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17 Jul 2022 15:37:25
just wondering why isn't nat phillips more highly rated? not just within lfc but also across the PL

he reads the game well, can head, tackle, block, keeps the game simple

he's a little short on pace and passing but he would still be a decent started for at least half the PL

why are some teams persisting with less quality, albeit more experienced players than to take a chance on him?

{Ed001's Note - because very few people understand defending. Good defensive stats don't always go hand in hand with good defending. Phillips has excellent positioning which is why he was so often where the cross was put by opposition players. It was not luck, it was positional sense. But stats can't show when positional sense has stopped a player attempting a pass because the avenue has been closed, they can show when a lack of it forces a player into a last ditch block or tackle. Sadly those are often judged as good defending rather than resulting from a mistake by the defender.}

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17 Jul 2022 16:15:51
Sgynwa. Agree with u 100%. Can't believe not more interest in him, if Ben white worth £50m.

17 Jul 2022 16:20:23
Ed001 I all was thought that about Stéphane Henchoz he was all ways making last ditch tackles and blocks because he was getting caught out.
My second favourite Liverpool player off all time Alan Hansen was one of the very best Ed his reading of the game made defending so easy all ways in the right place it goes to show after he retired it took till we signed VVD to win the league again.

{Ed001's Note - spot on mate. Henchoz was always scaring me as he would often slide in with his arm up and so many times it hit that arm. How he got away without giving away more penalties I will never know. Hansen on the other hand is one of the all-time greats.}

17 Jul 2022 16:37:46
I’d keep him and sell Matip, Davies and Williams. Have VVD, Gomez, Konate and Phillips as the 4.

17 Jul 2022 18:16:07
keep Philips and sell Matip


17 Jul 2022 19:21:31
Completely agree about Henchoz. How he did not give away at least 3 penalties in the 2001 FA Cup final is only known to the referee and the chap who bunged him a brown envelope!

17 Jul 2022 19:45:12
Davies to Rangers for £4m. Good move for all involved.

17 Jul 2022 19:59:09
Ed01, my personal GOAT as a defender in Paulo Maldini once said that him making a tackle was a sign of failure to do his job as a defender. Phillips rarely goes to ground to tackles hence, his tackling stats aren't great hence, not highly rated.

By that logic, it is safe to say that had Maldini played in this era where say tackling stats are a big thing, he prolly woukd not be highly rated either. Stats without context, mean nothing.

{Ed001's Note - Maldini was class. I loved Baresi as well.}

17 Jul 2022 20:25:36
Ed, and to think that team played a high line and a pressing system similar to Klopp’s (Sacchi is his mentor) is just mad. In fact, that whole Milan backline are legends to the point that it used to start for Italy international games.

{Ed001's Note - are you talking about Maldini? Baresi never played a high line, he was always sweeper and played quite deep but his positional sense was incredible. He knew just how to position himself to cut out most of the balls or to be across a run so the forward could not get going. He was the reason I used to watch Football Italia on Ch4 as a kid.}

17 Jul 2022 20:34:08
As I remember Paulo Maldini said if I am forced to make a tackle it means I have made a mistake already. But what a wonderful player. To good looking as well.

{Ed001's Note - he was very lucky, it was often said he looked like me....}

17 Jul 2022 20:37:54
A class act was Baresi Tris?.

{Ed001's Note - he was brilliant in the days when defenders knew how to defend.}

17 Jul 2022 21:54:32
He was no Paul McGrath.

17 Jul 2022 23:31:43
Only ever one Paul McGrath Jimmy?.

17 Jul 2022 23:36:00
Nat came on a few times as a sub when a CB got injured. Instantly he appeared to be the senior defender. Talking, tackling, intercepting. A proper defender.

17 Jul 2022 21:38:36
Ed001 i remember this about enrique (love the guy as a stand up man and he loves lfx) but his recover stats were high and i think comoli got him because of that. problem was he was allways out of position?

{Ed001's Note - he was bought as well because he had great stats in one-on-ones, again mainly because he was always out of position. Terrible player but lovely man.}

18 Jul 2022 01:00:56
Who mentioned Paul McGrath? Ooh ah, lads ooh ah. A fantastic player.

{Ed001's Note - imagine how good he would have been without the booze? One of the greatest of all time anyway.}

18 Jul 2022 01:52:39
I think Nat is a top Championship CB lower level PL squad player. He'd have got in the Norwich and Watford sides but that's it. Burnley came 18th with 3 CBs on the books id have over him. don't think he starts for anyone else. Bournemouth probably want better if they plan on staying up. Played his part for us won't be forgotten but hopefully he gets a good permanent move and who knows could be a PL regular eventually.

{Ed001's Note - sorry but that is ridiculous. Burnley had one centre-back worth having in Collins and Mee who is injury prone, which is why they released him. If you meant Tarmowski as the other one, then not a chance is he as good at actually defending or on the ball. Another of those players who is lauded for actual bad play. All those blocks and tackles he makes are due to him being out of position in the first place. Not even close to being as good as Phillips. Phillips showed he is capable of playing for any team in the Prem outside the top 6 on a regular basis. His problem is how he looks, like Crouch and many others, they get pigeon-holed because of how they look. He looks like an old school clogger so people just judge him on that and fail to notice the massive improvement he made on the ball while playing for us or that he was a central cog in a footballing team last season. He was certainly good enough to walk into last season's Spurs team and I would take him all day every day over Lenglet.}

18 Jul 2022 02:12:04
Barest and ‘Jocky’ would be the two CB’s in both my favourite and also best teams ever.

18 Jul 2022 07:18:14
No mention of Sami Hyppia? What a defender.

18 Jul 2022 08:55:45
Ed01, you are correct about Baresi not playing in the highline esp. during those Football Italia days in the 9à's which I watched as a teenager, lol. He was more the sweeper and that was under Capello. Under Sacchi, Im not sure but I have to check that.

{Ed001's Note - I think he might have been finished by Sacchis day.}

18 Jul 2022 09:54:52
Think Capello was after Sacchi.

{Ed001's Note - good point I think you are right. Who was before Sacchi? I can't recall now.}

18 Jul 2022 11:03:03
Its laughable that Carragher had a whole career playing in the PL for Liverpool and Nat is classed as a Championship player. For me he is a far better player than Carra and some Premiership team will be very lucky to have him in my opinion.

18 Jul 2022 11:03:48
To be fair to Henchoz, he did well in THAT Cup Final ?.

18 Jul 2022 11:28:34
Nat Phillips better than Carragher? jesus it really is a game of opinions isn't it.

18 Jul 2022 13:26:22
hahaha. yes people say owen won us Fa 2001, but w/ o Henchoz's handball (s), i think we prob won't have the treble (i think he got away w one in the League cup too) .

i do like Nat, proper no nonsense defender, the no. of times he steps in front to intercept is awesome (he is better than Matip in this area), and his passing improved a lot when the more he played in that injury ravaged season, not at the level of VVD but definitely much better than a lot of CBs in the PL

and no, i don't agree is he championship level, he is PL level and who knows, maybe when he is 27-8, he could be a regular starter for a top 6 team. i'm not sure he will make it with us given his lack of pace and our high line, but then Matip did it and i do think he will be better than Matip

and yes, i do think that aspects of his game are superior to carragher. let's not get romantic about it. carra was highly regarded as he is a local, made that statement 'who's bigger than Liverpool? ', won things, played many games, and always gave a 100%. he is a legend no doubt. but as a defender, there are aspects of Nat's game that is already better, passing being one of them, and Nat is probably better in the air as well.

we still have 7 CBs after Ben Davies left, i do hope he can get a good loan in PL and we'll still have him on your books in a few years

him, Gomzez, Konate, that's a rather good set of CBs to have when VVD is no more.

18 Jul 2022 14:00:39
Yeah, JH. Capello was after Sachi and I recall Baresi playing till the mid 90's, as well. His brother actually played for Inter and played against each other a couple of times.

Oh Ed01 just checked online and actually, Sacchi took over from Capello in 1987 and then Capello returned and took over from him in 1991. Both with very successful careers at AC Milan, as well. Cheers, mate.

{Ed001's Note - ah cheers. Sorry difficult to look things up at the moment as I am still on data only and the signal is horrible. I wish they would hurry up and install my internet but there has been a bad storm both times they were due to install it so I got pushed back in the queue.}

18 Jul 2022 16:31:27
I think the bloke saying Nat Phillips is better than someone with over 700 appearances and years of service to the club is the one being romantic don't you?

18 Jul 2022 19:34:33
So Jadon, tell me what attributes does Carragher have better than Nat? Passing? Heading? Speed? Scoring the odd goal? Scoring own goals? I'll give you the last one ?. For me Carragher was the most basic CD we have ever had.

18 Jul 2022 20:43:48
I give up.



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