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28 Jul 2022 05:19:42
When will people learn to not take pre-season games too seriously? It's unbelievable that we have to go through the same moaning every single year!

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28 Jul 2022 07:32:16
By your rationale it’s a pointless exercise. It’s not a cut and dry scenario.

28 Jul 2022 08:22:25
The only point is fitness and trying out new things. Deciding how our season is going to be based on some pre season games has and will always be futile.

Last year United were apparently going to compete with City and Chelsea for the title and we were going to battle for top four because we hadn't made any "marquee" signings. Look at how that turned out.

In Klopp we trust.

28 Jul 2022 08:29:53
Talk about misinterpreting a post!
td is spot on, it's a pre-season friendly purely for fitness but the way some folks react you'd think it was a CL final.

28 Jul 2022 08:33:24
It is there to raise the fitness levels of the senior players and for academy/ fringe players to show what they can do. They are not games that are there to be won. If they were, then we wouldn’t be putting out sides comprising 50% of players i’ve never heard of, would we.

Every single flippin year this happens. They are NON COMPETITIVE FIXTURES, which means that when you go down the park or 5 a side pitch and have a kick about with your mates, you are probably trying to win with more purpose and drive than any Liverpool team does in the average friendly.

Whether the result is good or the result is bad, it absolutely does not matter. It is not football in any real sense at all. Every year, we lose or draw loads of pre season games, and every year, we’re completely fine and ready for the start of the season. I can only assume that people spend too much time on twitter and see brain dead imbeciles having a laugh at our expense because we lost a pre season game, and then get their feathers ruffled because somebody was mean about their football team, without stopping to think as to whether it’s something they should be annoyed about at all. It certainly happens on the transfer front more than enough.

Come on guys, use your heads.

28 Jul 2022 08:47:13
@Frode, nobody said pre-season is pointless. It’s actually essential, for conditioning, match fitness, playing to new systems and practice sing tactics. It’s also an ideal place to practice new formations and to ch3ck 5he progress of promising youngsters.

The purpose of pre-season is to ensure, as much as possible, that we are ready for 5he start of the PL season.

What isn’t a priority is the scoreline in pre-season matches, win, lose or draw.

28 Jul 2022 09:20:16
Frode Kippers, nobody cares about the result of a worthless preseason game, if they had any sense. The fact that people have to explain the objectives of the preseason exercise/ games, is jarring in it of itself BUT moaners are going to moan I guess. So if you are here to moan about the worthless result of a preseason game then, have at it.



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