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22 Oct 2023 11:24:42
Shocked that not more of being made of the tackle on Diaz. That's as clear a pen as the handball for me.

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22 Oct 2023 11:46:03
Clear contact, but thought it’d have been soft to award it. Ok non-call for me.

22 Oct 2023 12:07:42
OP, Im okay with the non call like Faith, as well tbh. I thought it was just the momentum of the Everton defender that blacked Diaz from coming back for the ball. Also, not sure Diaz would have reached the ball anyway due to how his momentum took him that far away from it.

22 Oct 2023 13:01:37
The ball doesn’t need to be at you feet to be given as a penalty.

22 Oct 2023 14:21:16
@IR, but that's not my point. Nobody can control their momentum in that situation whether it be the Everton player or Diaz (esp. with both players not being on their feet in that position) hence, incidental contact hence, no pen, IMO.

22 Oct 2023 14:31:10
The defender is responsible for his own actions, momentum or otherwise. It just goes to show that if you don't fall theatrically, then it's not given. It's a pen all day. There is far more contact there than the konate incident which people are suggesting is not just a foul, but a yellow. Puts it into perspective really given one is in front of goal n the other 70 yes away.

22 Oct 2023 15:11:40
Come on Oli that’s a clear penalty. If the attacker checks back and gets wiped out by the defender who gets all man and no ball it’s a foul no matter how it happens.

With that logic you could say Konate didn’t foul Beto as Beto didn’t have the ball and he was just running across him.

I think the question has to be had Diaz not been wiped out could he have got to the ball and the answer is a resounding yes. So it’s a foul and a penalty and I can’t believe VAR didn’t give it. Actually I can believe it because they are crap.

{Ed025's Note - if that pen was given against the Reds BP there would be hell to pay, he was shepherded out mate and the decision was totally correct imo..

22 Oct 2023 16:05:11
It wasn't a penalty for me. I thought it would have been extremely harsh if it was given.

22 Oct 2023 15:35:39
Just seen a video ed where his knee takes him out. its not diaz job to get outa the way. after seen this angle if it was given against us id hav had no complaints.

{Ed025's Note - if things like that get given every week Jude then we are in trouble mate, contrary to some ideas it is still a contact sport and we dont really want 20 penalties each game now do we..

22 Oct 2023 19:53:32
Ed, I'll go against you on this one. I think if Diaz throws his legs up in the air on contact, noone questions a pen being given. We see them given all the time. He doesn't play the ball but plays the man.
I'd like to see them not given, but they are and that's my issue. Why not on this occasion, but then he didn't give a blatant handball without var, where was he looking to not see that one? Similar with the chelsea pen. We see so many harsh ones, but arms so far away from body is a pen nowadays, both were so obvious 1st time viewing, it makes you wonder if var is creating more issues than it solves.

{Ed025's Note - the ref was a joke yesterday SS and how he did not give the Keane one immediately is beyond me, the Diaz one was the correct one for me mate and he should be in line for an oscar with that performance of being hurt, but its the way the game is now with players trying to con the officials all the time..

22 Oct 2023 20:36:46
Agree @Ed025. - it’s a contact sport and sometimes go wrong - humans make mistakes and accidents happen. The rules and directives are trying to weed out human error, it seems, which would / will considerably reduce the game as a form of entertainment. Obviously nobody wants to see deliberate foul play but deliberate foul play is a very rare occurrence.

23 Oct 2023 00:57:00
Shepherded out Ed? Come on mate it was a foul, Diaz checked back and he took him out. You see those types of fouls all of the time it was a clear penalty. Got none of the ball and all of the man.

I’m all for not giving soft penalties but anywhere else on the pitch that is 100% a foul so it should be in the box too.

I don’t even know why anyone would say it’s not a foul.

{Ed025's Note - im still saying it was momentum BP and would have been a very soft penalty mate, there is a trend in football now where every incident is scrutinized and supporters want penalties and free kicks for even the slightest touch, let the game flow ffs and stop these tutu wearing ballerina,s falling over and rolling around like they have been shot after every challenge i say..

23 Oct 2023 18:53:55
I get that Ed and wasn’t shouting too loudly when it wasn’t given. Sometimes you get them sometimes you don’t, it’s football. For me it should’ve been a pen but I can accept not getting it.

Just like the Konate incident. Sometimes you might get booked for that, sometimes you don’t but the way it’s been dramatised afterwards is just ridiculous. Tarkowski did a similar tackle on Jota and didn’t get booked either.

This trial by SkySports on every decision has to stop. It’s just not helping the game.

{Ed025's Note - its certainly not BP, all the after match talk seems to be about the referee or VAR nowadays, years ago it was always about the goals, the players and the great passes and tackles mate, its gone downhill since sky took over even though i do enjoy the televised matches..



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