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28 Jul 2022 10:36:29
What did Ancelotti say when we lost against Madrid? We knew what to do against liverpool! As we are predictable that's with our strongest current midfield .

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28 Jul 2022 11:47:05
2 of the 3 were barely back from injury for the CL final. I'd much sooner see Elliot, Carvalho and Bajcetic get game time than spend money for the sake of it.

28 Jul 2022 11:59:22
Hailstones, we’re so so bored of you repeating yourself everyday. It’s not going to change.

28 Jul 2022 12:36:02
It’s such BS.

“We knew what to do against Liverpool”.

That’s why the keeper was man of the match then - as the plan worked brilliantly.

Liverpool lost due to poor finishing. We had the chances.

28 Jul 2022 12:38:28
He knows nothing! We had a plethora of chances and Courtois had a blinder.

28 Jul 2022 13:24:34
A few of us Said same thing last year Hail. Don’t replace Gini and only time will tell if it’s a good idea etc.
We fell inches short of the League and UCL, and I think with this current midfield we will fall just short again. Unless! We’ve already signed him in Carvalho.

28 Jul 2022 14:10:08
That is our problem the fat italian thinks he discovered how to beat us well teams have been putting ten behind the ball for last five seasons . Our problem is we have not got a plan how to combat it like last night it ends up with us flapping and missing chance after chance if you can't get around them then have a shot from distance like Stevie G did for years not rocket science.

28 Jul 2022 15:46:26
It isn't just a midfield game tho.

28 Jul 2022 16:02:06
The "Stevie G shot from distance" worked well the day he fell over vs Chelsea at Anfield didn't it?

28 Jul 2022 17:04:12
Hailstones must be the new Harry. You do know that it was just Ancelotti trying to take the mick and play some gamesmanship in it after his team won, which is normal right? I mean, are you this bored to the point that you start posting nothing-subjects just to get a reaction?

So tell me what would he have known had we taken our chances and won the final? Would he have talked the trash he talked afterwards? So let me ask you this Hey Hailstones (and albeydered and LFC08)), what did Ancelotti say after he and RM got absolutely roasted at the Bernabeau by Barcelona 4-0 last season? I'll wait.

28 Jul 2022 17:55:07
Has Harry hacked your account Hailstones?

28 Jul 2022 18:38:51
No idea olired ??‍♂️ I never mentioned the bloke.
If we’re speaking about the final, we weren’t good enough to win the game. I was there, we coasted through periods of the match which was unlike usual Liverpool. Yes we had lots of shots on target but we came away from that game feeling like it was an opportunity not taken.
Had the legs gone because we played every possible fixture? Maybe? One things for sure, it felt like we could’ve done with replacing that midfielder that never got injured.

28 Jul 2022 20:42:00
You should just join in with the Chelsea fans next time they are obsessively singing about Stevie G Oh Mane Mane!

29 Jul 2022 00:24:18
And Norbert knew what Madrid would do. Most teams know all about each other these days.

29 Jul 2022 02:13:39
Actually, I think we should buy a midfielder - a man of mystery who would thwart the cunning Carlo’s calculation. What say you Hailstones?

29 Jul 2022 12:31:02
LiverpoolFC8, I see your points BUT to say one midfielder would have changed our whole season is so single-minded and so narrow-minded that it is not even worth debating. It's as if you are sayin that cos the club did not do what you wanted, any game they lose is due to that thing you think/ wanted to get done. Beggars belief really judging by the fact that we signed near NOBODY in the 19/ 20 season and strolled the league. See how context is NOT your thing?

I mean, the lack of context, awareness and critical thinking present in that way of thinking, is just mind blowing to the point of disturbing. BUT if that is what you want to believe then, have at it. Just keep in mind that Others do NOT subscribed to such "Zero-Sum" thinking and will not subscribe to such irrational think.

29 Jul 2022 12:36:48
I think at the elite level each team knows what the other is going to bring to game besides subtle strategy adjustments of course. but my point is that it really comes down to whether or not you can stop them or not on the day.

29 Jul 2022 12:58:47
Liverpoolfc8 you’ve just been replied to from the Ivory tower mate ?.

29 Jul 2022 14:11:24
I know JK ? what was that Oli? Haha
Like reading the terms and conditions on the back of a Turnip.
We looked tired in the final = maybe could’ve done with replacing Gini who was always fit. Just a thought, not a fact.



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