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26 Jun 2022 15:22:35
Just a thought with Trent being the best right back in the world and possibly going on to be the best ever! Would he in a couple of years be demanding the same wage as Mane and Salah have? I think there would be uproar if he did and was not offered the salary he wanted and was allowed to leave in similar way to the two I mentioned. I doubt he would be as ignorant and arrogant as those two but I would hope he would be offered whatever he would like being one of us and all. He after Hendo no doubt be captain of course. Hope to see him getting a shot off a bit more this season also think he can score 10+ a season along with 20+ assists. May he never leave us!

{Ed0666's Note - I think Javier Zanetti was/is the best ever if Trent reaches that grade I’d be delirious. How are Salah & Mane arrogant??? Or have I misread your post?

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26 Jun 2022 15:38:41
Salah and Mane are arrogant for asking for the going rate in world football for their talent but if Trent asked for it we should give it to him because he’s one of us?

Makes sense.

26 Jun 2022 15:43:54
Mane and Salah arrogant?

26 Jun 2022 15:46:52
What a player Zanetti was. If trent switches on more at the back he's on his way imo of becoming possibly the greatest right back.

{Ed0666's Note - No doubt. If he becomes a zanetti type defender he’ll be the GOAT. I truly believe we are witnessing history before our very eyes. What do you think his value is in todays market? £120 million easily and I’m not even saying that for dramatic effect.

26 Jun 2022 16:01:04
It’s just my opinion that Mane has left because we did not agree to his demands and ditched the club obviously I know nothing of the details that is. Salah has been flirting with other clubs since the day he joined and on the pitch is as selfish as they come but this may not translate of the pitch and may have helped him on it at times. I am just sad the days are gone when players would love a club for what they have done for them and vise versa. Obviously I appreciate what both have done for us I really do I am just sad they will both leave due to money. And Yes Zanneti was pure class I definitely feel Trent will get to that level. Maybe I used the wrong words against two of or greatest players but what is 50k-100k to these guys a drop in the ocean even though they give heaps of it to fantastic charitable causes. Didn’t want to kick up a stink!

26 Jun 2022 17:06:22
As long as we are competing trent doesn't leave imo. If we put him in a situation like Gerrard, where we were after top four at best and maybe a cup run, then I think he would consider.

he's a local boy, getting paid handsomely and hopefully winning trophies. Fingers crossed that's enough.

As for Mane and Salah, they have every right to ask for more money, we would all do it.

26 Jun 2022 16:08:02
Ed0666 I think it all depends on which team would be in for him and how they play. Our system and style is set up perfectly for Trent which makes him world class.

When he plays for England who aren’t set up to utilise him against opposition (including part timers) he looks a different player. In the right team he’s worth a lot of money but in teams who cannot play to or utilise his strengths then he might not be as appealing.

But this could be said about lots of players I suppose.

{Ed0666's Note - haven’t you just wasted 10 minutes of your life stating the obvious mate?

26 Jun 2022 16:26:21
Zanetti was great I admit but to discount Cafu can't be easy. Pity Zanetti spent so many years in average Inter sides. At least he managed to bump up his trophy collection towards the end tho.

{Ed0666's Note - made his greatness even better in my eyes playing in mediocre teams

26 Jun 2022 17:37:08
Ignorant? Wind your neck in.

26 Jun 2022 17:42:20
Ed066 it only took me 9 minutes mate. Who’s laughing now ?.

{Ed0666's Note - you are mate ?

26 Jun 2022 18:11:12
The highest number of assists in the team for the year and "he's as selfish as they come"? You say you don't want to kick up a stink, but you keep doing it.

Let me ease some of your pain over the money part of it. Instead of just focusing on their leaving for money, give a moment's thought as to how they came to us in the first place. For money. Their previous clubs made a profit and both players got a raise on their wages. So if they leave for money, it's a continuation of the process of professional football. Forget about playing for the colors and the badge. That is now history and part of old folklore. Colors and badge do not pay for the multiple homes, the supercars and the bling bling lifestyle.

26 Jun 2022 18:12:15
Ed0666 Trent has the potential to be the GOAT he keeps developing under klopp the sky is the ceiling for him. I always wet myself watching some of the balls he can place. Amazing player and will be in lfcs greatest team ever the way he’s playing.

{Ed0666's Note - I honestly think in 3-4 seasons if he keeps producing he will be the GOAT in his position years before he’s retired. How many times will you here that in your life?

26 Jun 2022 18:24:45
Ed0666 I can't see trent ever leaving. Good head on his shoulders, scouser, loves the club, in the right set up for his talent and will hit his prime whilst klopp is still at the club. We are lucky. I wouldn't put a price because I just see our future captain being with us for a long time.

{Ed0666's Note - If I was him I’d wanna leave at some point for another life experience, challenge himself, sample another culture, language etc. change is good sometimes.

26 Jun 2022 20:37:33
If Trent does every leave, hopefully it is in the twilight of his career to the MLS. I know I'm being selfish but id be gutted if we lost him at like 27-28. Imagine the sort of player he will be then!

26 Jun 2022 22:04:06
Ed0666 I see him leaving but when he's past his best like gerrard, lampard becks etc and heading to the US. I simply don't see him before 30 leaving that's what I meant. I can't see him in his twilight years leaving this club. No chance.

{Ed0666's Note - I hope he doesn’t buy some of me would love it if he did because I want him to showcase his mercurial talents abroad

26 Jun 2022 22:54:35
I really liked the Inter Milan team around 2010. Maicon, Chivu and Zanetti were all very good full backs. Throw in Lucio, Samuel, Cesar, Cambiasso, Stankovic, Pandev, Sneijder, Milito, Eto'o etc. What a team. One of the best to grace the game in my 18 years watching football.

27 Jun 2022 07:28:45
I always had a soft spot for Inter. Probably coz a lot of the time they where the nearly men. The season they nearly won the league with Brazilian Ronaldo leading the line they were brilliant. And robbed in what of the worst reffereing performances against Juventus I've èver seen. Not sure if Zanneti was playing for them but I wouldn't be surprised as he was there so long.

26 Jun 2022 20:19:00
Ed666, Zanetti is potentially the GOAT at RB but I will always put the legendary Marcos Evangelista de Maraes a. k. a Cafu ahead of him BUT not by much. Cafu esp in his pomp at Roma, would be worth a lot more than 120m, IMO.

As for Trent, he will get the wages his play and performances deserve based on what the club can offer. As for Salah and Mane being arrogant? I don’t know what them at means or is the OP suggesting both world class players and legends have no right to demand the wages that they think their play and stature in world football deserves? Maybe the OP can clarify.

{Ed0666's Note - I think the OP was having a bad day at the office. For me Zanetti trumps Cafu because he was one hell of a defender and bought a measure of calm and security on that side of the pitch which inspired his teammates.



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