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31 Oct 2023 22:33:17
Anybody enlighten me on the point of the ‘Ballon D’Or’? They should just pop it into the post to Messi and not actually bother with any get together.

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31 Oct 2023 23:00:32
It lost all credibility years ago. They will still be giving it to Messi when he’s in his sixties. Football is a team game, so individual awards are meaningless In my eyes. Unless I’m getting them that is?.

01 Nov 2023 01:49:18
For at least 3 of those Ballons he was certainly not the best player in the world. Lewandowski, Salah, Mbappe along with numerous defenders and keepers, have all been fleeced over the years.

01 Nov 2023 09:04:24
If he signed up for Accrington Stanley next season he’d still win the Ballon D’Or. ironic he got the award on the day Australia ‘dropped out’ of the running for the 2034 World Cup, leaving Saudi Arabia with a free run. Now who could imagine that would have happened?

As the Beatles said “The best things in life are free but you can give them to the birds and bees, I want money, that’s what I want” could be the theme song for the World Cup …….

01 Nov 2023 10:25:20
The voting structure is basically flawed. Journos, managers and such vote from all over the world. Will see "oh Messi won the WC" and just vote for him.

01 Nov 2023 10:25:42
I loved the story of Argentina and messi winning the World Cup. Happy for him, them and am ok he got ballon d’or for it.

01 Nov 2023 13:51:29
He did win the World Cup tho and strangely enough at least this year I can’t think of anyone more deserving.

01 Nov 2023 14:09:12
@Faith, by that log8c all the Argentinian squad should have got a Ballon D’Or.

01 Nov 2023 16:26:19
There isn’t a point.
Your welcome ??.

01 Nov 2023 16:49:02
Didn’t Alvarez win the World Cup, Copa America and the treble with Man City? Isn’t that unprecedented?

01 Nov 2023 21:51:04
StEtienneAmen, haven't you heard? Apparently, nobody is allowed to win the Balon D'Or as long as Lionel Messi is still playing. Lewandowski, VVD, Alvarez etc. I can keep going. They told us VVD did not deserve to win the award cos he won a Cup comp. hence, not reflecting a whole season's perf. despite pummeling Messi and Baca to do it. Now the goalposts changed and Messi has now won the award twice (in 2021 and now) based on his "exploits" in a Cup comp as in the Copa America and the Corld Cup. You see where Im going with this?

Luka Modric had the "timerity" to win it in 2018 and we all know what how much the Messi fanboys' feelings got hurt about it. Since then, no other player has won it despite them outperforming Messi. The Balon D'Or is dead to me and has been since the media driven rivalry btw Ronaldo and Messi became a thing.

01 Nov 2023 23:39:16
I still think Messi is second to Maradona regardless of his gold balloons.

02 Nov 2023 08:24:19
And the pair of them are second to Pele who was behind George Best, in my opinion.



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