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18 Jul 2022 11:11:44
Ed001 can you tell me why on God's Earth is Owen still associated with the club? Now I'm not talking about him going to Utd I'm talking about the other stuff he did behind the scenes.

{Ed001's Note - because he is a well known name around the world. A mistake imo, but he is seen as good for marketing.}

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18 Jul 2022 11:40:01
I/ You could think of better ex-players than him to represent the club. Howard Gayle for example but then he's not known around the world but he is a local hero and a brilliant community worker. Plus all the racist abuse he had to endure when he was playing. Then you tell me what big corporate world be interested in any of Howard Gayle stories mate.

18 Jul 2022 11:54:09
Personally, I would let Neville Southall have 10 mins with him in a sound proof room.

18 Jul 2022 12:55:26
I’m with Larry on this one!

{Ed001's Note - I actually think that is a brilliant shout. Great guy is Howard Gayle and really interesting to talk to. Unlike Owen who has the personality of a tin of spam. An empty tin of spam at that.}

18 Jul 2022 13:10:54
There are worse players than Owen representing some teams. Ed, do players receive a salary for acting as ambassadors etc?

{Ed001's Note - usually well paid and get expenses and flights etc at the club's expense too.}

18 Jul 2022 13:30:20
so owen fleeced the club while playing, and still is
he was a great poster boy when, esp given his WC98 exploits, but the more i learn about him, the less respect i have for him

he scored tons of goals when we were crap and won us stuff, but doesn't seem a good representative of the club with how he left, joined MU, toyed with youth players, and be a complete noob of a commentator.

18 Jul 2022 13:51:07
Ouch, Ed01 lol. Go easy on the lad, mate.

{Ed001's Note - I was being nice. I could have said much worse.}

18 Jul 2022 14:11:52
Owen get's paid AND expenses God of Almighty ??.

18 Jul 2022 14:57:17
Sadly it’s not about the person, it’s about the perception of him that people who don’t know him have. If he brings money into the club I’m prepared to let him do it. That said, if he was appearing in our back yard, ‘I’d close the curtains’, to paraphrase the quote.

18 Jul 2022 15:10:21
I’m with Larry on this one!

18 Jul 2022 15:14:40
You should have been a speech writer Frazer?.

18 Jul 2022 15:27:44
Bloody hell bazza I think your right!

{Ed0666's Note - I think he was being ironic Larry but nonetheless I think you’re a worthy part of society.

18 Jul 2022 15:56:09
I'm with Frazer and Ed0666 on this one?.

{Ed0666's Note - I meant worthless worthless stupid auto correct ?

18 Jul 2022 17:11:51
I’m confused, is Frazier with Larry on this one?

18 Jul 2022 16:20:19
You don't mean that Ed?.

{Ed0666's Note - you know I love you to the moon & back Larry ❤️

18 Jul 2022 18:49:58
BB I think Frazer is with me on this one?.

18 Jul 2022 18:56:48
Well we’ll we’ll go on you 2?.

18 Jul 2022 19:36:03
I’m not sure he is Barry. Maybe he could confirm ?.

18 Jul 2022 20:04:40
Owen's commentating makes Trevor Brooking's sound like a WCW commentator.

18 Jul 2022 20:47:07
Sorry we weren’t crap when Owen played for us. Have a bit of respect he helped us win a few trophies.

18 Jul 2022 20:52:32
Best quote I ever saw about Owen's commentating: "His voice would kill a witch. "

18 Jul 2022 21:15:53
How many crap teams win a treble in one season?
Then make it 5 trophies in around 16 months?
If we were crap during that period than every other team we played and beat must have been absolute dog turd, and that includes the European ones as well!
Owen's voice while commentating is a great cure for insomnia though.
Either that or inciting hateful rage.

18 Jul 2022 22:13:22
HRT we aren't talking what he did for the team we are talking about his antics behind the scenes that makes him in a lot of supporters eyes not the best choice for club ambassador.

18 Jul 2022 23:09:51
I'm with Larry, Ed001, Ed066 and Frazier on this one. I'm against Owen on almost everything.



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