn't in the plans.

18 Jun 2022 08:54:50
Exactly, a great player but he's moved for the same reason Gini did and what it looks like Salah might for. money! Nothing particularly wrong with that, but let's get real if Lfc and Bayern were offering identical wGes he'd be going nowhere. Something tells me he wouldn't be leaving one of the two best sides in europe, the best league for a "new career challenge"in germany.

{Ed077's Note - he was massively underpaid by the club if the reported wages are correct. He should have gotten a new mega deal 2_3 yrs ago, IMO.

Also he has won all he could with LFC so maybe its not as ridiculous as some make it seem that he simply wanted a fresh start and a new challenge.

18 Jun 2022 09:43:31
Klopp – for all his strengths – is too loyal to players who are no longer at their best (or who never were at their best in the case of Keita) .

Had Mane signed a new contract, Klopp would have fielded him all the time next season despite the fact he's well past his prime. It's a blessing in disguise imo.

I think Salah will preserve his prime for longer, so it's a shame he won't sign.

18 Jun 2022 10:11:11
I don't care what the context of the debate is, £100k a week is never peanuts ? some people barely earn that across 5 years, and have to use food banks so their kids don't starve. Let's let's put a pin in the bleeding hearts please.

Besides, he was reportedly on £200k a week.

18 Jun 2022 10:19:52
23 goals and 6 assists from half a season on the wing and 3 months at centre forward. I cannot wait for the rest of our players to go through that decline.

18 Jun 2022 10:48:23
Well past his prime. don't be soft.

He'll be smashing goals in for the next 3 seasons minimum.

18 Jun 2022 11:18:56
Oh he'll bang them in for Bayern and probably will be up for ballon dor nominations like Lewandowski. German league is pretty pants.

18 Jun 2022 09:13:45
@Ed077, for a start there’s no guarantee that what was reported is accurate. Secondly he chose to sign his contract and if he thought he was being underpaid at any time surely he should have had his agent approach the club to discuss the matter.

There is a lot of drama being generated around a player wanting to leave for whatever reason, be it money, the challenge of a new environment or a desire to play for a team in a sub-standard league that will almost certainly guarantee winning trophies. Thanks for the memories Sadio, enjoy the next chapter.

{Ed077's Note - but you also don't know if the rumoured figures are wrong. Apparently Mane was still on the same financial package that he was on when signing from Southampton. My point being unlike many other players who move on in search of more money, his case might be a lot more justifiable. Lest we forget, this is likely his last chance of a big paycheck.

And I agree with your very last line. But some people seem to be calling him a mercenary because he wants a move (for whatever reason). Its not like people weren't calling/open for him to be sold last summer when he had a down season.

18 Jun 2022 09:28:47
Not buying that Ed077,he's moving on that's his perogative but despite what people will say he has gone fôr exactly the same reason Gini did and he got slated for it even the Eds were saying he went for the money at the time. Also we don't know how long a new contract offer was offered to Mane, could be a coupla weeks but could also be last summer we just don't know.

{Ed077's Note - i dont think Mane was offered a new contract last summer. I think its a bit oversensitive from the LFC supporters. Its normal for players to make transfers.

18 Jun 2022 12:04:52
Mane is a mercenary and has moved for more money. Simple as.

Every player we have signed under Klopp moved to us because they have loved the club since the day they were born. Nothing to do with us offering them more money and them being mercenaries ?.

Players move all the time it’s football. Not sure why so many people are getting their knickers in a twist over wages. It’s hardly like we pay them from our own pockets.

18 Jun 2022 12:07:17
People calling Mane of all people a mercenary, are not serious people. Just a bunch of haters and petulant children who think the world or Mane owes them stuff. Mane doesn’t owe anyone darn thing. Prolly the same people spouting rubbish about how we should have kept Gini, are prolly the same people calling Mane a mercenary for leaving for on of the same reasons Gini left: Money.

If he wants a fresh start with higher wages elsewhere then, what’s the problem with that? He’s earned the right to decide what trajectory his career should go esp after winning the lot with LFC. Mane is a club legend who gave us the best part of his football youth and he leaves with all my best wishes. YNWA!

18 Jun 2022 12:08:26
Its actually not, not with me anyway. I don't mind Sadio going he's been good for us. I only bring the point up to point out the hypocracy of supporters with their best of luck Sadio messages while the likes of Gini/ Salah are mercenarys for basically doing the exact same thing.

18 Jun 2022 12:16:20
@ Mr. T

I'm sure he'll score lots, in the German league. I don't think he would have been prolific for another three years in the Prem. It's good business.

18 Jun 2022 12:05:38
@Ed - fair comments mate. To be honest I have no problem whatsoever with him moving for money. He has every right to do so if he wishes - it is probably his last ‘big’ contract as a player and I wouldn’t begrudge anybody. Trying to maximise their earnings in whatever line of business they work. People treating him as a mercenary are probably those people who refuse the offer of pay rises and who go to work for live of their jobs.

{Ed001's Note - I am just grateful for what he did give us.}

18 Jun 2022 12:38:21
How many of us have missed a Liverpool game because of work commitments?

18 Jun 2022 18:31:35
I love that people point to Manes stats and claim he wasn’t diminishing when likely those same people say Jota’s numbers don’t matter because he bring nothing to the rest of the game. Mane is nowhere near as dynamic, direct or pacy as he used to be something I didn’t even realise myself until Diaz arrived. Same can be said for Salah. This doesn’t mean he was rubbish far from it, I am sure he will continue to score goals, but it was starting to effect the way we play. If Jota is rubbish then so was Mane. If Mane was awesome then so was Jota. Can’t take a narrative and apply it only to players it’s popular to sh£&e on these days for some reason.

19 Jun 2022 05:11:17
@Rigsby, give in mate, what’s the answer?



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