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11 Jul 2022 09:50:37
Jude B, Jude B everywhere you go like is the next best thing after sliced bread. But how far did he and the Man City new boy take the yellows? Much rather focus of Elliot and this beIN his breakout season that would put all talk of Jude to final rest. Yes he is not tall but neither is Messi.

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11 Jul 2022 11:01:54
I don't think Bellingham will ever play for Liverpool. He'll cost about €100m and probably want similar wages to Sancho (£350k/ week) . Frankly, he isn't worth what he will cost.

11 Jul 2022 11:13:10
Personally think he's nailed on for next summer MK. He's our next hendo.

11 Jul 2022 11:47:02
For 100 mill what does Bellingham bring us. If it’s longevity then Elliot, Jones and Carvalho all bring us that and at 90 mill cheaper.

{Ed001's Note - brilliance of a different kind. And goals.}

11 Jul 2022 12:16:53
Ed1 but apart from brilliance and goals what does he bring us? ?.

{Ed001's Note - merchandising sales, assists, skill, a great range of passing, vision, intelligence, but that's all. So not much really. It probably isn't worth considering him when you think about it....}

11 Jul 2022 12:32:58
The club might view his value to the team / squad with slightly different criteria in mind than fans. Just saying.

One thing I will say is that I believe the club will pay what is required to get who they want, if the person is available and that there is no specific limit that applies ‘across the board’.

11 Jul 2022 12:38:10
If his first choice is Liverpool then we would be daft not to go for him next summer, he will be expensive but worth it. Something really special about that lad. Plus he will slot into Hendos position in the team nicely.

{Ed002's Note - He will be hugely expensive and there will be significant other interest.}

11 Jul 2022 12:38:26
Ed001 cheers for the reply mate. I was genuinely being honest in my question and not trying to come across as smug.

I have genuinely not seen hardly any of him as I don’t watch internationals and apart from watching every LFC game I don’t really bother with others for to work life balance.

I’ve seen lots on here say he’s the dogs nuts and if Klopp rates him at that price then he must be doing something right.

{Ed001's Note - I absolutely love him, every time I see him the lad has been outstanding and it is like watching a pro against amateurs at times. He was so far ahead of his teammates it was incredible.}

11 Jul 2022 12:59:44
I think he’s nailed on to sign for us. Klopp was asked about him today and if we were after a midfielder and he said Bellingham is not on the market this year and no he doesn’t think we’re in for a midfielder this year unless someone asks to leave. I think next year we will buy him whatever it takes and I think the lad wants Liverpool enough to accept 200k.

11 Jul 2022 12:51:06
I agree ed001 he’s so far ahead of his time it’s ridiculous.
He’s got a 35 yr old head on a 18 year old body.

11 Jul 2022 13:08:12
That puts that one to bed. If Ed001 loves him, we have no chance of getting him. Onto the next one.

{Ed001's Note - we did buy Alisson that I loved as well, I was desperate for us to get him for a long time before we moved for him.}

11 Jul 2022 13:35:44
I just can't see Liverpool winning a bidding war, or even being interested in getting drawn into one.

Don't get me wrong, i like Bellingham as a player. For his age he is good, but he has faded in and out of games when i've watched him. That's not even a criticism as such because that comes with more and more experience. I just think the hype has surpassed the current ability, and i've not seen enough from him to say we should make him our record signing and most likely our 2nd highest paid player in the clubs history behind only Salah. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to want to see more from him before committing what i'd predict will be at least a quarter of a billion pound on him in transfer fees, agent fees and wages.

{Ed001's Note - he is very keen on moving to us, Klopp loves that about a player, added to that Klopp has certainly indicated an interest in signing him.}

11 Jul 2022 14:18:19
Of course he's going to be expensive! He could be a starter in our midfield for 10 years. And still be in his prime at 29 with a potential high resale value, still after 10 years service. Look at the price City paid for Grealish foe example who's around 6 years older than Bellingham.

11 Jul 2022 15:16:09
So your committing that money MK? ?.

11 Jul 2022 15:46:26
Think Bellingham will be coming to Anfield next season.

As Ed002 says there will be plenty of interest but as Ed001 says he is keen on moving to us.

Surely that would be a big part of it particularly given that Bellingham does seem to have planned his career path well so far.

A season or two with Hendo to mentor him.

Bellingham TAA and Harvey bloody hell… we just have to get rid of Southgate or he will ruin them when they get called up!

11 Jul 2022 16:32:23
The fact he's rated at a high price is due to his quality. More importantly he is HG and sounds like a born leader despite his young age. I'm certain the club and Klopp will be happy to make 1 signing only next summer if its Jude. Also think like Darwin the club will be willing to pay a high fee as wages will be not as high. Simply put MK you have no idea what wages he will accept or what the club is willing to pay. The key is convincing the player to join the club over others like RM, City, Chelsea and MU. Maybe even Bayern and PSG will get involved.

{Ed0666's Note - his wages won’t be high? Really?

11 Jul 2022 16:58:31
He’s not going to get any cheaper unless he dips or gets a big injury.
I can’t see Liverpool paying £100m-£120m for him.

11 Jul 2022 17:51:38
Of course we are, John Wigan. The money in football all comes from the fans. We pay the subscriptions, the merchandise, tickets etc. We're the target audience of the sponsors. It is our money these clubs spend and personally i would rather it is spent more responsibly.

However, if as Ed001 says, Bellingham is keen on a move, maybe he'll accept a realistic starting salary like £100k and prove he is worthy of being one of our top earners. If not i don't see it happening. The only player we've signed and put straight on mega bucks is Thiago and that was because he is one of the best midfielders in the game with over a decade of evidence to support it.

Rambo8, I did say i was predicting the costs. You're right that i don't know for sure. I'm going by a recent similar transfer though. Jadon Sancho cost over £100m in transfer and agent fees, and earns £350k a week. Apparently Bellingham is better so I'm hardly throwing out wild numbers. They're based on a very recent example!

11 Jul 2022 18:01:55
He's definitely not rocking up at Anfield before next summer at the earliest, so that gives the likes of Curtis, Elliott and Carvalho a season to convince Klopp and FSG that they don't need to splash out a fortune in transfer fees and salary on another midfielder.
Which may or may not be Bellingham.
Appreciate what we're about to see unfold this season with the youngsters we have, Bellingham (IF he's coming) can wait until next season.

11 Jul 2022 19:21:03
I doubt very much that Bellingham will land up with us at 100K per week. I can't read his mind of course, but I'm sure he (and his agent and entourage) will see his value at much higher when he already knows that the likes of Ox, Keita, Henderson, Fabinho and Firmino are at much higher wages than 100K. You can argue age and experience and all that, but in my view, talent and upside potential play a large part in it too; and by most accounts, this kid has loads of it. He'll insist on at least 200K, and his transfer fee will be sky high (English HG premium included) . And if we don't pay it, that's fine (I'm all for fiscal responsibility) but somebody else will. I'm still flabbergasted after reading that John Stones is on 250K per week!

11 Jul 2022 20:12:13
Bellingham might want to play for Liverpool but he ain't stupid and I guess his agent isn't either. Not a hope in hells chance he will accept £100,000 a week as a start.

11 Jul 2022 20:44:40
It has to be said though that's there's a form of symmetry going on there. A German club potentially selling an English player to an English club run by a German manager.
You could even enhance on that with a player swap plus cash deal that sees Firmino or Keita returning to a German club.
It's unlikely from my perspective, but it's one of those that if all the pieces come together at the right time and Klopp wants the player badly enough it could just well happen.
It's down to our youngsters to grab that spot.

11 Jul 2022 21:40:38
Nunez (who's 22) is apparently starting on £140k a week and he just won POTY in Liga Nos and scored about 30+ goals. Including carrying a very average Benfica team to the Champions League Quarter finals with 6 goals. The season before that he topped the charts in Liga Nos for assists playing as a winger. He could very easily have asked for an abhorrent salary knowing full well United were interested too.

If Bellingham really wants to join Liverpool, he'll accept something similar to that surely? He'll still only be 20 this time next year. He'll get 3 or 4 new contracts before he even gets to his 30's so plenty of time for pay rises. You have to earn your stripes in my opinion but I'm clearly in the minority here!

11 Jul 2022 20:24:28
Ed, comparatively his wages won't be as high as Thiago, Hendo, Fab. Or perhaps a Phillips or Rice. Due to his age he may be open to accept an incentivised contract as we have done in the past. Since we are plucking figures outta the air, say 150k with bonuses up to 250k. If he demands big money I can see Klopp changing his mind. Put it this way if money is Jude's main motivator he will not be keen on a Liverpool move.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m not sure it’s that simple mate

12 Jul 2022 01:51:46
Cool a discussion about finance again. ???

Something to consider though - why wouldn’t you pay one of the best young prospects in world football a large wage on a long term contract? When he makes the grade and is genuine world class in 2 or 3 years, how much do you think his weekly wage will be then? Imagine we signed him on a 6 year deal next season when he is not quite at the world class level?

12 Jul 2022 03:22:16
Bellingham can have Ox’s wage. Simple.

12 Jul 2022 04:23:56
doesn't have to be a bidding way IF Jude is wanting to come to us.

12 Jul 2022 10:16:53
Hello ed1. You speak very highly of Bellingham, you seem to describe him as an attacking type of midfielder, goals, assists etc. What is he like defensively? I haven't seen much of him bar highlights which he looks v good.

{Ed001's Note - he can do it all mate. He is good at everything to be fair to him, it is just Dortmund give him a role that doesn't ask a lot of him defensively.}

12 Jul 2022 13:12:59
Don't know about you Ed001 but his playing style and ability level reminds me a lot of Zidane.

He plays like a gazelle, imposing yet graceful, looks like he should be cumbersome but has the fastest dancing feet you're ever likely to see. His game is built around taking the ball in tight spaces before wriggling free with dazzling skill, taking several players out of the game in a flash. Despite that, he has the aggression and bite to match. It's a very unique playing style that only the greatest midfielders can get away with.

For me, his talent is blindingly obvious and is one of the rare instances where a young player will actually be worth that kind of money. Taking those similarities into account, getting Bellingham from Dortmund would comparable to Juve getting Zidane from Bordeaux. He really is that good and it is an absolute no brainer.

Even if we have to wait another year to get him then that is something you suck up and plan for, providing that you're confident you can get him. I do still think we need someone like Sangare in tis summer but that is all down to Ox and Keita moving on, so I can understand the desire to keep our powder dry.

I understand the concerns about money, you may be tempted to wonder whether any player can actually be worth it, but remember what happened to Kenny at Blackburn. He had the chance to sign Zidane and said it didn't matter because he had Tim Sherwood. Let's not find ourselves in that position ourselves and try and get too clever.

{Ed001's Note - I agree with you. ANd Klopp loves Bellingham, he has made it plain that he wants him if he becomes available. Let's just hope the kids desire to play for us is more important to him than the bigger money offers that are bound to come in for him. He is a class apart.}



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