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18 Jul 2022 22:07:06
I really can't believe the negative hype around Darwin Nunez from the media and some so called experts. He arrived to join the squad just in time to fly out to Thailand for the Man Utd game. Plays a small part in that game and the Palace game and he's being written off as a failure already with very little pre season behind him! I can understand it by rival fans as they desperately want him to be a failure but people who should know better are going to be left with a considerable amount of egg on their faces.

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18 Jul 2022 22:50:10
Not worth reading or thinking about those pointless opinion. I believe the term is clickbait here.

18 Jul 2022 23:01:18
It is nearly impossible to not be a success in this Liverpool side besides Naby or through injury. These people should know this by now, if Nunez can’t perform under Klopp and with these players I would be amazed. They are all just hoping it so more than basing it on anything substantial. I think we will blow everyone away this coming season and continue to dumbfound, amaze and upset people/ pundits.

18 Jul 2022 23:16:56
It happens, and will continue to happen because people forget what they've just read a few minutes ago because of the sheer bombardment of "noise" out there from morning to night. I doubt anyone even knows what the concept of "egg on the face" is anymore. Nobody feels answerable to anyone anymore.

Welcome to the digital age. Where everyone with a data line or access (with a keyboard or a mic) also has a voice that they use to project absolutely anything. Andy Warhol was right in saying "Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes". But he was wrong in thinking it was once in a lifetime. It's virtually every day that you can seek fame now, and it's working for so many people.

18 Jul 2022 23:27:08
Nobody takes preseason too seriously if that's the case we should just hand over the Premier league trophy to utd.

19 Jul 2022 00:21:25
Our fans will be doing the same if Haaland goes 3 games without scoring. There will be articles popping up everywhere because news corporations know Utd and Liverpool fans will read anything against City.

19 Jul 2022 04:48:12
If he’d buried those chances then our people would be talking about him like he’s Suarez. General rule of thumb is to try not get too high or low with anything Liverpool related, it’s better for the blood pressure lol.

19 Jul 2022 06:03:06
On the grand scheme of things does it really matter what other fans or pundits think.

We as LFC fans always have an opinion on other teams signings and we regularly give it big fish in a small pond or give some some banter.

In recent weeks we’ve given it to Chelsea for signing Sterling and Koulibaly and some have even suggested Haaland will flop but it’s just part and parcel of football.

We can’t always give it and then play the victim when we have it back.

{Ed014's Note - because if you do you’ll be like United fans and you defo don’t want that.

19 Jul 2022 07:51:17
Not arsed about what other fans say about “insert LFC player here”. Nor do I care if other clubs’ signings flop or not. Focus on yourself, your players and your club. If you do that, nothing else should matter.

19 Jul 2022 09:51:58
Nunez might not even feature that much early in the season, as we know Klopp likes to bed players in. he might score 2 goals before Christmas, then go on a run and score 20. Success or failure can only be deemed after an event has happened.

19 Jul 2022 10:29:52
This ridiculous noise is the result of two things:- Firstly, United missing out on the player to their (traditionally) biggest rival, Liverpool. Secondly, Liverpool breaking their model and signing a player for £70m+ without selling a big name to fund it. Those two things are boiling the proverbial. And we love to see it!

On Darwin. For me, he's a project. He will score goals but he has some refining of his game to do. The good news is, he's a South American streetfighter and is surrounded by great pros (including fellow South Americans), coaches and a world class training environment. As long as he can avoid serious injuries, there's no reason he cannot evolve into one the best forwards in the game.

19 Jul 2022 10:44:26
FlyPelicanFly we did sell mane isn't he a big name?

19 Jul 2022 11:08:58
C0ffan - agree that he is technically a big name (and legend) that was sold, although maybe not for a fee we'd ordinarily value him at due to age and contract length. But you're right.

19 Jul 2022 11:35:19
I love it when other fans do stuff like this - it’s mostly them just showing they are worried because they suspect the player is good. Everybody outside of Liverpool fans would want to play down how good he is. In the same way everybody outside of Man City would want to play down how good Harland. Ishtar be and in the same way that everybody outside Man United fans plays down how good Maguire is. Well perhaps not the last one as Harry is abysmal but you get what I mean?

People don’t want other clubs’ players to be good. It’s always been the case and always will. It has no real bearing on what the player is actually capable of doing.

19 Jul 2022 12:21:09
Now Ed014 you know we are not allowed to talk or think about U"*+#d otherwise Stand will be onto us again mate?.

{Ed014's Note - and it will show you’re worried about them, apparently ??

I’ve just read Martial is like a new signing, I can already see them as Champions! ?‍♂️?

19 Jul 2022 16:11:11
He is a unnecessarily expensive signing though. We did not need a striker as such.

19 Jul 2022 16:33:35
Spot on, West Derby Wanderer. If your rivals ain't talking about you nor do not fear you, you're not relevant. We should see them squirming at what Nunes or LFC could do this season, as a compliment. I guess the rest of us are easily triggered into falling for rival fans' tweets.

20 Jul 2022 16:38:44
All the media hype is about how good Haaland will be but jury is out on Nunez. Both prolific at their previous clubs last season. Similar players in that they both like to run in behind. City and us will both have to adjust the way we play. Only time will tell what ends up happening w both but from the looks of Nunez so far, he's quick, powerful, physical, has a good shot, is getting into good positions and is working hard. No guarantees for either of them but given time I'm sure both will add viewing value to the PL. Just hope Nunez comes out on top.



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