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30 Jul 2022 02:37:47
Our midfield is getting some bashing for some time but let's cop on. let's say we crept over the line and done the quadruple last season then there wouldn be any criticism. we were so close and f#cking brilliant all season that I think our midfield should be shown more respect. if we were that bad in an area of the pitch that's so important then we'd never have been in the mix for everything til last few games so let's just calm down an appreciate what we've got. i was born 1985 an before klopp I only witnessed the odd cup success so everyone needs to take a step back an just be grateful for this team that klopp put together and stop bit#hing.

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30 Jul 2022 07:31:18
I don't think anyone is bashing our midfield, it's just to get ahead of city I and a lot of others feel we need another top class midfielder. Any other era you wouldn't need 95pts to win league but unfortunately that is the standard we in at the minute. Also keep in mind fab, hendo and thiago will all be going to world Cup and all will go til latter stages probably. Hopefully bajectic comes threw in that 6 position and proves we don't need to buy there.

30 Jul 2022 07:39:44
The moaners want a midfielder. They have forgotten where we were a few years ago playing Shelvey, Poulsen and Spearing….

30 Jul 2022 08:08:44
@Digger, seriously mate? Nobody has a go at Ox or Keita or Jones? Really?

30 Jul 2022 08:21:55
We have 9 midfielders which is plenty. All of them are of the same quality so it doesn’t matter if Thiago and Fab start the big games or Ox and Naby start. All are big fan favourites.

Posters don’t want us to sign sign a new midfielder as it would make far more financial sense to give Naby and Ox new big salary long term contracts. We’ve had far too many shiny new toys of late ?.

30 Jul 2022 09:14:27
Wdw. Yes your right them 3 players do get a lot of stick. What I meant was our midfield as a group is v good and if we weren't up against city we would have no call for another. I think our defenders and our attackers are better than city but where city have the advantage is midfield. De bruyne, silva, rodri, gundogan etc are better than our group and it where we should be trying to improve. it not a matter of throwing toys out or being spoilt it's just where u would like to strengthen so you can overtake your rival.

30 Jul 2022 09:18:07
Think of the utter shame that will be heaped on the club if we don't win the trabsfer window. Tw@tter will implode for starters.

30 Jul 2022 09:23:55
What we almost did last season was exceptional and should not be understated.

However, in comparison to 18/ 19 and 19/ 20 we had some flaws creep into our game that need to be rectified. Whether that be on the training pitch or with additions, we’ll see.

Ljinders interview on LFC site tells me that they have identified two of the issues. So that is comforting. Let’s see if they get rectified.

30 Jul 2022 09:48:47
We have Jones, Elliot and Carvallho who will benefit from the minutes.

30 Jul 2022 09:53:06
No one is saying we were that bad.
The midfield was good but lacking depth. Who knows, a bit more depth could have helped us win all four.
Saying that, I was very happy with the team last season. The likes of Ox and Keita don't do enough for me but they are our players and I want them to do well.

30 Jul 2022 10:00:47
JK, really? All 9 of them are of the same quality? Naby, Ox, Hendo for ex. are of the same quality as Thiago? Yikes!

30 Jul 2022 10:20:36
On seconds thoughts I probably wouldn’t say all 9 are of the same quality. I think Naby is probably our best midfielder due to his age and ability to stay fit.

I think our 3 best DM’s are Fab but closely followed by Jones and Elliot. I’d then love to see Milner have a crack in the 10 role as i think he would bring creativity to the side similar to what KDB does for City.

If I had to sell one it would be between Hendo and Thiago as I just don’t see them getting many minutes this season.

30 Jul 2022 10:32:17
Fabinho, Henderson and Thiago may well all be going to the World Cup, but they're not starters for their countries and often only play bit parts, particularly Henderson and Thiago.

30 Jul 2022 10:36:31
Sure, buddy. Whatever you say.

30 Jul 2022 12:08:16
Play milner as a 10 and sell thiago or hendo? All I can say is thank god you are not manager.

30 Jul 2022 13:13:54
I can't JK. Those guys are taking you seriously ?. Your having a laugh over there, I'm sure about that.

30 Jul 2022 14:40:31
Martolfc of course I’m having a laugh mate I’d probably sell both Hendo and Thiago and play Allison in the 10 ??.

30 Jul 2022 15:08:33
JK you literally couldn’t have made it any clearer mate haha. Now at least we know for sure, some folks have NO sense of humour.

30 Jul 2022 16:40:14
Navy Keith who’s moaning? There’s nothing wrong with critiquing what we have and many believe the midfield lacks in areas, particularly goals. If you compare with City De Bruyne and Silva play consistently and contribute goals. Fabinho is world class and is a consistent player. However Thiago and Hendo don’t always play. Our subordinate players are talented but pale in comparison. Therefore suggesting we need a new midfielder that brings something new is credible.



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