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22 Oct 2023 14:00:12
Just feel that we need to let ex footballers run the game. Why do the people in charge feel the need to change the rules that basically mean any mistimed challenge means a yellow or red. Of course I'm happy with the 3 points but I just want to watch football when it's 11 vs 11. It's just ruining football as a spectacle.

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22 Oct 2023 15:05:50
You don’t need to be a former player to learn, understand, and enforce the rules of a football match. UK referees being bad at their jobs is down to the poor standards and low opacity of the PGMOL, not because former players aren’t involved in running the game.

22 Oct 2023 15:17:15
I’m with you Jgrant. As much as I was calling for You g to be sent off that’s only because of the ludicrous red cards we’ve been getting this season.

There was a time when a red card in a PL weekend was unusual but there were 4 red cards yesterday. It’s becoming normal for one team to be down to 10 men which ruins the game.

They need to raise the bar but can they now? If they now start to let things go then it’s not fair on the teams that have lost points because of soft red cards already this season.

They’ve made a rod for their own backs.

{Ed025's Note - i agree BP, not every mistimed tackle is a card mate and its ruining the game imo..

22 Oct 2023 16:16:59
Just taken a look at the other games played yesterday and there were four red cards given out, including the one given against Young. I didn't watch the other games so can't comment much on them but I thought Young's yellows, especially the first one, was extremely soft considering that the game had only just started. So I do agree that refs are being much stricter with the yellows and reds they are giving out this season.

On that note, have to say that Konate was lucky to not be given a second yellow as well. Klopp made the right decision to pull him out as he was getting more and more rash the longer the game played out.

22 Oct 2023 16:13:08
Absolutely Ed. It’s getting ridiculous and the clamour for a second yellow for Konate is a result of it. It’s never a yellow card and even less a second yellow (which always has had a higher bar than a first yellow) .

The problem is that refs have started to book people for less and send people off for fun.

We all want to see 11 v 11 and we’ve had 4 out of 9 games this season completely ruined by red cards that shouldn’t have been given.

The poor quality of officiating is really starting to have way too much impact on results on the pitch.

{Ed025's Note - its shocking BP and spoiling the game as a spectacle mate, if the tackle is dangerous or cynical then yes bring a card out, but they are being given for little clips and slightly mistimed challenges and its shocking, some of the greats who are not with us anymore would be turning in their graves..

22 Oct 2023 18:55:31
Before Young received his second yellow and after his first, he kicked the ball away after it went out of play, he also asked the ref to book a Liverpool player. Liverpool players have received yellow cards for both of those offences this season. I, for one have not got much sympathy for Young.

22 Oct 2023 19:25:13
Listen everybody is complaining about the standard of refereeing at the moment try refereeing and see how hard it is my complaint is and I am a referee for 33buears they see people on television getting away with things and think they can imitate what they see or get rid of howard webb biggest farce ever to referee how man of the refs played the game at what ever level the powers to be thank as they have a high profile job then they must be good referees how many at the top are working men ie posties binmen window cleaners working men a will wager none so there's the problem in . y eyes so opinions please ? people.

22 Oct 2023 20:54:11
Considering how brain dead the average ex-player pundit is, I'm not sure putting them in charge of refereeing is the best idea.

23 Oct 2023 05:56:09
You really want Robbie Savage and Gabby Agbonlahor running the game? Sensational idea.

23 Oct 2023 08:30:10
You really want Bernado Silva and Bruno Fernandez running a game? No such thing as impartiality with ex-players.

23 Oct 2023 10:57:06
Kramer, you can add Danny Mills to hat list.

23 Oct 2023 11:49:15
Hacker I agree with, when you think about Trent getting booked for throwing the ball back onto the pitch whilst being fouled Young should’ve seen a second yellow for kicking the ball away before he eventually did.

The problem is though do we really want that? They have brought these rules in to book players for minor indiscretions and if they follow them to the letter we’ll have 2 or 3 red cards per game.

Referees should be seen and not heard but they are having way too much impact on results at the moment. It’s like they believe they are the stars of the show when they are just there to make sure the rules are followed and allow the players to entertain us.

Based on this season so far Young had to be sent off but if you look at the 2 yellows Jota got then so did Konate.

A couple of seasons ago neither would’ve been sent off and we can actually enjoy a proper game of football.

23 Oct 2023 19:59:21
I'll take the opposing view here. as soon as players get used to refs making these decisions, we'll start to see yellow and red cards diminish. Sure, some of the decisions seem harsh but we're looking at it from a past point of view. If a few red cards can clean up some of the game (kicking the ball away, gesturing for cards, "professional" fouls, time wasting, etc. ), then I'm all for it. I'd like to see them given for crowding the ref too.

BUT, the refs need to be consistent across the board which they're not. if they raise the level of consistency then I have no problem with all these cards.



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