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29 Oct 2023 14:31:38
And there you go. Another week of some more highly questionable VAR decisions

I'm sure we'll hear loud enough about how incompetent the officials are.

I still stand by my previous comments. This is not incompetence. There is cheating and corruption at work here on some level. This cannot be incompetence.

Yes, I'm sure I'll get slammed by some, but I don't really care. It's too easy to point to incompetence.

When managers start using terms such as scandalous, then even they are starting to believe that there is more to just someone not being able to do their job properly.

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29 Oct 2023 16:02:34
I'm very suspect aswell JLC. I'm still convinced England should not be refereeing again this season. I too believe there's corruption, particularly him.

29 Oct 2023 16:14:53
What game are you guys on about?

29 Oct 2023 17:06:08
Guess they talk about the Newcastle one?

29 Oct 2023 17:25:06
Too much money involved for there not to be corruption.

29 Oct 2023 18:49:34
OP, what game are you talking about, pls?

29 Oct 2023 21:28:27
I think he’s referring to the penalty Newcastle got yesterday. Wasn’t a penalty by any stretch.

29 Oct 2023 21:59:41
Not a pen for newcastle yday, and not a pen for city today. DISGRACE. CORRUPTION?

29 Oct 2023 22:12:47
That definitely was not a penalty today at the Manchester derby. I'm wondering how fat those envelopes are. ?.

29 Oct 2023 22:41:44
It’s obvious. Someone is making a lot of money.
There’s definitely more fans who believe it’s corruption over incompetence.

30 Oct 2023 00:00:49
I also believe there's a lot of corruption going on, no doubt in my mind.

30 Oct 2023 01:03:45
I’d have to agree with that. These decisions can’t be anything else can they?

It’s starting to look like we have a real problem with corruption now but the rivalries between fans won’t allow us to pull together and call it out. If you complain about a decision you are just whinging or a victim.

All VAR has done is given already corrupt officials even more power to be even more corrupt.

I’m sick and tired of games swinging one way due to the officials. They are having way too much influence on the results.

30 Oct 2023 01:24:41
I'm referring to the Newcastle game AND the Burnley game

Go and read about those incidents for yourselves.

30 Oct 2023 09:02:42
didn't one of the pundits say 'if you give that as a penalty you have to give 3 every game'?

This is where the sheer lack of consistency is evident again. What is given one week is completely ignored the next, for example:
- the Caceido incident - was that not nearly identical to the Jones one?

We know folks this will happen next week and won't be looked at. The consistency is irritating though even more so is how so many of these wtf was that type calls actually favour City:
- the Rodri handball
- going back even further, the Sterling 'offside' - cost us the league that season too
- the penalty they got at Wolves (same season as Rodri one) . Every replay showed the Wolves defender jumped with his hand above his head. Ball hit his ribs. Penalty to City for handball
- that City v Arsenal match. So, so many decisions wrong - Arsenal should have had a stonewall penalty, Arsenal sending off strange too etc.
- that penalty against Utd. Look, I hate Utd but how that is given is wild fs
- how does Rodri, and Fernandinho before him, honestly avoid multiple bookings every game? So many 'tactical' fouls, simply blatant, and in full view of the officials?
- the City v Spurs match the other season was wild too. City losing 2-1 and get a penalty deep into injury time for handball. A ridiculous call, player was falling to the ground his hands were exactly where you would expect and not an attempt to block the ball. Ball simply hit him but penalty somehow, they never even considered not giving it. Then, after City scored, Spurs scored again like a minute later - the 4th official looked distraught fs

Wild, so many more examples of how City have benefitted but the officiating is wild and instead of VAR being used to correct mistakes made, it is instead being used to back up wrong calls and we hear how these calls are deemed to be 'correct' every week and explained via a complete reinterpretation of the rules yet when the same incident occurs a week later, the same fella will tell you this too was 'correct' and again redraw the rules with no mention of how this statement completely contradicts the one he made just a week earlier.

So, corruption? There is so much money involved in the English game, the possibility exists.

Is it more just s type of institutionalism though, where all members simply cover for their volleagues?

If the 2nd, then I would expect to see every club suffer from the same errors - as it stands, every single club do suffer, with the notable exception of City - strange that no?

30 Oct 2023 12:57:28
Thanks, Bmena-red. For me, I thought there was no visual evidence to overturn the no penalty call on the pitch initially cos the angles used for the replay were very inconclusive so if that is the case, the call on the pitch should stand.

That should never have been a penalty after all that cos it looked like the VAR was working double overtime to find a way to award the pen and even when things were inconclusive, they still gave it. Strange decision.

30 Oct 2023 14:10:29
"- the Caceido incident - was that not nearly identical to the Jones one? ".

Bill apparently, this same question is being asked all over social media.

As for the pen vs Utd last night, that was a shambles cos Rodri is nowhere near where the ball would land and most importantly, these are NEVER given cos if we start doing that, it's going to be 7 pens a game.

Wait, didn't they implement something like this years ago and after penalties were being handed out like hotcakes, people complained and the PGMOL scrapped it after about 10 games? Okay, I get it.



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