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21 Oct 2023 19:25:38
Shout out to Elliott, another superb performance from the bench as he's done all season. easy to forget he's just 20.with him, curtis, grav, zsob nd Mac all 24 or under we are probably better equipped in midfield goinfg forward than any team in the league. even ahead of city.

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21 Oct 2023 20:55:04
But none of them get in City’s first 11. We need a top class number 6.

21 Oct 2023 21:25:47
The impact of our bench players has been phenomenal this season. Elliot probably the pick of the bunch. 100% agree Jude and the future is red.

21 Oct 2023 22:14:08
Who gives a toss about City?
Appreciate what you have instead of whining about what you want.

21 Oct 2023 22:59:19
Agreed on Elliot he’s been brilliant off the bench.

21 Oct 2023 23:26:57
Zsob doesn't get into Citys side? definitely does. and to be honest i think De Bruyne as the best around are coming to an end, becoming as injury prone as Thiago. Look citys midfield has been the best for a few seasons but we've signed 3 gems this summer.

22 Oct 2023 00:25:59
Unfortunately with macallister playing out of position and not playing to his potential I can't see how people think we have the best midfield.

22 Oct 2023 01:09:11
Regards Elliot, probably the best super sub since David fairclough. His best position atm is off the bench for me.

22 Oct 2023 01:21:08
Because somw of the football being played is faantastic, even though they hardly know each other. wat we've done to our midfield in a window is off the scales.

22 Oct 2023 05:35:03
Szob not in cities 11? You joined the Emirates group and started smoking?

22 Oct 2023 06:46:59
To be honest, our performance was as dull as it can be.

Now I understand why klopp selects over worked andy over tmisikas every sinle time. He was lucky not to get booked for stupid silly stuff he was doing.

Konate got real lucky and Klopp took him out correctly.

We are disjointed throughout. Mac has been total disappointment. looks like he is Milner at 40+ with his pace. Even then Milner would outpace him. Very poor.

Szoboszlai did not have a good game.

Only good thing is we got 3 points inspite of very poor performance.

22 Oct 2023 08:27:54
Not sure how many of our XI would get into AC Milan’s XI, and we know how that worked out.

Anyways, the team were great today and so far this season. Coveting another team as a measuring stick is asinine.

22 Oct 2023 08:39:22
Get real. Rodri, KDB, Silva are still the best around. We have some way to go yet.

22 Oct 2023 08:40:29
City’s starting midfield - Silva, De Bruyne and Rodri are 29, 32 and 27 respectively.

Our starting line up -Dom, Macca and Curtis are 22, 24 and 22

Granted Foden’s only 23 and Doku is 21 but the rest of City’s midfield isn’t much to shout about.

We are on the up and have RG @ 21, Harvey @ 20 and Baj @ 19. I know which group I’d prefer.

22 Oct 2023 08:44:46
Spot in Jude. what the management has done wrt getting this new look midfield gelling in such a short amount of time is fantastic.

22 Oct 2023 09:23:46
Some posters are never satisfied and belittled our players at every opportunity, who cares about Citeh and who they have.

22 Oct 2023 09:24:37
Mark and Walter with the most boring takes on here ?. Maybe you guys could cosy up on a WhatsApp group, fawn over City and slag our players off there.

22 Oct 2023 10:28:48
There is no slagging off going on. But you guys go to extremes. It’s a good start but let’s all it is atm. Something solid to build on.

22 Oct 2023 11:17:25
Jones and Elliot wouldn’t get into the city Arsenal or spurs 11 never mind mid! It’s not hate it’s my opinion! They have started the season well but plenty of time before the hangmen and keyboard warriors come out!

{Ed001's Note - but you are the keyboard warrior on here Jay. Before shouting your mouth off about them, go look in the mirror. You are the biggest keyboard warrior on the site by a long way. It is embarrassing to call out others for something you are far more gulty of.}

22 Oct 2023 12:24:12
Mark, constantly comparing and equating what we are or do to City is becoming tedious and downright cringe and obssessive. For the record, I don't care about City nor their players nor do I care if any of our players would walk into their team or "insert rival team lineup here" cos we don't play like City nor like other teams play hence, different systems needing different players. And NO, we are not trying to be like City hence, we don't have any ways to go, either.

And personally, Im not interested in playing like City cos if we were, we wouldn't have bodied them as much as we have under Klopp. We play the way we play with the players we have to fit the system deployed. The City comparisons need to do one. Godd grief!

22 Oct 2023 12:46:32
Never compared us to City this season, you do go way OTT Oli. I am nearly saying let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One other massive plus is VDD at near his best he makes a massive difference.

22 Oct 2023 12:51:18
maybe i should have said Arsenal?.

22 Oct 2023 13:18:37
Jones has started the season very well and Sob looks an excellent player and I’ve never seen a player cover as much ground and at the speed he does.

Elliot has looked good coming off the bench but would like to see him tried on the left as he cuts inside every time on the right and opposition know this.

Seen Endo live in our last Europa game and he looked a little off the pace with most of his passing going sideways or backwards. But in fairness the whole team were off the boil that night.

Mac is being asked to play his not strongest position and is doing lots of good things but also getting caught out as well.

Grav looks a player and will get better and better. All in all looking at results it’s been a very good start to the season.

Nunez has been excellent this year and his build up play has been impressive.

Despite Jota being the most unliked Liverpool player on the internet he’s extremely popular amongst the Anfield crowd on match day with his song being easily sung the most.

22 Oct 2023 13:36:42
Mark, if you don't know whthat is what you are doing, man so don't try to play with words here. You could go ahead and say we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves without saying "I don't see player X starting for City or any other team". Wat has that got to do with anything?

22 Oct 2023 13:42:32
Pressed send too soon. This is for Mark. If you don't know what a comparison is then I propose you look up the word. I don't care what City or any other club does nor do I care if any of our players will start for them or vice versa. And nobody cares about what happens last season either. Not anymore, at least.

Also people are not getting ahead themselves here, IMO. All we are doing is assessing the performance of the team overall and if people even want to get ahead of themselves then, let them. Again, the comparisons with City are boring now.

22 Oct 2023 13:51:21
@Mark, another way of looking at it is that we have been competitive in every game we have played since the season began. it’s not a good start it’s a team playing well. You give the impression that you are waiting for us to mis-step so that you can air your list of grievances.

22 Oct 2023 18:38:00
I don’t have any grievances. But the season has only just started. The op said we are the best equipped in midfield in the league. We aren’t yet. I think there are too many red tinted glasses on here.

23 Oct 2023 00:53:35
I don't care whether any of our midfielders would get into city's team. Its a team game and our mf is doing fine playing the way that Klopp wants (esp when you look back to last year) . One caveat about Grav - he looks good going forward but im still in 2 minds about his work off the ball particularly when defending. Personally Id like to see him work much harder getting back and putting in the hard yards. But its early days and maybe that's just him getting used to the team and how Klopp wants him to play.



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