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24 Jul 2022 02:51:57
Hey fellas

Having a beer with the lads and as always we chatting togga

All this always just look at we can do is folly only a fool doesn't look at the oppositions strengths and weaknesses

Yes concentrating on your teams game is paramount but how can you be tactically astute and be one step ahead without looking at the opposition that's a blinkered approach

Anyway point to be made and argued with the lads here is firstly who is our main contenders

1. City obviously, they have bought well imo the obvious is haaland complete number 9 but they will have to change there approach in the final third to accommodate him

Me personally would have kept sterling but got to admire pep with his attitude if your going to moan about playing time then you can poke it

I really like the new kid Alvarez he is a player a real effective striker a gem in my opinion he will make an impact if he gets game time

2. Chelsea

Look it's like this with Chelsea they always going to compete always coz they got a great manager but they replacing like for like brought players in to bridge gaps for this season ie loosing rudiger bringing in koulibaly

3 spurs - not for me sorry will get top 4 under conte but a working progress until him and levy fall out

4. Arsenal - dunno these guys just flatter to deceive no leaders no captains we have 11 they have errrrrr non second tier for me

5. United - this is the wildcard of the season
They have brought in a good manager no doubt but is he as good as Klop pep tuchel conte no of course not can he be potentially yes

He will make all the difference if he can implement his ideas and is given time

Obviously they can't attract top draw players he knows this he's boxing clever with sighnings solid up and coming hungry players
Good strategy imo

The Ronaldo thing is an issue for him personally I'd drop him quicker than desperate hookers knickers as although he is still a great player he's not really going to fit the model and may do more harm than good

We need to destroy this team as quick as we can and upset the apple cart

Comments welcome

Oh and well done paddy and molly tonight x.

{Ed0666's Note - what’s Togga? And yes we’ll don’t Molly & Paddy. Let me ask you another question Togga how far do you see Molly & Paddy go in the UFC? Are they serious contenders for straps or just entertainers? I think the two of them are a breath of fresh air and I wish them well on their journey. They seem like really nice people. And also at this juncture we should give a thought to Aspinall who lost in the most heart wrenching fashion and wish him well on the road to recovery. That was shaping up to be a war because they came out trading. No way that fight was gonna go the distance the way it was looking.

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24 Jul 2022 08:35:13
It’s an open fans forum. If you want to discuss opposition then discuss them.

We have zero control over the opposition but what will come as a surprise to some people we also have zero control over our own team selection, formation and transfers etc.

The only time fans voices are heard is if owners believe that it could cost them financially ie the Super League and Furlough fiascos apart from that we’re just another lying customer.

24 Jul 2022 08:35:25

24 Jul 2022 09:48:50
I’m refusing to buy the new home kit until we buy a midfielder - should push them into buying one ?.

24 Jul 2022 09:51:41
I ain't heard togga for a while / scouse for footy.

24 Jul 2022 10:49:31
I’m interested to see how Chelsea do, post-Abramovich.
Their Summer recruitment so far has been sketchy and their captain wants to be elsewhere.
If they go to a 4 at the back, I think they’ll get mauled.

24 Jul 2022 11:22:10
WM 73. Save your money, team kits are for under 18s. There should be a law against grown adults wearing supporter strips.

{Ed001's Note - nothing nicer than a footie shirt to wear in a hot, humid country Bb. The material is perfect. I find it much sadder that a grown adult thinks that anyone should be telling someone else how to dress. There should be a law against that.}

24 Jul 2022 12:18:33
Hey ladies/ gents and EDs

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday etc

I don't normally engage in sports crossover discussion but because of the Liverpool connection with paddy and molly (and ED0666 posing the question) I shall give my unprofessional opinion

1. Molly - looking at her style and potential match ups? I honestly think she has a better shot at possibly getting a title shot should she work on her other disciplines. Unfortunately she has an absolute goddess of the game in Valentina (champion) who I've seen train while I was out training in Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket - what an absolute beast and honestly? I think molly would get spanked. Still think molly has the better chance of getting to the top

2. Paddy - while I'm enjoying the hype train, I have to say that his division is laced with absolute elite murderers! Added to that - I worry about paddy's in-between fights and lack of discipline ( notably his diet) . I hope I'm wrong but I can't see paddy getting into the top 5 but the UFC WILL do everything they can to get him there - HE SELLS GOD DAM TICKETS

Both fantastic for the sport but both in great divisions.

24 Jul 2022 12:42:55
Hello hailstones, i also have not heard togga (togger= toxteth spelling? ) on the oller? ( toxteth for waste ground or bombee) since i moved from L8 in 1964.

I was also on New Brighton Pier for the first time since my Parents used to take my sister and i for a sunday afternoon stroll in the late 1950/ 60s, looked across the mersey from the pier, at the back of two yellow cranes you can just see Everton's Old Ground (Goodison Park) and cannot fail to see LFCs new brick red stand its colossal and the sir Kenny Dalglish Stand opposite, but alas you can also see Everton's New Stadium at Bramley Moor taking shape (close ye eyes! )

24 Jul 2022 13:00:12
Not sure how you got to go on the pier seeing as it was demolished in 1975 007.

24 Jul 2022 13:24:42
Remember hours upon hours ov heads and vollies. Then bear ass for the unlucky ones.

24 Jul 2022 13:29:50
Where in L8 was ya 007 I used to live on Parkfield road of ullet Road.

24 Jul 2022 14:48:06
I wouldn't wear a new kit ed01, but I love the old retro kits, very fashionable in my eyes. Italy 70s top is a thing of beauty with a pair of quality sunglasses ??.

24 Jul 2022 16:34:25
Headers and volleys, haven't heard that one in a long time hailstones!
Sums up large quantities of my youth that. We were lucky enough to have a couple of guys that always wanted to play in goals too. That way they avoided us ripping the mickey out of them for being crap at shooting and heading.

24 Jul 2022 19:10:45
Paddy has a death row of absolute killers in his division to get anywhere near the title.

Oliveria, Islam, Dustin, Gathjie, Chandler, Dariush and there’s a lot more in there, Molly might be able to put a run together but I really don’t think she’ll ever get near the title.

24 Jul 2022 21:21:18
Don’t play myself Ed001 but my kid just started playing cricket, had to kit him out and the material of the tops is amazingly cool and literally drys within minutes after being washed. Don’t know if there are any decent looking cricket tops out there. Sorry for going off topic.

24 Jul 2022 21:59:05
Hello bakedbeanboy, You are correct the Pier has been demolished, i meant strolling along New Brighton Promenade. Do you reside over the water.

Hello hailstones, I was born in Devonport Street, February 1955 off Park Road, i have the District of East Toxteth on my birth certificate.

24 Jul 2022 20:37:52
Hello hailstones, I was born in Devonport Street off Northumberland Street in February 1955, to distinguish whether you was a Toxteth or Dingle lad as both L8, my mother told me that the white centre line separating the traffic on Park Road going up the hill towards Aigburth, if you was born on the left hand side of Park Road you was a Toxteth lad, if you was born on the right hand side of Park Road going down towards the Mersey and the Old Docks you was a Dingle lad.

Hi bakedbeanboy, my apologies i meant New Brighton "PROMENADE", you are quite correct the pier was demolished, that's why the Mersey Ferry no longer goes to New Brighton as the Pier was 180 metres long and went well into the river mersey, so the tide was no problem.

25 Jul 2022 09:54:32
Yes, 007, I'm in Wallasey, from the Leasowe estate originally and have live in Toxteth, Tuebrook and Clubmoor in my time.



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