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31 Jul 2022 21:01:03
Actually feel sorry for the Anfield crowd today, who've paid for tickets to watch a load of players they've never heard of get beaten, and missed seeing a historic England Euros win in front of a record Wembley crowd to boot. The crowd is so flat you can literally hear one child chanting away! Whose idea was it to organise this game the day after the CS anyway?

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31 Jul 2022 21:10:58
Side notes:
1. Milner is a machine. 2 games in 2 days.
2. Musialowski looks a real talent.
3. At least the Anfield crowd get to enjoy watching Klopp ‘contest every single decision’ ?.

31 Jul 2022 21:13:51
Why would scousers care about England?

31 Jul 2022 21:21:16
Think it was £27 for a ticket as well.

I think we all knew it would be a weakened team but that’s bordering on a **** take.

31 Jul 2022 21:29:14
Awful and even disgraceful scheduling. Why weren't Keita and Jones involved? I would be furious if I had traveled across the country or even from abroad, paid money to enter that stadium, and watch U23's play. And if I was Strasbourg, I'd be furious to travel abroad to play young kids, even if it is a friendly. Sometimes the money-grabbing is so blatant.

31 Jul 2022 22:14:02
Oh Mane Mane, I'm fairly sure a scouser and one of, if not the greatest player we have ever produced captained England. So there's one scouser that cared about England, unless of course Stevie was faking it for 10 years.

31 Jul 2022 22:51:43
Very strange to arrange this fixture and only play who they did. There’s also another friendly next Sunday after the Fulham game.

The more interesting part for me is Elliot and Carvalho have played far more minutes in the front 3 in Pre season than they have in midfield. Perhaps that’s where Klopp sees them because it’ll be harder to trial them (especially Carvalho) in midfield during competitive matches. There’s only 1 league cup match prior to the World Cup as well.

31 Jul 2022 22:54:09
Musialowski is a top dribbler. He s got a lot to add to his game and hopefully he will.

What really stood out to me in this game and really was harvey Elliott.

31 Jul 2022 23:46:53
I was there tonight and yes it was an awful game. It just looked like a game that was through together at last min. We had 5 subs to pick from and players out of position And my biggest disappointment was they never even show the shield that was won just 24 hours ago. Considering the ground was full of kids I thought it would have been the minimum they would do.

31 Jul 2022 23:51:51
I mean anyone with a brain could see this was always going to be 2nd and 3rd string players? Are these windups?

31 Jul 2022 23:55:37
The game was played to ensure ALL the squad got as many games in their legs as possible leading into the start of the PL.

The club published details of the pre-season fixtures a few weeks ago so the dates were known.

It gave some fans a really good opportunity to see a live game at Anfield - an opportunity that might not be available / affordable come the PL and CL matches.

Still, good to see that we can still find something for the club to take as lessons learned for next pre-season eh?

01 Aug 2022 00:33:40
Klopp said when it was arranged he expected to be a able to field a team like todays, also featuring Jota, Naby, Jones, Tsimikas, one of Firmino/ Nunez, Ramsay, Ox. Making it a much stronger team, but due to injuries and niggles it became a team of kids that unsurprisingly were not able to be competitive against a side that came 6th in France last season. Still gives a run out to players that may be called upon in the early stages of the season, helping to ensure they’re fresh if required. Although the majority looked a way off ready for premier league action if being honest.

01 Aug 2022 01:14:13
We've done it nearly every season Klopp has been here. 2 friendlies in 2 days is nothing new anymore.

01 Aug 2022 07:28:22
Keita and jones were slated to play but medical staff pulled them. Weakened the team a lot. Hopefully konate is ok.

01 Aug 2022 08:41:49
It’s literally going to get to a stage on here where no one can post anything.

Stoneage you knew this game was happening so you should never have posted this thread in the first place and then no one would have given their opinions.

A debate site where people who debate are moaned at ?.

01 Aug 2022 08:48:42
It is what it is. Move on.

01 Aug 2022 09:07:28
I did a 12 hour round trip to watch it. We all knew it would be a weakened team but not that depleted. Luckily they showed the women's Euros in the concourse so we didn't need to miss it.
Only annoying thing for me was that I was sat behind that 'one child chanting away' as stoneage put it. The times he wasn't trying to start a chant he was shouting at his mates next to him so my ears are ringing this morning!
Game was pretty dead though with no striker on the pitch and no space to play in but at least it gives the youngsters a taste of how most teams will play against us this season.

01 Aug 2022 09:31:16
To be fair JK, some people just don’t see this friendly as an issue, that’s still an opinion and part of the debate. They should be allowed to say so.

Not sure why some people have to question other peoples intelligence to make their point though.

01 Aug 2022 10:15:50
Footyfan that’s the point mate. Everyone knew the game was going on but some posters decided to have a discussion about it, Klopp and the club clearly thought it was necessary but some fans have in their rights raised some questionable points ie cost etc.

Steveotto has probably given the best response as he’s given the reason why a lot of the first team squad didn’t play and for one it made me realise that when the game was initially organised Klopp was probably hoping to use more squad players.

We have zero bearing on transfers, selections and formations but we still discuss them. Are we pretty stupid for doing that.

01 Aug 2022 11:34:48
Brommers. your ears are ringing from the solitary child trying to sing? Firstly, why didn't you join in? It's sort of what you do when you go the match.
Secondly, best not go to a competitive match then as you'll be seeking medical help as noise levels are considerably louder at those matches.

Some people. Jesus.

01 Aug 2022 12:02:27
Oh Mane Mane
Lots of scousers are England fans … because we’re actually English!
I’m a Liverpool fan and I also support my country …
England . And I also proudly sing our National Anthem.
If some wish to boo our Anthem so be it … but there lots who want to sing it too!

01 Aug 2022 12:47:00
To be fair I do agree with the initial post. Plus If they knew it was going to be this team they could have gotten the senior squad or some members to turn up and parade the trophy at half time. The kids would have loved that. It was a poor decision by the club. Im lucky Im local but people travelled for miles for that. It was a complete own goal in my opinion. They're trying to inspire and encourage support and the next gen in young kids. let's show them their heroes at a home game hey. Anyways onwards to Saturday.

01 Aug 2022 13:30:43
Cheer up everyone, season's nearly started!

01 Aug 2022 16:09:01
JK not stupid at all for discussing transfers etc. That’s why we’re all here. I was just a bit confused about your first post. You seemed to be having a go at people disagreeing with the OP and said that it’s going to get to the stage where no one can post anything on here. Surely people can disagree with a post without it meaning that they think the poster shouldn’t have an opinion, or shouldn’t have brought the subject up? I may have misread your comments though. I agree with the majority of your posts so I may have just got the wrong end of the stick. Apologies if so.

01 Aug 2022 17:05:50
Footyfan easy to misinterpret a post mate and I think you’ve done that with mine or I’ve done it with yours and now I’m confused ?.

01 Aug 2022 17:21:49
Bakedbeanboy, lighten up a bit mate :-) . This kid was so annoying.
I've been to plenty of noisy (competitive) games and when everyone sings together it is great. When 1 kid screams in your ear for 90 mins it isn't.
No one else wanted to join in with the screaming either it seems. Lol.

01 Aug 2022 17:37:30
? Fair play JK. Let’s agree to agree.



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