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20 Jul 2022 23:53:03
Well that was a great game of Football, well done England to win in extra time. Love it when oposition players complain about time wasting and yet they all do it.

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21 Jul 2022 08:19:22
I've watched a bit of women's football before and without trying to be too negative i thought the standard wasn't the best and it just wasn't for me.

However last night i was at a works event and the England women's game was on in the background. I was catching glimpses of it and then around the 27th minute mark i sat down with my beer and watched it.

And what i realised was that England women's football is actually far more enjoyable to watch than England men. Yes the skill levels and abilities might be miles apart but the English women were braver and far more entertaining than watching 11 blokes pass the ball backwards and sidewards against part time waiters and taxi drivers.

I might not watch another game of these Euro's but fair play to the ladies they are doing their best to push their sport and from what i seen last night they are on the right track.

21 Jul 2022 10:18:09
I watched a few of the NI ladies games. Sure we got tanked every game and only scored one goal but it was a massive achievement for them even to get there. So a massive well done to them, a team of part time waiters and taxi drivers ?.

21 Jul 2022 10:29:48
I ended up watching it out of boredom and really enjoyed it.

No spitting every two minutes no rolling around in agony after the slightest touch no waving imaginary cards in the refs face . Great atmosphere to boot.

A few bits of skill as well. I'll be watching the semi for sure.

21 Jul 2022 10:29:48
I ended up watching it out of boredom and really enjoyed it.

No spitting every two minutes no rolling around in agony after the slightest touch no waving imaginary cards in the refs face . Great atmosphere to boot.

A few bits of skill as well. I'll be watching the semi for sure.

21 Jul 2022 10:57:41
Imagine watching football for the pure joy of the game …….

21 Jul 2022 11:31:24
seriously guys? I tried watching but the level is beyond a joke.

21 Jul 2022 12:20:48
Try not be so negative banpresto. They have many years of mens football to catch up on so of course it will not be of the same “quality” as mens but it’s no joke mate- it’s wonderful to see. Hopefully over the next ten years it really grows. And for Ireland to qualify for a few of the tournaments as well. That would be cool. What is nice is I’m seeing far more girls playing football with the young lads in my area. When I was a kid no girls played at all. So hopefully the seeds have been planted.

21 Jul 2022 11:45:37
Banpresto, I’d love to see you play against the England Women’s team. They would run absolute rings around you.

Nobody said they are as good as the mens team.

And neither do they have to be to make it enjoyable or competitive.

Asher Smith is an incredible Women’s athlete regardless of whether she would win the mens event.

You’re an old man, with old views.

21 Jul 2022 14:16:27
I agree Navy, my daughter has just turned 12 years old and been playing football since she was 4. She plays and practices everyday, her Keepy uppies record is well over 200. She played against boys her age in a league for a couple of years and never looked out of place, she has just signed for a championship team. When people and teams are achieving great things, there’s always someone waiting in the wings to criticise and put people down. Shame really.

21 Jul 2022 15:26:47
JK23, I have been watching a couple of games in this tournament as well (been watching women’s footy for years) and I must say, the games I watched were very entertaining. Free flowing, no diving/ play acting like make footballers engage in and so on.

Watched the Belgians play the French and that French team have skill, pace, the physical fitness and athleticism would put some lake teams to shame. The Belgians may not be that great BUT they make up for it with their grit, determination and will to win. Looking forward to the next round of games.

21 Jul 2022 15:55:42
They wouldn't run rings around me because i used to play u-21 international football until my career was ruined by injuries. We played the Norway women's team in a friendly and won 11-0 with the u-18s, back when the Norway team was the worlds best. Don't talk about things you know nothing about.

21 Jul 2022 16:22:33
If you don't like it don't watch it and don't comment on it. Neanderthal.

21 Jul 2022 17:39:48
Agree with Banpresto mens football and womans are like 2 different sports I like watching football for the little things that many football fans don't understand which the womans game sadly doest have.

21 Jul 2022 17:48:29
Old man? am 35, and i have 2 daughters who play handball and football. you guys are a bunch of softies. would hate going into a battle with any of you. i guess truth really butt hurts, i have played with some of the best women footballers of all time and they were great but if you think they could hack it in mens football then the world is literally getting dumber and dafter by the minute. Am a petroleum's engineer so if you think you're insulting me by calling me a Neanderthal you're only insulting yourself because they used to live in Asia and Europe, am originally from Africa so there you go ''smartass'' None of you loves or appreciates women as much as i do, so please stop talking about things you know nothing about because its embarrassing.

21 Jul 2022 19:06:28
I don't think many would suggest women could hack it in the mens game. Maybe you could appreciate the effort, desire and passion if not the skill factor? Most posters were happy to see the "positives" in the ladies game.

21 Jul 2022 20:22:55
I don't think women's football is particularly good and I don't watch it but I don't go online and complain about how bad it is. If people like it and want to talk about it then let them. No one gives a crap about your opinion.

21 Jul 2022 20:57:21
Why are people comparing women’s and men’s football - they are two different things.

@Banpresto, do you have a date for the U-21’s taking on the Norwegian women’s team? Back in the day men and women weren’t allowed to play in the same game as it was banned by the FA.

22 Jul 2022 04:14:39
Time to shut down all opinions you disagree with. Calling him an ‘old man’ or ‘Neanderthal’ just shows your incapable of putting your argument across succinctly. Some enjoy womens football, some don’t. Either way, if ‘being positive’ involves refusing to criticize or debate then forums end up as back-slapping, echo chambers.
Hopefully, womens football becomes as entertaining and as popular as mens but right now it’s not the same standard in my opinion.

22 Jul 2022 09:03:38
Again, I don't think anyone has suggested it is of the same standard. You are pointing out the obvious. Maybe we shouldn't encourage ladies, golf, tennis either.



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