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05 Nov 2023 08:36:01
Lots of focus on Andre but I'm not sure . he's 5'7 and not an out and out DM.

I think a change of system is coming, we've been linked with lots of left footed CB (N'Dicka, Micky VDV, Colwill, Branthwaite etc) . If we get Inacio Klopp will move up a back 3. VVD in the middle with Konate/ Quansah to his right and Inscio left.

Then a box midfield with Trent deep alongside a DM (Phillips or Kimmich until Bajcetic is ready)

Szobo and either Lexi Mac or Ryan G at the top of the box

Then a front 3 from salah/ Elliott Nunez/ Jota Diaz/ Gakpo.

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05 Nov 2023 09:08:34
JRR13 according to those who have seen him play, Andre is more of a Thiago type controling midfielder from deep, not an out and out DM.

Personally, I think Klopp has moved away from that profile and gone for the controller from deep type playmaker with Macca and hopefully Andre because with Trent inverting, it becomes a double pivot hence, we are trying to get more creative from a deeper role with Trent's and Macca's/ Andre's passing ability.

Do I like the inverted stuff? No BUT I am just trying to understand why we are playing this way regarding whether an out and out DM is required and to me, Klopp does not think it is. Just my take.

05 Nov 2023 09:16:00
I watched second half and extra time last night and he is an out and out DM from my viewing. Reads defensive situations really well and lots of talking and pointing to his teammates showing leadership. Not exactly the physical beast DM I would want myself but perhaps Klopp can get extra gears out of him. And to be fair, he was probably tiring when I was watching.

05 Nov 2023 09:35:13
If you’re controlling 75% plus of possession then an out and out defensive midfield destroyer is only useful for a tiny part of the game and if they aren’t very good with the ball then you’re playing with 9 outfield players for 3 quarters of the game.

Kante was short and regarded as a Dm destroyer but the guy was actually quality in possession.

Similar to Fab. In his pump he was actually a very good ball player as well as destroyer.

From what it’s been said Andre is an exceptional ball player who is also very good at breaking play up as a Dm.

Sounds pretty good to me.

05 Nov 2023 09:35:31
Is his being 5ft 7ins important?

05 Nov 2023 10:09:31
WDW exactly what I thought Kante was tiny and baring the last few years with injury’s was a sensational CDM.

05 Nov 2023 10:24:29
Cant remember makelele being v tall but didn't stop him being the best dm in the world.

05 Nov 2023 10:29:04
His being 5ft 7ins is important, IF he fancies a day out in Alton Towers.

05 Nov 2023 11:40:17
N'Golo Kante Is 5ft 6” it didn’t stop him being amazing.

05 Nov 2023 11:55:02
Makelele? Deschamps? What has height got to do with it?

05 Nov 2023 12:03:52
Mascherano was 5'9' and became a centre back.

05 Nov 2023 12:46:19
I’d prefer height in that position just because they can win headers form long balls that would otherwise have to be dealt with by a CB pushing up and leaving a hole in behind. That being said if you are playing with more of a back 3 then there are 2 that can tuck in a cover.

I thought Andre looked decent last night but it’s very hard to judge a player in one game with so much pressure on it. If this is the player Klopp is willing to wait for then I reckon he’ll be pretty good.

05 Nov 2023 13:55:00
Beckers, height does not necessarily mean you are good in the air and there are seveal examples to prove this. Ivan Zamorano was barely 6 ft tall yet the named him The Helicopter for a reason. n Thiago wins more than his fair share of headers too. Fabio Carnavarro was one of the best CB's Italy has ever produced and him barely being 6ft tall did not stop him from being exceptional in the air.

It has a lot more to do with leaping ability, anticipation of where the ball will land and timing than height even tho, it does help to be tall. The whole height thing is a myth and I can keep providing examples cos it too easy a myth to debunk.

As for Andre, I hope we sign him cos he is who we want. He may be an out and out DM or he may not be, that is a matter of opinion. At the end of the day, it is up to Klopp cos Im sure they have a way they want him to play so we'll see.

05 Nov 2023 14:14:45
Height doesn’t actually mean you win the header Ironically if you watch Endo he’s not the tallest but has a very good leap and he’s not the tallest.

05 Nov 2023 14:43:34
I’d imagine lots of people call you Helicopter as well Oli. Because let’s be honest you’re a bit of a chopper.

Love and peace.

05 Nov 2023 14:55:05
Nice to see we’re all in agreement that, Size doesn't matter! ? ?.

05 Nov 2023 19:10:48
Height doesn’t necessarily mean you are good in the air but it certainly helps!

If you’re 5ft 7ins (which I am BTW) you’re not going to beat Calvert Lewin or Chris Wood in the air no matter how decent in the air you are.

A 5ft 7ins DM doesn’t mean he’s a bad player but as my wife is constantly telling me, a few extra inches wouldn’t be a bad thing.

05 Nov 2023 19:28:53
Size doesn’t matter but stats show that Andre is poor in the area and very rarely heads the ball. Given the way we play and how high our defensive line play this is not really an issue for us. As others have noted we tend to dominate the ball so we don’t need a destroyer in DM position, we need positional awareness. someone who sits deep, covers our LB and RB when they vacate there positions and most importantly someone who breaks the lines, links up play and recycles possession.

05 Nov 2023 22:18:49
I think the thing is Dow-new that your ability to head a football is unrelated to your size.



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