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30 Oct 2023 08:23:11
Genuine question out of real curiosity - why do people watch football if they think it’s fixed?

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30 Oct 2023 09:11:57
What an interesting question. Love of the game and the club? But I think as it gets worse the love starts to decline. It becomes less pleasurable. That’s my thoughts anyway.

30 Oct 2023 09:29:32
Good question, WDW3.I agree with aoe on the point of love of the game. I also think it's only a small percentage who think the game is fixed. Come the new year we will be getting 60,000 plus crowds. Back in the 80s we were getting mid 30,000 when we were winning everything. Clubs wouldn't be increasing capacity if they had any fear over people not turning up over fear of march fixing.

30 Oct 2023 09:38:18

30 Oct 2023 10:21:40
Opinions change and evolve as time goes along. Always did, does now and always will.

You can't expect people to just sit there and view consistently repeated errors. Once a tipping point is reached, changes will happen.

30 Oct 2023 10:38:59
Why do people put up with a cheating wife or an abusive husband etc? From the outside it makes no sense, but love is a crazy thing and makes people do strange things. Sooner or later, most people get fed up with bull crap and the love starts to diminish.

{Ed025's Note - sometimes people in an abusive relationship have nowhere else to go mate..

30 Oct 2023 11:40:16
Maybe it was a bad example and I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. Just saying that people sometimes do illogical things for love.

30 Oct 2023 12:13:39
There's already been bans for proven match fixing.

The real question is why do fans think it's illogical for there to be match fixing?

The VAR audio of the Diaz goal was the tipping point for me. Up to that point I thought it was all incompetence. Now I'm not so sure it's something more. Darren England is highly highly suspect for me. He had ample time to give the right result before the game restarted. If you ask me, I believe he cheated. You believe what you want to believe. It doesn't really matter anyway. He s back refereeing two weeks later. It's all just a bad joke.

30 Oct 2023 12:27:10
I can’t speak for anyone else but football is part of who I am. I was born a red and I always will be no matter what the authorities do to ruin the game.

I do think there is corruption in football and I think it’s too obvious to deny. That doesn’t mean every game is fixed but it certainly does detract from the enjoyment of the game. I for one haven’t felt the same about any game since the Tottenham scandal. If ever there was proof of corruption in the game that was it.

You can accept that money has ruined the game but support your team anyway, you can bury your head in the sand and pretend corruption doesn’t exist or just stop watching football. The second 2 aren’t options for me so I’ll just keep supporting my club and hoping the ones pulling the strings allow us to win a trophy or two.

30 Oct 2023 12:58:16
Spot on, BP. I fully agree.

30 Oct 2023 13:29:29
I keep watching because i love Liverpool FC and have done for 45 years.
I don't have any real interest in football as a whole.
I couldn't care less about lower leagues or who wins El Classico or Oil Money or women’s soccer or Sunday League pub teams. I couldn't sit through the likes of Rotherham versus Port Vale unless there was an LFC loanee or ex-player on the pitch. But I have watched and supported Liverpool for so long that im fully emotionally invested in the club and count down the hours until the next match.

30 Oct 2023 13:36:28
I'm with you exactly, Darwin. Mines about 50 years! I consider myself lucky to be able to attend games and will continue to do so as long as I can.

30 Oct 2023 13:43:28
Exactly guys. I don't think everyone playing the game is a cheat. Overwhelming majority of players/ coaches are just playing the game.

Refereeing in such a crisis low point now, you d have to think they will do there honest best from here on out for the season. They can't have another Diaz incident. That's for sure.

30 Oct 2023 14:13:55
I don’t believe that results are pre determined but what I do think is the officials having been slipped a few pennies give really favourable decisions to certain clubs .

30 Oct 2023 15:53:44
I think a good example would be Italy.
Once considered the elite league, proven match fixing and the manipulation of results.

Still got a lot of fans.

30 Oct 2023 18:02:01
We also have faith, only a little by this point. That its not a fix and those grubby hands haven't reached that point yet.
But its only faith at this point.

30 Oct 2023 18:55:21
WDW it's the hope that kills you.

30 Oct 2023 20:05:24
Because even with all your might. You can't fix 4-0, corner taken quickly, come backs against suarez and coutinho, at anfield. In the champions league. After both left to win it. - it's the greatest lullaby ever written.

You just can't.

Players like rhian brewster realising their dream of celebrating infront of the Kop in a cl semi final.

No salah. Whose wearing a never give up top. Whilst shaqiri delivers magic in his name.

The greatest substitution in European history. Mr Gini Wijnaldum.

It's unwritten. It always will be. In 90 minutes anything can happen.

30 Oct 2023 19:20:42
From my perspective, watching Liverpool falls into the same category as having breakfast when I get up. I do it because it is the natural thing for me to do and it’s something that I’ve just always done.

01 Nov 2023 21:44:39
Just over 10 years ago. Pakistani cricketer Mohammed amir was banned from cricket for bowling no balls for money. Since that incident I have not watched a single game of cricket.

In cricket it has been proven over decades that match fixing is going on.

Football hasn’t been exposed to that extent yet.



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