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25 Jun 2022 00:50:44
If we decided to sell mo salah this summer how much would he be worth? Also he wants to stay in prem so only man united, Newcastle, City and at a stretch Chelsea could afford him, this is just delaying the inevitable as he knows and we all know he is leaving bad energy to have him in the squad .

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25 Jun 2022 04:24:05
No one is knocking door for Salah mate which makes it very difficult.

Lets hope some desperate team can offer him huge chunks of their money which might change tho.

{Ed0666's Note I’ve had a change of heart - I honestly think it’s time to sell. He’s clearly asking more than the club want to pay him which is his prerogative but if we’re not gonna give him what he wants let’s not loose out on a decent amount of money and if it’s means sacrificing a season then so be it. FSG are not gonna break a wage structure and for good reason and that’s their prerogative also. If Madrid want him then so be it. Let the love story end a year early, break ups happen. We just gotta stop with the bottom lip tremble wipe our eyes and find another sweetheart. Torres left, Suarez left, Sterling left we got over them. We’ll do the same again. No one is bigger than Liverpool Football Club.

25 Jun 2022 05:07:16
Yeah £50+m would bite there hand off we still did ok last 6 months of last season without much contributing from Mo. Get the lad from Leeds even with a Barcelona clause as long as we get a profit on him who cares short term fix with a profit.

25 Jun 2022 05:12:56
It’s not going to happen. He’ll be here next season. I wouldn’t be 100% surprised to see him, at some point next season, do an ‘about face’ and sign an extension.

25 Jun 2022 06:55:51
Considering his has just 3-4 years left in his career, being the Star player and not being the highest earner at Liverpool he is right to seek higher wages somewhere else. What they say a bird in hand is better than 2 in bush.

TBH, he beat De Bruyne for PFA player of the year on half the wages. Also when he sees Sterling/ Grelish/ Werner/ Lukaku earn more than him and not perform anywhere near to his level he is right to seek more or turn his.

Isn't it what every employee does?

Sure Liverpool FC won't break the wage structure. I wouldn't want to stand in his way if any club offered decent amount for him.

The pressure should be on scouting team to identify a replacement in this window itself who can slot in seamlessly.

I bet if Man City or Chelsea comes and offer Liverpool 50+ mil for him and huge salary.

25 Jun 2022 08:41:07
This is a good post. Liverpool are actually very open to selling salah, they also have a replacement line up which would surprise many of us.
Only problem his agent can't find him a club. His agent p. ed off someone very high up in the club and then Liverpool had decided to part ways. It was because of klopps insistence we offered him a new contract with 15percent hike and great add ons in bonus clauses. But now that he won't accept a good offer made to him we are very open to sell. Problem again is like last season his agent can't find him a club.

25 Jun 2022 08:42:41
I know we say Salah didn’t do much in the last few months but every time he played he still had 2-3 defenders around him which made lots of space for others. And Bobby has made a career at Liverpool supposedly making space.

Without Salah playing then the other forwards I predict will find it harder.

25 Jun 2022 08:47:41
Even if he wasnt on the same level he was still marked by 2-3 players which opened up space for Luis and Mane. Happy New year.

25 Jun 2022 09:31:16
I agree i think if all of our current employers offered us a 50% pay rise but another company were willing to pay us double for the same job then I’m not sure many of us would turn the bigger offer down.

25 Jun 2022 10:32:57
I think If a suitable offer is made he should be sold. I REALLY want him to stay, but it doesn’t seem he wants to beyond this season, so next season we could find ourselves seeking a salah replacement and potentially a midfielder with no income from transfers.

25 Jun 2022 11:10:56
Possibly Real, PSG and maybe Juve are the only ones I can see buying him.

25 Jun 2022 04:43:48

{Ed0666's Note - I loved Sterling mate. He was a really good player for us and I was sad to see him go but we got Sadio so there was that.

25 Jun 2022 04:52:16
I agree ed, better to start the season without this distraction.

He’s a fantastic player and I wish he could stay, but quite clearly we’re at a stalemate.

I say, let’s rip off the plaster, get it over with and look to the future. It’s looking bright!

{Ed0666's Note - 100% agree mate.

25 Jun 2022 09:16:02
Totally agree ed. he wants out and we might as well try and push him into going now. Massive loss but that's what the scouting team are for. Who's it to be? Raphina, bowen, dembele, saka, or?

{Ed0666's Note - raphinha for 50-60 mill seems right to me. Talented, prem proven and tonnes of Portuguese speakers at the club to help assimilate. Or Diaby i like also.

25 Jun 2022 09:22:49
Actually starting to feel the same way Ed. Absolutely love Mo the player, but this is all beginning to turn into a bit of a soap opera now.
If he stays for another season the whole year will be taken up with the clickbait distraction of him running down his contract/ who he’ll leave for on a free.
Would be sad to see him go. Such a special player but that’s football. At least if he went now, the club would get a semi-decent fee.
Sometimes these decisions have to be made.

{Ed0666's Note - you’ve hit the nail on the head mate it’s a soap opera and we’re turning into Manchester United if he doesn't sign get rid.

25 Jun 2022 13:25:08
We've had this soap opera before with Gerrard. All it does is cause a distraction. Rodgers should have got rid of Gerrard as soon as he stated he was gone and Klopp should set Mo a deadline, sign by the 31st of July or go. Exceptional player but nobody is bigger than the club. Better players than him have left and we're still here.



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