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26 Jul 2022 20:39:52
Maguire is in the stands tonight watching England ladies v Sweden. He's hoping to learn a few tips on defending ?.

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26 Jul 2022 20:54:49
While as an Irishman I’ll never want england to win a tournament. I genuinely think it would propel the womens game forward by a decade if the lionesses win the tournament. Which would be amazing. It’s like taking a bit of pain for the greater good.

26 Jul 2022 21:24:28
It is the first time I have enthusiastically supported England for as long as I can remember. No diving or cheating as well! As Russo just backheels into the net. They have done themselves proud.

{Ed014's Note - that was a beauty!

26 Jul 2022 21:36:25
Its amazing what an England team can do when thier manager doesn't select 14 right backs in the squad, playing 3 in the starting 11, leaving out the best one they actually have, whilst only playing 2 attack minded players in the other 8 players on the pitch. Just saying Gareth, just saying.

26 Jul 2022 21:47:35
Any interest in Russo eds? ?

What a game to score a goal like that, I hope the games a sell out Sunday and they can hopefully go one step further then the men. It'll be huge for the women's game and inspire plenty of young girls.

Also i'd be 99% sure that there won't be any numpties with flares up their bum prior to the game either!

26 Jul 2022 22:09:01
Wouldn’t it be awesome to have two teams to be keeping an eye on- I wait for the day when ed2 says rtfp to a clueless poster off Twitter about a new right back for the ladies team.

26 Jul 2022 22:13:37
Crowd and players did us proud.

26 Jul 2022 22:26:02
Well what a game can't for Sunday, on Holiday with my lad and his mate and they just love watching England Women play, we watched the Norway game last night. I think thr wife has had enough now, good job we're going home Thursday. Good Luck to England.

27 Jul 2022 00:30:47
I think the standard of football since I first watched England women (2005 euros? ) has improved so much it's unrecognisable. The standard of goalkeeping is still questionable though, I mean that Swedish keeper was just awful lol. But other than that womens football is very good now.

Good on them, I hope it keeps improvimg.

27 Jul 2022 04:37:06
Yes, likewise very impressed with the game and the England players.
Why do the women have to mimic the men though, tattooed up, cliche-ridden football speak?

27 Jul 2022 07:52:57
Lol. You guys are really funny.

27 Jul 2022 07:58:28
I’m pretty sure they make their own minds up about tattoos.

27 Jul 2022 08:15:27
As proud as I am of the Lionesses, take the rose tinted specs off. The quality of of the football is lower than third tier. Not being derogatory, it’s a fact.

27 Jul 2022 09:23:03
I'll be glad when it's over. Nothing but agenda driven BS in the world of sport these days. Be glad to see SSN reporting back on the mens football. Probably get beat on penalties in the final by Germany anyway.

27 Jul 2022 09:58:22
Frode, I don't see how you can compare it to the men's personally or why it matters. Its not like they compete against each other.

It is two different disciplines in my eyes in the same way it is with Tennis.

27 Jul 2022 09:58:35
Back to the solid mainstream BS agenda that we feel comfortable with lead, as ever, by Gary and Jamie on Sky - can’t wait.

27 Jul 2022 10:23:46
Well, that is a derogatory statement Frode Kippers.
When the level of investment in training, fitness, management, pay etc., hopefully gets to the same level as the men's game, then it wouldn't be 'third tier' would it.
Please keep comments like that to yourself.

27 Jul 2022 10:25:32
And another veiled, sexist comment from Incredible Bulk. How about putting your own BS agenda to bed and grow with the times. maybe stop living in the 70s?

27 Jul 2022 10:38:54
I think the investment in women's football really shows between the teams - the England team is actually good, they play some nice football and the goalkeeper has obviously been trained. however, you can clearly notice the difference with countries that maybe haven't had the same level of investment and training. Taking nothing away, but that Swedish team and some of the others have been truly awful, just blindly kicking the ball. The Lionesses are clearly a step above most teams and credit to this country. There is a tough opposition in Germany potentially waiting, but they should go on and win this tournament.

27 Jul 2022 11:29:22
I think one or two of you boys need to be put on a course by HR. ?.

27 Jul 2022 12:58:45
Not bothered about mens England, let lionesses - The thing I find weird is all the pony tails running around looking for the ball…. Just an observation

Having said this, I watched bits of the game last last and credit where credit is due, they played well!

@aoe I concur - except, as an English man, I feel the same about Ireland not winning the six nations or RUWC - I specify as rugby union, as it’s probably the only proper sport you’re any good at :-) :-) :-)

27 Jul 2022 13:11:18
Feel like a few months ago everyone on this page hated the England national team and didn’t support them now it’s the womens you do ?.

Anyway well played to the ladies, I’ve watched all the games live at MK stadium and going tonight to watch the other semi final it’s been a pretty good standard of football hopefully this inspires the younger generation.

27 Jul 2022 13:27:35
And that Kloppers, is exactly the main thing. Who cares if the standard isn't amazing, it's great to see so many young girls getting involved. My cousins girl just singed her first contract with Everton women's team and she was absolutely delighted. If we can encourage more people into the game, that will only be a positive.

27 Jul 2022 13:38:19
100% Stuie my two nieces are obsessed with it now which is lovely to see, congratulations to your cousin daughter wonderful achievement to be signed to a team.

27 Jul 2022 17:03:50
People are allowed thier opinions bakedbean boy, it is a chat forum, I know plenty of people who don't like it and I know plenty who do. Frodde didnsay he was proud of them but didn't enjoy the quality. Nothing wrong with that at all.

27 Jul 2022 17:18:17
it’s probably the only proper sport you’re any good at :-) :-) :-) .

Did you not see limerick and galway hurling last weekend Drogie - now there's a sport!

27 Jul 2022 18:52:08
And Kerry bringing it home. About time too.

27 Jul 2022 21:55:25
I don't watch either F1 or Boxing but I have seen numerous articles on both sports on here over the years. When I see these posts I don't feel the need to tell people why I don't like these sports, I just move on.

27 Jul 2022 22:38:46

Not exactly sure what is sexist about my comment. I'm far from sexist. I love women.

I would just prefer if this tournament, and the relentless blanket coverage and agenda driven pushing of it disappeared. Womens sport has been around for decades, now all of a sudden it's the in thing and everyone's on about it in the media? Most woman don't even like football. And they certainly don't like woman's boxing and woman's rugby either, all of which occupied all the sport channels at the same time the other day. Women punching up other Women? There may be a certain demographic that likes that sort of thing, but i won't go there as not to hurt your sensitive eyes.

27 Jul 2022 23:28:30
Drogie - it's just weird to you because it's now something you'd normally see in men's football. good lesson in subconscious bias and stereotypes.

28 Jul 2022 03:43:37
Women’s football isn’t the same as men’s football, in the same way that boy’s football isn’t the same as men’s football. So judging one form of the game with another is about as sensible as comparing apples and oranges.

Disparaging one based on a comparison with something else is ludicrous and says more about the person making the judgement than the game itself.

Deciding that there is a (sexuality based) agenda because a major tournament is in the public eye and has captured the public’s imagination is also ludicrous unless, of course, it turns out that after the European. Championships are over all social media will focus specifically and solely on women’s football.

At the end of the day, rather than conjure up ‘agendas’ and conspiracy theories, why not just hit the off button?

28 Jul 2022 06:07:29
Well done to your niece stuie. I think you might be on to something with the investment and training thing.



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