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06 Nov 2023 17:30:53
Get a feeling the Middle East has its claws on the game here now. 2 really bad showings from the refs in our game and Arsenal's.
2 pens we should have had. Yes, the lads should have won the game in 90 mins, regardless. Tell me if that's City or Newcastle that they don't get their decisions. It's every other week now. It's not even like 1 or 2 decisions a season it's become a joke.

It's made it hard to stomach as a fan as these WRONG decisions from the refs and assistants are ruining the game. Arsenal, now seen as a direct threat to the cheats, are now seeing some awful decisions against them.

Call me bitter etc., heard it all before but it's not that I'm against city or Newcastle, but I'm against cheating and I can't see any other reasons for it because top officials in the top league in the world really can't be that bad without purposely trying to get the decisions wrong.

I have a renewed optimism for our team for this year and it's slowly getting etched away game by game, knowing we are not on a level playing field with the opposition and fellow clubs.

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06 Nov 2023 18:00:28
Dhfc personally I don’t think the handball one was a pen where they broke for the goal.

What was the other incident please mate as I can’t remember one off the top of my head.

In regards to Newcastle If the officials wanted Newcastle to win there surely reducing Arsenal to 10 men by sending Havertz off would have been an easy shout.

I thought the official yesterday was ok. We were just very poor and Luton fought for every ball.

06 Nov 2023 19:20:56
Why are they wrong decisions remember law 5 in the opinion of the referee as i am one myself but not at the lofty heights of the premiership just because you don't agree why does that make them wrong.

06 Nov 2023 20:51:19
Probably easier to let the mind wander towards conspiracy. I have no idea but I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that the officials and it’s governance are incompetent.
And why would they improve? It’s the same people in that system going through the ranks.

06 Nov 2023 23:43:32
SR having your defence on the halfway line is fine if you’ve got 11 men and can put pressure on the ball and dominate possession but to be that high with 9 men and no pressure on the ball is just plain lunacy.

They were lucky they only lost 4-1 if that had been any side with better attackers they would’ve scored every couple of minutes.

The amount of times Chelsea ran offside was comical, watching Jackson trying to run along the line instead of just starting his run from deeper was infuriating.

We literally would’ve scored double figures against Spurs tonight it was the most astonishingly naive tactic I think I’ve ever witnessed in top level football.

07 Nov 2023 00:00:00
The handball was not a pen but the wrestling move on Virgil at the previous corner was stonewall. Now you see grappling in the box all the time so you can understand it not being given had City not had one given against Utd only a week earlier.

When that penalty was given to City everyone said they don’t mind as long as it’s always a penalty when it happens in other games. Now we are seeing that is not the case and it’s only City that this particular rule applies to.

Bearing in mind the ref didn’t give it on that day and it was VAR that called him to the screen to give the pen there is no reason why they can’t do that every time. So why is it a penalty when it happens to City but not anyone else?

07 Nov 2023 11:21:55
Fair point about the handball that is a 50/ 50 il take that 1 as it is hard to jump without your arms . Point taken
But virg getting hurled to the floor how is that not a pen . Look I agree we were poor against Luton but that doesn’t excuse not getting decisions that are CLEAR AND OBVIOUS .
Incompetence is an easy simplistic way to look at it but haw can incompetence be allowed week to week . I’m not saying their will never be a wrong decision in football again but you expect it from the 50/ 50 ones where their is an element of doubt . I know some people on here love the word conspiracy I am not saying this is an anti Liverpool agenda but surely coincidences when they happen regularly cease to be coincidence .

I don’t know why it offends people to talk about this
Stuff either as all I and any fans should expect and demand is consistency for every team and player up and down the country . However that is not the case and I don’t think too much to ask for .

07 Nov 2023 12:14:06
Spot on, BP. They called the same thing for City and when it was VVD, they did not. If you are going to call it in one game then do so in the other games. Don't pick and choose when you call it. That's all we are asking for.

07 Nov 2023 12:17:34
OP, If you stop looking for corruption in every decision and look at what’s actually happening it’s basically the same as it has always been (and always will be) - you get poor decisions that go against you (the disallowed goal against Spurs) and poor decisions that go for you (us rushing to take Konate off when he should have been sent off a couple of weeks ago, as examples) . Over the course of a season these things tend to level themselves out. It’s the same for all clubs.

The only difference, these days, is VAR. the idea is sound and the technology works, but if you can’t even get people to place lines correctly, the technology is actually worthless and people have lost trust in it. That’s not corruption though - it’s ineptitude.

07 Nov 2023 16:44:54
Wdw3 I think you’ll find I’m looking for
Consistency in every decision not conspiracy.

I totally agree that you get good decisions and bad decisions across the season which sounds like a poor way of saying it’s ok that they get decisions wrong because eventually you’ll get a decision that goes for you even if it shouldn’t . The reason I come to the statement I made in the op is because I find it hard to ignore how many favourable city and Newcastle get especially this season . The common denominator with these 2 teams is that they are owned by Middle East country’s .

I will gladly admit I’m wrong if I am but the more of these contentious decisions that seem to favour the same 2 teams will naturally lead me to think this way .

I hope I am wrong and we just have morons for officials .



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