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30 Jul 2022 22:28:44
What is this disgusting foam spitting Pep (slap Ed) Guardiola does on the bench actually looks like he is spitting on himself most of the time. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a manager to spit in the dugout! I understand if you are running about as a player. Pep is an animal imo.

{Ed025's Note - at least he doesn’t moan and groan at every decision SN. Unlike another manager I could mention who is turning into mourinho. Good manager no doubt about that but is turning into a nasty self centred prick imo.

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31 Jul 2022 00:10:27
Agree. Especially as C.V. is still about. Randomly spitting should be taboo and especially not done by televised so-called role models. It’s disgusting.

30 Jul 2022 23:16:04
Ed025 as much as I think your great on here. My favourite Ed after Ed001 btw. i feel that's just a unnecessary attack on Klopp. The post was in reference to Pep manky spitting thing he does, he also sits it on the end of his tongue aswell. I've noticed it for a while now it's rank! Your rant has 0 context to the original post mate. ✌.

{Ed025's Note - just venting mate. No big deal..

30 Jul 2022 23:27:22
Ed025, you'll find that "winning" will often turn managers (and players) into "self centered pricks" who thought they were above the rules and the game. There's a long list that must include Ferguson, Mourinho, Van Gaal etc, etc. Even your Lamppost was not that far away from it when he thought he had made it big at Chelsea. Now he's calmed down a tad since he's at a club of his level (snicker) . ?.

{Ed025's Note - I think your spot on ArAy. I’m just a sucker for nice guys I suppose. It must be the pressure because JK used to be a good guy. Unfortunately we have been seeing Mr Hyde for a while now and I’m not a fan..

31 Jul 2022 00:02:13
Bitter is an understatement for you Ed!

{Ed025's Note - I’m not you know waqas. I’m a big fan of most of the Liverpool players and have lauded JK since he came. But he has changed and not for the better. Maybe success makes your head swell? Like it has for Trent Alexander big head no bread in the house ?..

31 Jul 2022 00:12:53
Ed25 ? Newsflash: Football manager invested in team result complains at ref’s decision shocker! Seriously- name me one single manager who doesn’t do that?

{Ed025's Note - every decision though stoneage? Come on mate you can’t abuse officials like that mate..

31 Jul 2022 01:20:36
Bit far that isn’t it Ed? Nasty? Not sure that’s a word used for klopp much?

{Ed025's Note - I never thought so myself mate…disappointed much..

31 Jul 2022 01:50:18
You are straying from banter into being a bit bitter Ed25.

{Ed025's Note - never bitter WDW. Just very disappointed mate..

31 Jul 2022 06:59:26
Klopp is a legend no doubt about it but Ed025 has a point and I know neutrals that say the same. Klopp has already started moaning about the fixtures even though other teams are in the same boat or worse off and he is more irate on the touch line re decisions than before. Arteta and his team are the worst and Lampard ain’t no better than Klopp for ranting but no point in thinking Klopp is a saint on the touch line or you just come across as defensive biased arrogant fans. Great result yesterday and looking very good for the season ahead.

31 Jul 2022 06:29:43
Smells bitter ed25.

{Ed025's Note - no mate. Purely sadness at how a man I admired has gone down hill faster than a fat kid on a slide..

31 Jul 2022 07:53:42
In what respect mate? You think he likes a moan now?

{Ed025's Note - I think the pressure has made him lose the plot a bit marty. He’s turned into a fergie or mourinho where he badgers the officials constantly and it’s not a good look imo..

31 Jul 2022 08:17:54
Ed025 very bitter mate indeed. I think Klopp got animated when someone went in high on Trent and caught him, very dangerous tackle I don’t even think player got booked. And you also say it’s gone to Trent’s head a bit? Jesus man I really hope the mighty Ev have something to shout about soon other than avoiding relegation as your turning very grumpy yourself ?.

{Ed025's Note - klopp was nowhere near the incident DTD and abused the official which was out of order. Trent lost the ball and rolled around like a little girl to get the decision mate. Nothing new..

31 Jul 2022 08:26:19
Klopp is clearly very passionate and argues every decision in the touchline without the benefit of replays so I can see Ed025’s point here. I do find though that once he’s calmed down after a game he tends to be more measured and freely admits the emotions do get to him. Yes it can be seen as a negative but his passion is part of what makes him a great manager. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some stiff in a suit like Wenger or Ancellotti just isn’t LFC.

{Ed025's Note - I will have passionate Westwood but there is a line. Abusing officials is not a good look and there is a middle ground. We don’t need robots or abusers..

31 Jul 2022 08:44:38
You're proper on one today ed25! You feeling the love for liverpool today mate!

{Ed025's Note - I like the team marty and most of the players. But I have a duty to be honest mate ..?

31 Jul 2022 08:48:05
Ed025 Trent went down as the end of his foot was kicked mate and actually looked quite painful, did you not see that? Klopp was animated at the intent of the tackle. Tbh it’s typical this is the longest thread on here mate still ongoing the day after we’ve won a football match . Come on mate try to lighten up a little, we get you don’t like us much but you clutching a bit trying to create negatives from very little.

{Ed025's Note - he never touched mr wonderful actually DTD. Simulation and overreaction is killing the game mate..

31 Jul 2022 09:59:00
Ed25 fat kids go very slowly down slides as they get stuck ?.

31 Jul 2022 14:25:51
How did this get to Klopp when the op was talking abour pep spitting? Ferguson did exactly the same spitting next to nothing all the time, dirty habit, Mancs.

31 Jul 2022 14:33:58
I have yet to see a manager at a top level club who didn't complain to officials over every decision they make. Klopp is not an exception. Every one of them do it. Some are just more animated.

31 Jul 2022 13:25:14
Ed025 - it sounds like you were actually on the pitch yesterday - Klopp couldn’t see things from the coach’s box at pitch side whilst you, I presume not actually in 5he ground could see stuff quite clearly.

If you want to look at managers speaking out of turn what about Fat Frank Lamppost being fined by the FA for his hysterical outburst about cheating officials after the last Derby match. Nothing you have said on this thread has anything to do with banter, which is a shame.

{Ed025's Note - 2 wrongs have never made a right WDW. I think officials have it tough enough without being abused by egotistical cranks..

31 Jul 2022 17:17:32
Ed025 remember that the next time Frank goes after an official or opposing manager.

{Ed025's Note - I will berate him as well stone. I don’t like bullying in any of its forms mate..



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