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28 Jul 2022 19:42:11
Nice to see JK appreciating the women's Euros. Im sure that will trigger those who do not rate the football, resent that women's football gets any air time and are infuriated that they have left thier kitchens and got themselves some decent coverage in front of big crowds.

So on Sunday when those of us that want to watch the game are watching and they are at thier members only, special hand shake lodges discussing how on Earth " that lot " got the vote and seething internally that they can't say that any more, im sure many of us will support and cheer on the team.

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28 Jul 2022 20:04:06
I think you’re the triggered one. Someone saying they don’t rate the standard of women’s football is not an issue. People saying the standard is great are evidently lying to themselves. I wish the women’s team all the luck in the world.

28 Jul 2022 20:42:52
I think the point is Frode that people who say they don’t rate the standard of women’s football do so because they compare it against men’s football which Is a pointless comparison- they are different things.

People who make the comparison and arrive at their conclusion also tend to infer that because ‘standards’ are different there is no entertainment to be gained from watching the women’s game, which is way wide of the mark.

Like I say if you don’t like it press the off button. Just my opinion.

28 Jul 2022 20:50:28
Can’t call a spade a spade nowadays for risk of offending someone. Womens standard is shocking, if they want the game to be taken seriously they need to make the goals smaller for a start. Some of the goals this tournament have been ridiculously bad. Anyway good lock to England on Sunday, hopefully they don’t bottle it like the mens team.

28 Jul 2022 20:56:38
But Frode sport isn't just about the highest standards is it? Otherwise why would we have the Championship? Shall we cancel that because they're not the very best? Or Sunday league? Or why should kids play football at all, because it's not the highest standard possible? You're saying that unless it's the best it has no merit. Why? What matters is competition on a level playing field. Football can inspire regardless of the standard. If you don't support it, fine. It's because you're invested in another part of the game. But this doesn't make your part of the game 'better', just different. If you can't accept that something different to what you like isn't worth anyone's time, then you have to realise the problem is with you. Sorry.

28 Jul 2022 21:49:16
Good standard. Bad standard I’d rather watch football with no spitting, far less cheating and running after refs like entitled little brats.

Oh and crowds not full of coked up tossers spewing their vile anger on people they have never met.

Men’s football could learn a lot if they opened up their bigoted little minds!

28 Jul 2022 22:12:23

Another one stuck in the 70s mindset. Is it really shocking? I think it is being taken seriously, except by pillocks like you. I bet they'd run rings round you.
As I said elsewhere, when investment in all forms equals the men's game, the standard, which isn't 'shocking' anyway, will improve.

28 Jul 2022 22:13:21
Women seem less hormonal than us men as well these days.

Good luck to both teams on Sunday night.

28 Jul 2022 22:16:45
Very good points 1jj and stoneage.

I was initially brought up on Irish League football in the late 70s and early 80s. Just because it wasnt as good as English League 1 didn't stop me supporting or enjoying it. I also think I have seen one person compare it to mens football at all.

Ladies football is in its infancy with room to grow and years to do it. It clearly won't get to the mens level but that's not the aim. More to improve and get more girls playing. Far better that than running the streets. I for one don't see a problem with that or giving it the encouragement it requires.

29 Jul 2022 00:28:49
It's called the people's game.
Not the men's game.

29 Jul 2022 02:00:02
I took my son to see our local team Kingstonian vs Hythe in the FA Cup.

Shockingly poor game.

A week later he was given tickets from his school to see Chelsea Women vs West Ham Women.

Far far superior technique, passing and ball control.

Only problem was Chelsea won 8-0 and we were in the Chelsea end.

Think I even cheered two of their goals.

I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me!

29 Jul 2022 02:05:54
Quite right Rigsby, but men are in charge and the good ladies should know their place ….

29 Jul 2022 08:02:57
In fairness the word mens game is only offensive if you want it to be or are looking for it to be.

Personally I took it as who plays it. If you said the womens game then I’d take it that women were playing it not who is watching it. Ie it’s the womens euro final game on Sunday night not the peoples euro final ?.

Otherwise how would we determine what Mens, womens or junior football etc were if they were all the peoples game. 100% all are the peoples game for supporters but not participants.

29 Jul 2022 09:02:31
Karsten Braach is the proof no matter how much investment into the women's game there is it will NEVER reach any level close to the men's game. Its just science and biology. Some of you seem angry at evolution, its hilarious.

29 Jul 2022 10:48:03
There are many categories of the people's game to help us discern who is playing. Look above and you'll see this is the Liverpool page.
There are also many categories for the many different levels of quality of football. They have leagues and tables for the differing levels of quality.
It's the people's game not the people who can play to a certain level's game.

29 Jul 2022 10:49:51
Ed can we get a vote going who's gona watch it and who's not.
Be interesting.

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

29 Jul 2022 11:07:04
@Banpresto, you are missing the point that some of us are trying to make - the women’s game isn’t trying to be the men’s game. It is the women’s game and has it’s own scope and limitations which are different than the scope and limitations of the man’s game. Like you say, one of the differences is biological, which is just another reason why the women’s and men’s game can’t be sensibly compared. BUT, just because they are different doesn’t mean both versions of the game can’t be entertains within their own context.

29 Jul 2022 11:21:48
Rigsby is the peoples game similar to the peoples elbow?

29 Jul 2022 11:58:01
I don't think it justifies the hype at all and saying don’t compare the two is just a nonsense remark. It’s like saying that fillet steak isn’t comparable to flash fry steak. Sure, they’re different but they’re still steaks and one’s much more preferable to most people.

But yes, it’s women sport so naturally, there is a massive push in all forms, because that’s the thing to do these days. Has anyone seen the ridiculous coverage of women’s sport on the BBC website? It’s like, hey you know all that sport you used to like and was easy to find out about? Now you have to go searching amid the myriad of stuff no one watches, reads or cares about.

I wish the ladies all the luck in the world, I genuinely do, but instead of forcing the promotion of something that will never be as successful, maybe promoting things like hockey or netball, you know, long established successful women’s sports might be a more interesting or innovative route to go down.

I’d be really interested to know the viewing figures/ spectatorship in terms of male to female ratios. Are women going to tune in to justify it or are men expected to pick up the slack? Cause i just don't think watching sport is as popular a pastime for women, in general.

(By the way, “i know plenty of women/ girls who…” comments still won't make a dent in the proportion of male to female representation/ participation/ spectatorship) Prove me wrong.

29 Jul 2022 12:11:02
So. Banvesto. where do you stand on disabled football? That's also biology and if you're a bit religious or dim, evolution. How about letting people play their game. If you don't want to watch it. any of you. fair enough. Then we won't have to read or listen to the prejudiced bleating from "superior" beings.

29 Jul 2022 12:21:39
Frode Kippers so just cos people disagree with your stance on the level of women's footie they are lying to themselves? You do know that anyone's assessment is based on their opinions and not an exact science, right? Yeah, context is clearly not your thing.

For me, I've been watching women's footie since the 90's and the standards from then to now, is night and day. The technical ability, fitness levels, endurance etc. of the women's game now makes it a lot better to watch than it was decades ago. That much is clear, IMO.

Also, saying that the women's game will never reach the standards of the men's game and using it as a reason to denigrate the women's game and the strides they have made over the decades, is just ludicrous thinking. As if you could compare the two. My goodness.

29 Jul 2022 12:34:26
People, men, just need to admit that when they talk about the women's game being not that good, that they are comparing it to the default setting in their head which is the men's game. If you can get over that part of your subconscious, which isn't that hard I promise, then you'll start to enjoy the game. if it's too hard then it's probably better to not watch and stick to what you enjoy.

29 Jul 2022 12:57:21
Some people must be living 28 hour days the amount of football they claim to watch.

29 Jul 2022 14:00:49
Frode Kippers, Im not triggered, im chilled as owt me . that's because I don't get wound up at someone saying they like watching womens football. It was the gaffa who praised the standard btw, im sure he would have time and tolerance for you if you wanted to tell him he's wrong.

29 Jul 2022 14:40:35
I know bugger all about it lol but good luck to the ladies, they've done very well. I haven't watched a game and probably never will but they deserve the respect given.

29 Jul 2022 17:30:26
The most hilarious part of this argument is the thought that all mens football is better. Newsflash, it’s not.

Yes the ladies are not at the levels of the elite men yet but their game in real terms is decades behind.

I actually think the progress the ladies game has made has been fairly impressive and the standard at the Euros has been good.



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